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The European opportunity for smart cities

It has been four years since the iCity Project started. In 2012 three European cities, Barcelona, Bologna and Genova decided to work together on a very ambitious project that had to change the way Apps are created and presented the proposal to the European Commission.

The main idea was to create a platform that would... 

The iCity Project's success and the power of communication

Having a good project is basic in order to get people believe in it, implicate and participate. And when the aim of this project is to change, at least a little bit, the world where we live in, people participation becomes imperative. This is exactly the position where the iCity Project was when it started 5 years ago. At that time there were a big handicap, people didn’t understand what we were doing, what was our goal or why were we doing what we did.

For a project that counts on cities, developers, managers and citizens’ participation in order to develop itself, this lack of understanding was more than an issue. 
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Contributing for a better mobility

On November 19th, we presented a paper at the Smart City Expo World Congress, in the track M058: Mobility as a Service. This paper is about the proof of concept that the iCity Project and SEAT have been developed jointly with Barcelona and Reus. In this PoC we have used the iCity Platform’s facilities in order to provide real time data on...

Solving city issues with SEAT

What makes an idea a great one is not only its originality but also its utility. The fact that something is needed in society is, very often, what makes it successful. According to this premise, iCity Project and SEAT have been working on a great idea that can solve one of the biggest dramas for European drivers, especially in big cities: parking.
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The continuity of the iCity Platform

The iCity Project finished its activity at the end of September 2015, under the European contract agreement, but the project will continue providing the service. 

Cellnex Telecom, the partner represented by Retevision in the iCity Project Consortium, has agreed to keep on running the iCity Platform beyond 2015.
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