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Case Study

The Setting:

You are leading a college spring break backpacking trip in a remote area of the Grand Canyon.  One of your participants develops a rash on his belly that begins to spread.  

SOAP Report

The patient is a 19 year old male who developed a skin rash that has spread over 30% of his body.

Patient Exam: At 1600 hrs March 6 the patient has a red raised bumpy rash that does not have blisters.  He states it began this morning on his belly and has spread through the day to cover his lower back, abdomen and the front of his thighs.  The rash produces a constant itching.   There is a vague sensation of chest tightness but no shortness of breath and no respiratory involvement.

Read the full case study including the SOAP Report and test your assessment  skills.

Student Profile


Milosz Pierwola, WEMT 

Milosz took a WMI, Wilderness EMT (WEMT) in the fall of 2013. We caught up with him between adventures.
  • Tell us a little about yourself:
My name is Milosz Pierwola, Esq. and I am an attorney turned world explorer and private guide. I now operate the company EXP Adventures and am very active in the global outdoor industry creating videos, writing articles, and working with companies to develop and improve outdoor recreation.
  • Why did you choose to get your WEMT? with WMI
At the time I applied, WMI was the most experienced, reliable, and active in the community out of all the programs available. I actually traveled from New York to Wyoming because of the facilities, practical training, and environment that simulated the types of conditions we would encounter. It also gave me an opportunity to discover the beautiful areas around Lander, WY.
  • What it's like to take and be a WEMT?
The training was intense and set a high bar for WEMTs. I am proud to have overcome the challenges designed to prepare us for situations out of the classroom.  To this day, I have used my training many times and spent time on ambulances around the United States. I feel prepared for the unexpected and I understand the basic tools that enable a WEMT to stabilize a patient in the event of a catastrophe; a necessary skill when traveling to remote regions with limited packing capacity.
  • Any other memorable moment as an WEMT?
I absolutely encourage anyone going to the Wyss Wilderness Medicine Campus to explore the area at every opportunity. During my semester, I would go jogging before class every day and get out in the afternoons as often as possible. It is a beautiful place.
  • What would you tell someone who is thinking of taking a WEMT?
I would encourage anyone to take WEMT who expects to find themselves on an expedition into the wilderness into the future. However, the skills that I learned as a WEMT have translated into every aspect of my life and any environment. I feel that I am a stronger leader and make decisions much more effectively.

Milosz will be presenting at the Wilderness Risk Management Conference in Atlanta October 1-3

Alumni Reunions

NOLS reunions are a great way to reconnect with NOLS and fellow alumni living in your area. Want to find a climbing or paddling partner? This is the place to do it. NOLS and WMI grads, friends, family, and anyone interested in the school are welcome to attend.

Most reunions include a presentation by some amazing NOLS grad/adventurer, snacks and a gear raffle. All reunions include camaraderie and a chance to network with like-minded, outdoor-inclined folks. So take a look at the listings below— maybe NOLS is coming to your community soon!

Upcoming Reunions: Fall 2014

  • St Louis, MO, September 18th
  • Philadelphia, PA, September 20th
  • San Francisco, CA, October 4th
  • New York, NY, October 16th
  • Austin, TX, October 23rd
  • Twin Cities, MN, November 20th

See the full list here...

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