"I play in the low 80s, if it is any hotter than that, I don't play" - Anonymous
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We have created a schedule of Member only events for the season, please see below. Next up is the Member Holiday golf and party on December 23rd, sign up in the golf shop
2017/2018 NSGC Member Calendar of Events

December 23 Holiday Scramble
January 21 Ladies Solheim Cup
February 11 Valentines Day Couples Event
March 17 Member/Member event
April 14 NSGC Club Championship
May 5 Men's Ryder Cup
With the events over the past few months in the region, we fully expect this season to be a record season in Cayman with stay over visitors as well as cruise ship visitors. Here at the NSGC we will also see an increase in volume of play. It will be very important to make tee times in advance to guarantee you can play at your desired time. We take tee times up to 14 days in advance for members, we highly suggest you take advantage of this benefit!
Please welcome our newest staff members, Rocio on the left will be working the bar and beverage cart and Deion will be joining the golf outside service team. Welcome to the family!!
Golf course condition update: We are still trying to dry out from all the rain over the past 9 weeks, almost 5 feet of rain has fallen. Most of the hazards are flowing over their intended margins and unfortunately we have not been able to allow carts on the golf course without restriction. The good news is that most of the salt in the soils have been "rinsed" out and we should remain in great shape throughout the season.
We are frequently asked for a list of upcoming outings. This can be found on the NSGC website. On the main landing page on bottom right there is an event calendar, click on that to see a calendar of events. Contact a member of the golf shop staff if you have any questions.
Golf Course update:

Carts are being allowed off the cart path, but we are asking that they stay in the rough, no driving in the fairway.

Schedule of Events

December 8 & 9
Cayman Islands Golf Invitational Pro-Am
December 14 CIIPA golf outing

December 15
Pirates Week golf outing
December 23 Member Holiday Golf and Party
December 25 Club and Course closed

January 13  CIGA National team Qualifier #1
January 14 CIGA Junior National team Qualifier #2
January 19 Eric Crutchley Memorial, Special Olympics golf outing
January 21 Ladies Solheim Cup
January 26 AIMA golf outing
January 28 KPMG junior series

The Grill
Operated by Casa 43 and Dining at Home chef Lloyd Brown, is open 11am to 5pm everyday.  Stop in for a bite to eat next time you are at the Club.
Book a Tee Time

Update on the Range project: the Grass Tee is now open. However, we will still use the mat tees on some days of the week, based on business levels and events. It is mandatory that when using the range you only hit from the designated spot of the day.  Have a look at these pictures of the new Range Tee.
Golf Tip of the Month
Any time you ask a golfer the reason they believe their swing is inconsistent, you’ll inevitably hear about going “over-the-top” or “too much to the inside” or any number of swing flaws. To their own frustration, they’ll spend hours on the range or worse, on YouTube, trying to find the cure for their swing malady. Send that same person to an experienced instructor, and you’ll find they spend very little time trying to cure the in-swing flaw. The reason is pretty simple. More times than not, the swing flaw that you identify is caused by something else. Show an experienced instructor how you set up to a shot and they’ll have a pretty good idea of what that swing will look like.
A good instructor will always look to fix imbalances in setup before looking to fix anything else. This is where you should start as well. To do this, simply make sure that your shoulders, hips, knees and feet are pointed in the same direction. Next, check to be sure that you are hinging forward from your hips, not slumping your shoulders to get to the ball. Finally, and most important, be sure that you are in balance with as little tension as possible.
As always, there is no such thing as one size fits all, but this is a really good place to start. So the next time your swing goes awry, fix your setup not your swing!


Rules Section

Here are a couple of interesting rules questions that have come up here at the club over the last month.


Q: My ball is plugged in a water hazard. Do I get relief?


A: No. If your ball is in a water hazard, the rules of that hazard apply no matter the condition.



Q: I hit my ball into the fairway where the turf was spongy from the rain. In taking my stance no water came out of the ground but my feet sank into the turf. Do I get relief?


A: Unfortunately, no. Because no water came up, you were not in casual water and soft, spongy turf does not qualify as an abnormal ground condition. If water does come up, you may take relief (stance and 1 club length) from the casual water with no penalty.


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Until next month, thanks for reading we'll see you on the course!
- North Sound Golf Club Staff
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