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The first one able to interact with city Information Systems.
iCity is a secure, stable and standardised platform that makes possible to access to Information Systems in order to create new services. It is the first one able not only to read data, but to interact with information systems. That’s what makes it different, pioneer and attractive, specially, for their users: developers and Information Systems providers. 

New cities engagement

From the beginning of this year on, iCity Project has been working to find new piloting cities to be involved in the project. It has been a shift of focus in the strategy of the project mainly to cities and Information Systems. The aim is to bring a new concept of opening Information Systems not only addressed to European cities, but to the Information Systems owners that can create new business opportunities and services for public interest. Engaging new cities and implementing new Information Systems is the primary objective now.
For the moment, cities are responding very well to engagement actions, so there are good expectations from now on, in the iCity strategy of growth.
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Successful 2nd iCity Project annual Review

The second annual review of the iCity Project was held on Thursday, 19th February 2014 at the premises of the European Commission in Brussels. The meeting brought together the project leaders of the different Word Packages and cities involved in the project.
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Information Systems 
Categories Proposal

iCity Project is looking to find synergies between cities through iCity Platform. The objective is to facilitate and share the development of applications in cities by categorizing the already opened infrastructures.


iCity activities

Eurocities. 12th June in Tallinn.
Eurocities. 3rd - 4th April in Barcelona. 
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Future Internet Assembly (FIA). 18th - 20th March in Athens. Read more>>  
Sabadell Smart Congress. 3rd - 4th April in Sabadell.
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Upcoming Events

Smartweek 2014 in Genoa. 16th - 20th June in Genoa. Read more>>  
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