#62: Git with Multiple Email Addresses

A fast, reliable, and traceable CI/CD pipeline is key to accelerating software development. Sign up for a free trial with Octopus Deploy and make your next deployment an automated one - Get started
Outsourcing DevOps: Oxymoron or Truth? Can DevOps outsourcing be an effective solution for my Company? - Some say you really can't outsource DevOps, others say of course you can. Have a listen and decide for yourself 🤔
How to build and ​​operate an Open-Source Data Stack on Kubernetes
Your go-to-guide for building and operating an open-source data stack on Kubernetes. You'll learn about common open-source tools to choose from at each layer of the data stack, why you should choose to self-host your data stack and the challenges of deploying an open-source data stack.
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"A better way to define Kubernetes Objects" - Learn how to preview, navigate, edit, and validate Helm Outputs with Monokle. Gain visibility and control of the exact resources being deployed to your Kubernetes cluster via Helm charts - Read more »
"How Kubernetes broke Git" - How did Kubernetes push git to its limit? Some stories from a core Kubernetes contributor - Read more »
"SQLite Internals: Pages & B-trees" - Learning about the internals of our tools lets us feel comfortable with them and use them confidently. Hopefully low-level features like SQLite's PRAGMAs seem a little less opaque now - Read more »
"Mobileye’s journey towards scaling Amazon EKS to thousands of nodes" - This blog post reviews how Mobileye’s AI Engineering Group seamlessly runs their workflows on Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (Amazon EKS), supporting around 250 workflows daily - Read more »
"Yours kindly Drone" - A hands-on tutorial on how to use KinD and Drone to set up CI with Kubernetes on your local machine. At the end of these steps, you will have a completely functional Kubernetes & CI to build and deploy cloud-native apps on K8s - Read more »
"Git with multiple email addresses" - When you use Git on a daily basis, chances are that you use it with multiple remote servers—and do so with different email addresses - Read more »
"ICMP, Ping, and Traceroute - What I Wish I Was Taught" - A deepdive post into ICMP, ping and traceroute. A good networking foundation can be a tremendous help in your day to day work - Read more »
"K8s Gateway API is here - what's in it for you?" - The basics of Gateway API, what it aims to solve, and get to know its benefits, so you’ll be prepared for that small talk over a cup of coffee when you hear a person saying “have you heard about Gateway API? I heard it’s the new Ingress” - Read more »
"How to create a Python package?" - How do you create a Python package? How do you set up automated testing and code coverage? How do you publish the package? That's what this article teaches you - Read more »
Great stories: The first James Bond movie was turned down by the major studios and opened in drive-in theaters in Texas and Oklahoma. Biogen’s CEO refused to pick up a dinner check and lost out on a $10 billion drug. And a lot more
Really great book on many lots actionable insights on organizational structure. First book to capture how incentives drive behavior at micro-level and its impact at macro-level.
Bodywork is a command line tool that deploys machine learning pipelines to Kubernetes. It takes care of everything to do with containers and orchestration, so that you don't have to - Read more »
Cloud Janitor is a tool to automate complex maintenance and troubleshooting tasks in cloud computing. It's built considering the security and flexibility requirements found in operating real-world production workloads - Read more »
kpt is a package-centric toolchain that enables a WYSIWYG configuration authoring, automation, and delivery experience, which simplifies managing Kubernetes platforms and KRM-driven infrastructure at scale by manipulating declarative Configuration as Data - Read more »
Neptune is a light-weight, open-source dev tool which introduces developers to Kubernetes and get started with interacting with Kubernetes clusters. Neptune is an approachable learning tool, light-weight in nature with a few monitoring features - Read more »
Infra enables you to discover and access infrastructure (e.g. Kubernetes, databases). No more out-of-sync credentials for users. Also, it supports Okta, Google, Azure AD identity providers for onboarding and offboarding and map users/groups with the permissions you set to your infrastructure - Read more »
Engineering Database Reliability @Zapier
AWS, MySQL, Terraform

🌎 Remote, Americas
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DevOps/Infrastructure Engineer @Beeper
AWS, Docker, Terraform

🌎 Remote, anywhere
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DevOps Manager @1Password
AWS, Docker, Terraform

🌎 Remote, Americas
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Hand-picked DevOps opportunities to work from home, remotely, freelance, full-time, part-time, contract and internships - Read more »
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