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About iCity

iCity is an European project that aims at fostering the co-creation of services of public interest in urban spaces by opening up public infrastructures. Encompassing Open Public Infrastructures with Open Data, iCity brings the opportunity to create a large number of new services for citizens. Read more >>

iCity Platform

iCity platform is already accessible for developers community and end-users. iCity platform has published the first release of iCity REST API, that allows developers and end-users interact easily with the iCity platform to use the different infrastructures opened by cities. The first version of iCity API is already accessible through a developers' portal, where developers and end-users can register to obtain documentation of the iCity API REST.
This portal can be accesible throught the public iCity website.

In the portal you will find all the needed information about the infrastructures opened and integrated in the platform. You can also see the device details and simulate querys and check the results obtained.

SIG Member

The project has activated a Special Interest Group (SIG) of parties interested in following closely its development and collaborating in its different activities.
SIG members will be invited to provide proposals and feedback for the iCity platform, participate in the co-creation of services of public interest, provide advice for the replication and rapid take-up of the iCity platform or contribute to the dissemination and dynamization of the project and its related activities. There is a LinkedIn group for SIG members. Read More>>


The Greater London Authority (GLA) has identified three priority sectors to address the various challenges London faces with the economy, energy, health, housing and traffic congestion – these are transport, energy, and buildings/home automation.
Using the iCity Urban Platform to encourage software innovation, Londoners  will soon be using applications from Kings College (Air Quality), Alertme (Building and home automation), CycleAlert (cycle safety, security, and tracking), and ActiveInTime (leisure information).
.

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The Smart City Exhibition. iCity project will attend at one of the most important exhibition of smartcities in Italy. This is a 3 days event. Read more >>

ICT 2013 in Vilnius. iCity will have a booth jointly with Connected SmartCities Network. There you can talk directly with a team member of the project. Read more >>

Expo on security. iCity project will be the main topic in one of the three diffrerent workshops. Meet us on October 29th-31st 2013 in Genoa. Read more >>

iCity Breakfast briefing was organized for over 100 stakeholders and developers on Wednesday 19th June at London's City Hall, the iconic building next to the Thames and famous Tower Bridge. Read more >>
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