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Trade media looking for content.
Does that mean you?

More than ever, media are looking for outside editorial help thanks to staff cuts that spread their resources thin. This is an opportunity for marketers willing to provide useful story information.

There are probably a number of trade magazines/web sites that get in front of your potential customers. They are continually looking for story ideas and resources and, more often today, they look for outside sources to help write stories for publication.

Consider budgeting time to insert yourself into this editorial process. Take a close look at 4 or 5 of the media outlets most likely to help you or that you already advertise in and assess how you can help them with the news and topics they cover. Here are some things to look for:

1. Check the editorial calendar. Some media have topics they emphasize in specific months. Target those months not only for ads and product releases, but also with story ideas/pitches as noted below.

2. Provide “solutions” for editorial content. For example, say you sell petroleum products and a trade magazine is planning section on oil spill cleanup. Send the editor a brief email or call and say, “My company is leading a trend in clean petroleum products, and we have experts on such things as spill cleanup. We can send you info and make our experts available for interviews.” Follow up by phone. With a little work you can be viewed as “a source” and therefore an expert in your field.

3. Some media have guest columnists bylined as “industry experts.” Offer to provide a regular column bylined by one of the industry experts in your own company.

4. Some media publish non-commercial articles bylined by someone at your company. E.G. Let’s say you make trucks for the baking industry; baking involves many kinds of products and the editorial staff may not know much about the truck component of the industry. You can be very helpful in supplying that expertise.


Branding clients as THE experts.

TM supports many clients with credibility-building efforts that include authoring articles under client bylines and initiatives that forge clients the “expert position” in their marketplaces.

• For Workhorse RV chassis, TM produced articles for both dealer and consumer media bylined by Workhorse experts.

• Articles about walk-in truck related issues were authored by TM for Workhorse commercial chassis in trade publications.

• TM has moved its “expert building” prowess into the digital media age, using a variety of platforms, including blogs, ebulletins, videos and web advertising to provide more options for credible brand building.

• Ziggity Systems, Inc., is totally focused on manufacturing and marketing poultry watering systems. Ongoing articles with helpful advice on managing such systems have positioned Ziggity as the Poultry Watering Experts in the trade press.

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