"I know I am getting better at golf because I'm hitting fewer spectators."  Gerald Ford
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We have created a schedule of Member only events for the season, please see below. Next up a member/junior on October 15, flyer is out, sign up in the golf shop..
2017/2018 NSGC Member Calendar of Events

October 15th Member/Junior tournament
November 11th Men's Ryder Cup
December 23rd Holiday Scramble
January 21st Ladies Solheim Cup
February 11th Valentines Day Couples Event
March 17th Member/Member event
April 14th NSGC Club Championship
Agronomy Update:

Update on the Range project, the irrigation works have been completed and we are now ready to sod. However, we need the rain to cease for a couple of days in order to lay the sod properly, unfortunately the forecast does not look promising but will aim for next week to begin the sod works.  Thank you for your patience as we complete the project. It will be well worth it in the end!

Green aerification is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, October 16 & 17
This is a great article from the USGA about why we aerify greens.

"Why do we always aerify the greens when they are in the best shape?"

Core aeration is critical to turf's health and performance. Aerating when grass is at peak health will encourage quick recovery and minimize playing surface disruption.

Many golf courses throughout the Mid-Atlantic region consider mid-August an indicator that aeration is upon us. Depending on location, desired turf species and golf calendar, core and solid-tine aeration may already be taking place.

One question we often receive is: “Why does our superintendent aerate when course conditions and weather are perfect?” This question is very perceptive, and explains why aeration is performed when the weather and course are best. Weather plays a large role in turf recovery. Thus, performing aeration when the weather favors turf growth leads to quicker recovery. Additionally, aeration is stressful on plants. Performing aeration on healthy, “perfect” turf is critical. If aeration is conducted on already stressed turf, the result could be disastrous.

The range of ideal weather varies depending on the desired turf species. In other words, if your course is promoting bentgrass, mid-August to early September is a good time to aerate. The warm days and cool nights of early fall favor bentgrass growth, placing the competitive advantage on bentgrass over Poa annua. Conversely, if the desired turf is Poa annua, core aeration can be performed later in the fall. There is less chance for stress on Poa annua in late summer and early fall. Unfortunately, the golf schedule often dictates aeration timing more than the weather which could compromise proper aeration timing.

Another question we often receive is: “Why is so much sand applied?” Superintendents realize aeration is never popular. However, the benefits of aeration far outweigh the potential problems if nothing is done. Superintendents also understand that playability is a concern. Following aeration, especially on greens, filling each of the aeration holes with sand will promote quicker recovery and improve ball roll. There is no denying that surface disruption occurs during aeration and that greens will play differently following aeration. However, effects on playability as a result of aeration can be minimized if aeration channels are completely filled with sand. Ultimately, applying enough topdressing sand to fill aeration holes will result in a smoother post-aeration surface that recovers quicker than a surface with open aeration holes.

Aeration is performed every year to improve turf health and playing conditions. Core and deep-tine aeration are critical for the health of highly maintained grass. Keep in mind that every time you comment on the exceptional conditions during the golf season, a large part of maintaining those conditions is routine core aeration. Do not lose sight of the long-term goal because of the short-term inconvenience.

Golf Course update:

IT IS WET!! Currently we are not allowing golf carts on golf course and with more rain in the forecast that will most likely continue for the foreseeable future. Will provide a daily update  on social media.

Schedule of Events

October 6 IMAC
October 9  CIGA Stableford
October 13 Truman Bodden law outing
October 15 Member/Junior
October 16 & 17 Greens aerification
October 27 Pirates week golf outing

November 3 Chamber of Commerce golf outing
November 4  CIGA Stableford
November 5 Junior Digicel Series #1
October 15  Talking Rain outing 28 players 12pm, PWC outing, 28 players, 2pm,
November 11 Men's Member Ryder Cup
November 13 Remembrance Day
November 16 Grant Thornton outing, 40 players, 1pm
November 17 CIIPA golf outing
November 19 Cayman Classic Basketball golf outing
November 23 CIFAA golf outing
November 24 MOpen golf outing
November 25 CIGA President's Cup
The Grill
Operated by Casa 43 and Dining at Home chef Lloyd Brown, is open 11am to 5pm everyday.  Stop in for a bite to eat next time you are at the Club.
We are frequently asked for a list of upcoming outings. This can be found on the NSGC website. On the main landing page on bottom right there is an event calendar, click on that to see a calendar of events. Contact a member of the golf shop staff if you have any questions.
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Golf Tip of the Month

Vary your golf to help you improve. On an island with only 27 holes, it becomes easy to fall into a golf rut. Playing the same golf course under the same conditions each time you play will inexorably corrode your skill to the point that playing a different course or condition seems infinitely more difficult.
The best way to keep from falling into a golf rut is to vary your golf. At least once a month, play a different set of tees and/or play different games that add a new challenge. Maybe play a 3-club challenge or have your group play the red tees, or even move back a set of tees. The actual challenge doesn’t really matter so long as it changes the way you approach each hole. Try this and you might find that it makes the game more fun while helping you maintain or increase your skills!
Rules Section
Often times, we hear debates about the rules of golf or how courses are set up for tournaments being “fair” or not. Every year this is a hot topic during the US Open when conditions are challenging, or when a ruling penalizes a player in a manner that seems harsh. While this debate will always be a part of the game, it is important to understand that the rules of golf strive for “equity” not fairness.
The reason is simple. Fairness is subjective. For something to be fair, each situation must be judged by its individual circumstances and the skill level of the player involved. What is fair to one player may not be fair to another. A “fair” rulebook would be the largest and most confusing book ever. This is why the rules of golf stress equity. Each circumstance has its own ruling, and it is the same for every player. This makes the rules simpler to understand.  The R&A and USGA are joining together and trying to further simplify the rules in an effort to make the rules even more simple.
So while the rules may sometimes seem unfair, at least they apply to everyone.
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Until next month, thanks for reading we'll see you on the course!
- North Sound Golf Club Staff
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