Happy Spring! Five Year Anniversary Sale.
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Happy Anniversary Simply Rustic! Five years ago on April 4th, Simply Rustic went public through Etsy and it has grown from there. A lot of trial and error. Several of you have been here from the beginning plus have shared Simply Rustic with your friends and family and the Simply Rustic family has grown each year. I appreciate each and every one of you and truly grateful for this journey that started on a whim. I will never be able to come up with the appropriate words to let you know how thankful I am. I'm still amazed each day on how lucky I am to have all of you in my life. Thank YOU!

Happy Anniversary Sale will run from April 4th-11th.

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Just in time for Spring and Summer...Sun-Kissed Bronzer Body Oil and Bronzer+Highlighter
for face.


The last few months, I've had a few customers ask about the face care regimen-what to use when, etc. I've put together a better "face care" regimen sheet to send out with the Sample Face Bundle and Full Size Face Bundle (and to any of you that want one).
I have discovered over time, what works for one, doesn't always work for the other so this sheet provides suggestions based on my personal use and that of other customers.
After 6-8 weeks of using the regimen, customers were noticing the products weren't working as well as they did when first started. My suggestion is to switch the skin type or use one of the products that is designed for all skin types to mix it up a little or use the face food as a cleanser over the cleansing oil for a few days. The cleansing oil is designed not only to clean but help balance your skin. If you are using all dry skin type products, you may need to switch some of those products to normal skin type. Think back to when you used more conventional face care products...the best results were typically with in the 6-8 week range and then it appeared your skin became used to the products and didn't seem to work as well so you would find something else... Essentially same concept, just dealing more with your skin type and switching the cleansing oil and/or face food or talk to me about switching up the steps for a few days. You are not dealing with chemicals in the Simply Face products, if anything, you are helping your skin be more balanced.
I wish there was an easy fix for any skin issue you may have. Using nontoxic, natural, organic, etc. products definitely helps but unless you could go back in time to your teenage skin and knew then that how you took care of your skin from that point on would matter though out your life it would be more convenient (but please let me know if you figure out time travel :-)... and remember, your diet and fluid intake matter, easier said than done sometimes.
The pictures above: This is Ava, one of mine and she turned 13 this last week. These pictures are unfiltered and she is not wearing foundation, concealer or mascara and her cheeks were a little dry. I may not apply makeup the best or follow the latest trends...wanted to show some color on a face rather than my arm. :-)
Top photos: Eyes-Café Au Lait Eye Shadow with Emily Eye Shadow...using a wet brush (not water, use toner, witch hazel or aloe juice). Cheeks-Bronzer+Highlighter Cream-Based. Lips-In the Buff Cheek+Lip Tint.
Bottom photos: Eyes-Maylea Eye Shadow with Sam Eye Shadow...using a wet brush. Cheeks-Enchanted Garnet Cheek+Lip Tint. Lips-Enchanted Garnet Cheek+Lip Tint.

These will be on the website soon and hoping to have more combinations done...if there are any you would like to see sooner rather than later, let me know.
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