• New staff at the U School
  • Introducing the Ubuntu Squad
  • Outdoor work day recap
  • Mindful Parents and Educators course registration
  • Giving Tuesday

Dear friends,

This month, we are excited to have two new teachers joining our U Learning staff!

Alexa Schrock is joining the 3/4 classroom in the afternoons as an assistant teacher. She is a recent graduate from Eastern Michigan University with her Bachelors of Social Work. She plans to attend graduate school for her Masters of Social Work with a concentration in family and children’s services. Children have always been a population she has a passion for and Alexa has been a volunteer at Ele’s Place for the past year. She has lived in the Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor area her whole life and plans to stay for good despite the cold winters. In her free time she loves to read and play with her cat Oliver who thinks he’s a dog.

Tim Haldeman, an old friend of the U School's, is now officially on board as our Wednesday morning music teacher. Tim's a jazz musician and educator, originally from Ann Arbor but with a long tenure in the Chicago jazz scene. He brings his saxophone, and many other surprise instruments, to play with the children...

Introducing The Ubuntu Squad!

A new way to participate in U Family programs...

The Ubuntu Squad represents a group of U School community members working together, on a team, towards a common goal.

The first “pilot” Ubuntu Squad is a 14 player men’s basketball team in the 2017-18 Fall/Winter AAPS Rec & Ed league. Over the course of the season, we will use this web page, our Facebook pageour Instagram page, and our global email group to document the team’s journey.

In true Ubuntu style, all players involved understand that by participating on this team there is opportunity to benefit themselves as well as do good for others. A fundraising campaign, with dollars going towards the U School scholarship account, will be associated with the Ubuntu Squad. As with all U Family programming, participation benefits the individual and increases our ability to offer tuition assistance.

Come to a game and see the Ubuntu Squad in action. Cheer us on! Game dates and times can be found on the U School Calendar.

Outdoor Work Day Recap

A huge thank you to all the families and friends who showed up on 11/11 to spruce up our outdoor space. As usual, folks put their backs into it and accomplished a lot, including:
  • Raking and removing leaves
  • Taking out invasive plants, plus roots and stumps that were tripping hazards
  • Best of all, building a new "spider web" climbing structure (shown above) that has already proven lots of fun.
(If you are around school one of these days and nobody is watching, it's highly recommended that you try stretching out and taking a load off in the hammock-style embrace of the spider web. It's quite comfy for grown-ups, too!)



Mindful Parents & Educators

Join our 8-session Wednesday night meditation class, and cultivate attentional skills that can help you be an even more observant, patient, calm, and positive parent or educator. (Plus, sleep better, work on positive behavior changes, learn about how your thinking mind ticks, get more fulfillment from life, and so on and so forth...The benefits are wide-ranging and unpredictable, which is part of the fun.) Registration for the next two course cycles is open: This class can be taken as many times as you like, in person or via Skype. And once you've completed one 8-week cycle, you can e-mail Ryan to purchase a drop-in card to come and sit with us any Wednesday you like!

Final note: Giving Tuesday

'Tis the season. As you consider donating towards an organization this week, please consider donating through our Facebook donate button to help boost our tuition scholarship fund. Thank you!
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