"I play in the low 80s, if it is any hotter than that, I don't play" - Anonymous
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We have created a schedule of Member only events for the season, please see below. Next up is the Member Holiday golf and party on December 23rd, informational flyer will be out soon.
2017/2018 NSGC Member Calendar of Events

November 11th Men's Ryder Cup (rescheduled until 2018)
December 23rd Holiday Scramble
January 21st Ladies Solheim Cup
February 11th Valentines Day Couples Event
March 17th Member/Member event
April 14th NSGC Club Championship
Agronomy Update:

Update on the Range project: the sod work has been completed. We still have some detail work around the perimeter, but we should be able to open the grass tee within the next 4 to 6 weeks, have a look!
It will be very important that when we do open the grass tee that you ONLY hit shots where the range station is set up. Our daily maintenance of the range tee includes back filling the divots with sand. The range stations are set up in a specific spot for a variety of reasons, but most importantly it identifies where the divots will be to fill. If you hit random shots from wherever, our maintenance team will not be able to easily identify those spots for proper maintenance. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.
Golf course condition update: We are still trying to dry out from all the rain over the past 6 weeks. One of the challenges we are facing is pictured above. The pond in front of #2 tee boxes has been overflowing for some time now. The picture on the left shows the cart path in front of the tee boxes. The other pictures shows the pumps that have been running for past 3 days to try to lower the level of the pond to allow carts back on cart paths. If we don't receive any more rain and the pond level recedes enough away from the cart path, we should be able to allow carts back on cart path.
We are frequently asked for a list of upcoming outings. This can be found on the NSGC website. On the main landing page on bottom right there is an event calendar, click on that to see a calendar of events. Contact a member of the golf shop staff if you have any questions.
Golf Course update:

IT IS WET!! Carts are being allowed on the golf course, but cart path only. We will provide a daily update  on social media.

Schedule of Events

November 3 Chamber of Commerce golf outing -Rescheduled for February
November 4  CIGA Stableford
November 5 Junior Digicel Series #1
November 9  Talking Rain outing 20 players 12pm, PWC outing, 28 players, 2pm,
November 13 Remembrance Day
November 16 Grant Thornton outing, 60 players, 1pm
November 17 CIIPA golf outing
November 19 Cayman Classic Basketball golf outing
November 23 CIFAA golf outing
November 24 MOpen golf outing
November 25 CIGA President's Cup
November 26 Digicel Series #2

December 1 Crimestoppers event
December 2 CIGA Stableford
December 8 & 9 Cayman Islands Golf Invitational Pro-Am
December 15 Pirates Week golf outing
December 23 Member Holiday Golf and Party
December 25 Club and Course closed

The Grill
Operated by Casa 43 and Dining at Home chef Lloyd Brown, is open 11am to 5pm everyday.  Stop in for a bite to eat next time you are at the Club.
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Golf Tip of the Month
Keys to a Better Short Game:
  • Stop Focusing on Mechanics.  We could talk for hours about effective methods for pitching and chipping, but too much focus on mechanics leads to jerky swings, chunks, skulls, and ultimately the yips. Instead, remember that every shot in golf is a swing. Spend some time hitting shots around the green where you allow yourself to simply swing the club. If shots are short, make a bigger swing. If shots are long, make smaller swings. This will help reduce tension and build feel.
  • Get Creative.  Don’t worry about the “textbook” play. Practice making the ball do different things.  Experiment with hitting high shots, low shots and different clubs. If something works, keep it. If not, try something else. 
  • Practice like you Play.  If the practice green is full of golf balls when you are finished practicing, you’re wasting your time. Even if every shot is hit perfectly. The laws of diminishing returns set it pretty quickly. After 2 or 3 shots, you are no longer increasing skill. A much better way to practice is with 1 ball from different locations to different targets and then holing the putt.
  • Reset your Expectations.  PGA Tour players get up and down from around the green roughly two-thirds of the time. They have a lot more skill and practice a lot more than the rest of us. So why would we expect to get up and down every time? When you have a really difficult chip or pitch, instead of trying to hit the perfect shot, simply make sure that you hit the shot onto the green.

Rules Section
Some interesting rules questions have come up here at North Sound with the biblical amounts of rain received over the past couple of weeks. The most common is what to do when your ball is in a pond that has overflown its banks. If you encounter this scenario, here are the steps to follow:
-First, you must be able to identify your golf ball. If you cannot, you must assume that it is in the hazard.
-If you can find the ball, and it is outside of the stakes that define the hazard, then you are considered to be in casual water. Under this rule, you may drop 1 club length from your nearest point of relief under no penalty.

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Until next month, thanks for reading we'll see you on the course!
- North Sound Golf Club Staff
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