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About iCity

iCity is an European project that aims at fostering the co-creation of services of public interest in urban spaces by opening up public infrastructures. Encompassing Open Public Infrastructures with Open Data, iCity brings the opportunity to create a large number of new services for citizens. Read more >>

The iCity API can be used with different programming languages for all market platforms

The iCity platform is a combination of hardware and software elements which main goal is to provide third parties with access to public infrastructures. Through the developers portal, tools are provided so any developer can use the iCity API with different programming languages (Curl, Node, Python, PHP, Ruby, Objective C, Java...) for different market platforms (Android, Apple or web ). How it works? The user registers in the portal, which is accessible through, and can make a proposal to develop an application specifying the infrastructure to which the developer wants access. Once the proposal is ready, the developer will have access to a security token that allows the infrastructure request proposal. While the application is under development the token assigned is subscribed to a use plan with preproducion restrictions (number of requests, response time, etc. ..) until the application development is finished and approved. Then the token will change to the production plan.

Bologna infrastructures

The infrastructures to be integrated in the iCity platform by the city of Bologna are mainly related with the town’s mobility management system and public transportation services. We have updated a detailed list with all of them
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Over 50 developers in the "How to do your first iCity app workshop"

The 18th of december iCityproject organized in Barcelona the “How to do your first iCity app” workshop. Over 50 app developers attended the event. Read more>>

"Opening up the transportation infrastructures is fundamental to make the city more efficient"

During the last iCity project consortium meeting we had the chance to talk to Nick Bromley, consultant at Greater London Authority, about the infrastructures to be opened by London Read more>>  
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