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Oct. 2-3, 2015

Oct. 11. 2015
Bulldog Golf Tournament

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Lanier Frank '79
Director of Alumni Relations

Robin Boswell
Associate Director of Alumni Relations

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Oct. 2, 2015
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Summer Intern's Corner

You may be surprised to know that there are more kids on campus during the summer than during the School year, which got us to thinking: what exactly are they doing here? We asked one of our Alumni Office summer interns, Jim Hurson ’15 to help answer the question. Jim, who starts at Davidson this fall, takes over this month's Director's Corner to share his findings with you. We wish him well as he heads off to college (today, in fact) and thank him for putting together such an in-depth report. Enjoy! -- Lanier Frank '79, Director of Alumni Relations

Final exams, Prom, Prize Day, and Commencement: these end-of-the-year rituals keep St. Albans students—Seniors in particular—on their toes during the late, hazy days of May. Come early June, students are appropriately exhausted, and every STA boy, whether or not he aced his math exam, looks forward to a well-deserved summer recess. But as eager students clear out their lockers and hang up blazers that hardly agree with the DC heat, summer at St. Albans is just getting underway.

A little-known fact: the School has more students and athletes under its supervision during the summer than during the academic year. With myriad programs occurring 
Karim Najdi, Director of Summer Programs
simultaneously on campus, Director of St. Albans Summer Programs Karim Najdi, who coaches the varsity tennis team during the school year, and his colleagues manage a jam-packed operation with a slate of summer activities that ranges from kayaking to computer programming.

During the months of June, July, and August, St. Albans maximizes both its educational and athletic facilities, hosting scholars and athletes from around the DC area who come to experience the offerings of the place. Public policy buffs from across the country coalesce to form the esteemed St. Albans School of Public Service. Headfirst Summer Camps offers multiple programs for athletes and kids of all ages. For students who delight in studies scientific, i2 Camp offers courses in biotechnology, mobile app design, and general lab sciences. St. Albans Summer School participants, whether in search of extra help, pursuit of credit, pure interest, or all of the above, crowd the classrooms in Marriott Hall.

Out of all programs, the summer school is St. Albans’ oldest and, in many ways, most robust program. Originally conceived as a way for military-bound STA students to gain credit for early graduation during World War II, the STA Summer School enrolls 225 students, and offers a space for learners to pursue enrichment or sharpen essential skills. Summer School Director Tom Carroll,   a long-time STA teacher and adviser and Chair of the Upper School Science Department, serves as the program’s headmaster, having built a wide-ranging curriculum that serves students in math, English, and study skills courses. While other DC-area high schools provide exclusive summer instruction in SAT preparation, Carroll and his team of administrators and faculty have deliberately chosen to continue offering a broad selection of summer courses. The St. Albans model, for this reason, is unique, with classes taught in a traditional setting and teachers setting expectations for students as high as they do during the regular school year.

As you might imagine, summer academics extend beyond the limited space of a classroom. Students enrolled in the School of Public Service (SPS), as well as those in the i2 Camp, and the acclaimed Cathedral Scholars program, benefit from the many out-of-the-classroom learning opportunities available in the DC area.

SPS participants enjoy trips to the District’s monuments and political landmarks on educational trips coordinated by Director Suzanne Woods (who also teaches Upper School history and coaches the NCS Field Hockey team) Suzanne Woods and Curriculum Director Nicole Duke. The three-week residential program involves all things political and gives students from around the world a chance to hear from distinguished speakers and experience DC from our unique point of view. For a more detailed view of the experience, take a look at the SPS blog.

  Now in its second year at St. Albans, and offered
at only fourteen schools nationwide, i2 Camp -- a STEM-centric summer program led by Upper School Chemistry teacher Doug Errett -- helps students to hone their scientific and engineering skills, learn to develop smartphone apps, and expand their creativity via the latest classroom technology, such as Chromebooks and iPads. 

The Cathedral Scholars Program brings together the best and brightest from our city’s public school system, guiding students towards participation in internships, social justice work, and college search efforts. As detailed in its mission statement: "This three-year college preparatory program seeks to foster a “college-going” culture among under-served youth in the District of Columbia by improving their rate of college access and enhancing critical college readiness skills."

Mens sana in corpore sano – sound mind sound body -- rings true even in the stifling heat: athletics are certainly not on the back burner during the summer! Though renovations on the School's athletic fields are nearly-complete (thanks to all our STRIVE supporters!), summer athletes remained wrapped up in daily practice, whether as participants in one of St. Albans’ own sports camps or in the HeadFirst baseball camp. For those who decide to take up tennis, golf, swimming, kayaking, or any other of the many sports that Najdi’s Summer Programs office offers, hard work and triumph are virtues. St. Albans summer athletes whet their ability to compete and learn from some of the best coaches in the area.

Headfirst Camps, which was founded and managed by STA alumnus and former professional baseball player Brendan Sullivan ’93, offers a wide variety of sports and summer camps (naturally, its' baseball program is especially well-regarded). Operating independently of STA's Summer Programs office, Headfirst attracts a wide variety of young athletes and rising stars. During the athletic fields' renovation Headfirst was able to remain on the Close by using NCS' facilities. Beginning in June, the campus is awash with campers, who arrive bright and early to the enthusiastic cheers of counselors clad in the program's signature red shirts.

Summer at STA retains an atmosphere similar to that which exists from September to May. The professionals responsible for the transition between summer and the school year make it appear seamless. As campers, learners, and athletes depart from the Close this week, the School is quickly readied to receive its students anew. When the Opening Day festivities in the Cathedral are over, STA boys, recharged and refreshed after three months off, will again find themselves in classrooms and other areas that, perhaps unbeknown to them, were hives of activity throughout the summer months. -- Jim Hurson '15

Bulldog Golf Tournament

Please join us on Sunday, October 11, 2015, for the 26th Annual Vernon W. Holleman Jr. '54 Bulldog Golf Tournament. Once again, we will return to the foothills of the Catoctin Mountains to enjoy an afternoon on one of Maryland's finest and most scenic golf courses, Musket Ridge Golf Club in Myersville, Maryland. For golf experts and enthusiasts alike, the Bulldog Tourney is a "can't miss" event for the entire St. Albans community. Click here for more information and to register online.

2014-15 Highlights

  • All-time record total of AG contributions: $2,541,832—a 5% increase over last year, and 10% above our goal.
  • Participation strength: 44% of alumni & 94% of current families—top tier results nationally that underscore the breadth of support for STA (class-by-class alumni participation results).
  • Blue-White Challenge Results: Blue triumphed in the end, but everyone won (results here).
  • New Participation Records: Among the many success stories of the year, the Class of ’56’s superlative 97% participation result is especially notable. Kudos to the class and their volunteer leaders!
  • Bright future: 45% participation from members of the BOLD Group (Bulldogs Of the Last Decades) and 75% of the Class of 2015 made a 5-year pledge to AG.
  • Reunion alumni leadership: 47% overall participation from Reunion alumni, totaling $393,535 (36% of total alumni support). Race for the Cups results are here.
  • Record Reunions: Class of ’00 set a new 15th Reunion record with 75% participation, and the Classes of ’85 and ’75 set new 30th and 40th Reunion Giving records, raising $77,069 and $139,922, respectively
  • Bulldog Loyalty: Membership in the 1909 Society (sustained donors) increased 2%
Many thanks to everyone who supported Annual Giving last year. Statistics aside, your contributions make a real and true difference in the lives of the students and teachers at the School. 

The continued generosity of alumni is critical to our success. As we begin anew in 15-16, Annual Giving remains the first priority of STRIVE; every donor to AG is also a donor to the campaign. To all who have given, and to all who will give over the months and years ahead, thank you!

Join the AG Volunteer Team!

St. Albans School is fortunate to have a truly outstanding team of AG volunteers. The success of our program is possible because of the legions of Class Agents, Phonathon callers, Decade Captains, and Reunion Committee members who work hard throughout the year to encourage the support of their classmates and friends. 

If you are interested in joining the AG Volunteer team, please call Dave Steadman in the Annual Giving Office at 202-537-5687, or send him an e-mail at

Alumni and the STA Community in the News

It's been an active summer for George Haywood ’69.  In July, his 60-and-over four-man relay team took first place 4x800 Meter Relay at the USA Track & Field Masters Outdoor Championships in Jacksonville. Then, in August,  at the 2015 World Masters Championships in Lyon, France, he came in first in the Men's 60-and-over 300 meter long hurdles, besting younger (slightly) rivals in the semis as well as the final. (He placed third in the event in 2013). (Our thanks to Skip Grant for his "relay" of George's achievements!)

Landon Henderson '13, a junior at the University of Virginia, recently completed an incredibly challenging Ironman Triathalon at Mont-Tremblant in Quebec, Canada. Swimming  2.4 miles, biking 112 miles, and running 26.2 miles, Landon finished the race in just over 14 hours, an amazing result, especially for his age group. Congratulations and well done! 

The Choristers will sing the National Anthem at the National’s Baseball game on Thursday, September 3, 2015, at 7:00 p.m. Family and friends of the choristers are purchasing tickets through the Cathedral Music office so they can receive a group ticket price and be seated in the same section as our performance comp tickets.

If you have newsworthy material for the eNewsletter, please e-mail

Upcoming Alumni Events

Washington, D.C.

Homecoming Weekend 
October 2-3, 2015
St. Albans School

Bulldog Golf Tournament
October 11, 2015

Musket Ridge Golf Club

STA vs. Landon Football
November 14, 2015
St. Albans School
More information to follow.

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From the STA Archives

August 2015 Alumni Puzzler
Question: This doorway, still used several times daily, is now a covered entry - covered by what, and when? 

Please send responses to
Answer to the July 2015 Alumni Puzzler

Question: Name the event. When did it take place, and who were the presenters?

Answer: October 1960. Dr. Kear accepts the portrait of Mr. True from the Fathers' Club at the formal service of dedication for the Lucas Building.  Behind Dr. Kear are (l-r): Canon Martin, Mrs. Harrison, Dr. Lucas, Bishop Dun, and Dean Sayre.

Thanks to everyone who responded!