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We’re having a…

We found out in March that we’re having a BOY! Sarah is learning important terms like “big sister” and “little brother” as we talk about the upcoming transition.

We would still appreciate prayers for health all around and for a safe and healthy delivery in August, as well as for Sarah as she transitions to life with a sibling.

Allison, a Published Author

Allison was excited to learn recently that a linguistics paper she worked on in Tanzania has now been published! Allison played a major role in doing research on the discourse of the Jita language, which will ultimately lead to a translation that is more natural and understandable. She is also grateful to the many other people who were involved in preparing this paper, as she had to cut back her responsibilities when she was very sick during her first pregnancy and then was unavailable due to travels, childbirth and getting settled in Dallas.

You can read the paper Allison co-authored here:
(Click on the link “sillcdd_28.pdf” for the full text.)

Progress in Digital Scripture Access

Eric is wrapping up some improvements to the latest version of ParaTExt (Bible translation software) to better enable archivists working for different Bible translation agencies to upload completed translations to the Digital Bible Library (DBL). Those digital uploads can then be easily published in different ways, including via mobile phones. One of Eric’s next tasks is to help make those texts available in ParaTExt as resources that can be used in active Bible translation projects.

The chart below represents the progress of digital Bible submissions since 2011. Today, DBL hosts over 1,050 Scripture texts in over 840 languages!
Accelerating Bible Translation (Software Demo)
Allison’s recently published paper on Jita discourse relied heavily on the discourse charting tool that Eric helped to implement in the linguistics software Fieldworks Language Explorer (FLEx). Here is an example of a discourse chart created in FLEx. Charting word placement helps translators see patterns in the text, like how to draw attention to a new character. Using this discourse structure (placing a descriptive subject after the verb) in biblical narratives can help draw the reader’s attention to important new characters such as the protagonist or antagonist so they can better track how a story moves from problem to resolution.

Allison’s Alumni Role

Allison has been training a work-study student and a coworker in how to do her role. However, she would still appreciate prayers that a long-term replacement would be found for her alumni role at the Graduate Institute of Applied Linguistics (GIAL) before the next baby comes!

Sarah's Playpen

Sarah (2yrs) wakes up every morning asking, “Where are we going today?” Sarah is excited about going different places and has grown accustomed to friends and fun activities at church, Bible studies, library story times, child care, and a music class for children called “Mainly Music”.

Her favorite TV cartoons are Dora the Explorer and Daniel Tiger.  She even sings tunes like “If you have to go potty, stop and go right away!” 

She often asks to listen to a CD by Jamie Soles, saying, “I really want Good Advice.” She can sing many of the words to that and other CDs.

Sarah enjoys being able to participate in worship, singing, “Glory be to the Father…” and “Praise God from whom all blessings flow” and can sing the Lord’s Prayer before nap time. She can also answer questions like “Who made you?” and “Where do you learn how to love and obey God?”

New Partners in Ministry!

We’re excited to have a couple of new financial partners and a couple of others who have increased their giving over the past few months. We have also lost a couple of partners over the past year. This brings us to 62% of what we expect our budget to be with two kids.

Fortunately, Eric is still enjoying working on the Digital Bible Library project, which provides some temporary subsidies to help us meet our budget. Please continue to pray with us for more people to join our team of partners so that we can continue to serve with Wycliffe in the future. Thanks for all of you who faithfully pray for us or give to our ministry. Let us know how we can be praying for you, too!


Serving together in Him,
Eric, Allison & Sarah Pyle

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