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we have received incredibly GOOD news just at the beginning of this new year!

After many years of hard work the Israeli government has made a bold decision and approved penalties for prostitution clients. With that Israel joins a small club of nations to criminalize procuring sex services; punishments include fines in the thousands that will grow for repeat offenses. The law includes a budget of 90 million shekels ($24 million) over three years and provides the first needed response for rehabilitation. This is where we believe our social business A.I.R. - kite.pride comes in. Positioned right in Tel Aviv, the epicenter of the happenings, we ensure alternatives for rehabilitation and protection for the victims and are now working on being included in this grant from the government as we have never received governmental funding for the last four consecutive years of labour - read the full article of the new law here.

Some of you reading this helped finance the public campaign by supporting the tireless lobbying efforts of our friend & partner  Jerusalem Institute of Justice מכון ירושלים לצדק - so proud of your team!

How your contribution made a difference

This year we launched the 'Sponsor an Employee' program through our social business kite.pride. It has already made a huge impact and difference in the lives of our people. 
Having healthy teeth and taking care of them on a regular basis may seem like a small luxury to you but for *Alisa it was something she could never afford. We noticed how she hid her smile every time we first made eye contact with her or she’d turn and cover her mouth in order not to reveal her teeth. Her biggest dream was to get them fixed and she would not stop talking about the day that would be made possible. Well now, thanks to your generosity, you’re helping fulfill her greatest heart’s desire and she is beside herself with excitement! We can’t wait to show the world her smile!
*Roni had a lot of health issues she had to see to and was struggling to pay her medical bills but again thanks to the employee sponsorship we could relieve some of her financial burden so she could get the full necessary treatment. 
Depending on the different cases of our employees, they also face large amounts of lawyer fees that you help cover by sponsoring someone. *Mira’s advocacy to have her residency granted was a huge bill she could not have afforded but again your financial monthly contribution enables people like *Mira to receive justice.  

Sponsor an employee today & get your personal free kite.pride bag!

*names changed for protection 

What happened in the year of 2018 at kite.pride?

In 2018, our social business in Tel Aviv upcycled 420 kitesurfing kites, 23 sails AND provided 9506 hours of rehabilitation employment to men and women exiting the sex trafficking industry.

That is H.U.G.E.! and we are so proud of our employees and volunteer who have pulled this off - read more here

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