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MBA Updates
March 2017

Registration and Class Updates

Spring classes are well underway. In March, first half classes will come to a close, while second half classes will get underway. Remember to look for an email at your university email account from "Online Course Support" with login information about two weeks before the start of classOne week before a class starts, you'll be able to view content. If you have trouble accessing your class, email

Summer and Fall

Registration for summer and fall classes is currently underway at some partner campuses. See registration dates below.

New Classes - Two new classes are being offered.
Organizational Rewards Systems (summer)
Quantitative Business Analysis (fall)
Communicating for Success: Speak, Engage, Lead (summer, fall, and winterim)

Summer 2017

Registration Start Dates
Eau Claire/Consortium - Feb. 9
La Crosse - April 3
Oshkosh - Feb. 20
Parkside - March 13

Fall 2017

Registration Start Dates
Eau Claire/Consortium - March 27
La Crosse - April 10
Oshkosh - Feb. 27
Parkside - April 10

Excused Absences

The Consortium recognizes you are busy and value flexibility, and our instructors design their courses with that in mind. As long as you meet the required deadlines in your courses, you generally have flexibility to work whenever is most convenient for your schedule. The Consortium does, however, recognize that there are occasionally situations when you may need to miss required deadlines. To learn more about what constitutes an excused absence, see the policy from your home campus. Please reference the syllabus for any course-specific policies regarding excused absences and late work. If you do need to miss a deadline for your class, contact your instructor as soon as possible to determine how to proceed. If the absence qualifies as excused or authorized per your home campus policy, your instructor will likely provide a deadline extension. In situations where a discussion assignment or group work is involved, it’s difficult to offer an extension so an alternative assignment may be provided instead.


Vacations are not considered an excused absence. Some students are able to take vacations while continuing to meet class deadlines and even collaborating with small group members by securing reliable internet access during the trip.

Technology Failure

With the ubiquity of computers, mobile devices, and internet access, instructors generally do not provide extensions for technology problems. To minimize issues that result from technology problems, have a back-up plan for accessing the internet, problem-solve if something isn’t working (e.g., try a different browser or Google your problem), and complete assignments early. The Student Responsibilities with D2L document offers many other useful strategies for avoiding technology problems as well as handling them when they do arise.

Watch out for Phishing Scams

Phishing emails ask you to confirm or provide personal information (e.g., account number, password, credit card information). These email messages may appear to be from legitimate sources; but legitimate companies and organizations will never contact you to ask for this information. Because these types of emails are increasing, we offer the following tips for protecting yourself:

Identifying Phishing Emails

Below are a few common characteristics of phishing emails:
  • They ask you to "Click Here" to confirm your personal information or upgrade your account.
  • The text creates a sense of urgency.
  • The email may be signed "Help Desk" or "IT Support."
  • Poor grammar and misspellings throughout the text.

Important Notes to Remember

There are several points you should remember to keep your information safe:
  • Do not share you password with anyone.
  • If it sounds suspicious/too good to be true, it probably is.
  • If you receive an email and are unsure of whether or not it is a phishing attempt, contact
Information for this article comes from "Security: Phishing Attacks", found on the UW-Eau Claire website. Learn more about phishing emails.

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