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October Soiré time!

Dear friends,

Whoosh...month one of year three. That was fast! We've started the year with a full house. It's great to meet so many new families in the 3/4 classroom, and even some new families in the 4/5 room, and it's also lovely to see so many familiar faces and old friends. You can learn more about enrollment opportunities at our website, or contact Ryan with any questions.

Both of our classrooms have started the year off working on a self-portrait project. This has been aided greatly by the newest member of our team; Lauren is our new Art Studio Teacher! She's an old friend of the U School's and we're really happy that she has joined the U School; she brings a lot of experience and expertise to the table and it's already been exciting to see how much she's drawn out of the children (no pun intended) in terms of their artistic expression.

Also, both classrooms have been fortunate to have great workouts twice a week with teachers we are fortunate to have back with us from last year; on Mondays, Lobinho runs us through our courses with his highly engaging Capoeira lessons. And on Fridays, Natalie takes the children on a journey through what she likes to call the "3 B's" of Yoga: body, breath, and brain!

U Play Update:

Movement Pop-up at Bandemer Park, 9/23

It's been a while since U Play has been dormant and waiting to...well...pop up again. This past Saturday, we made it happen! Families old and new, from near and far, gathered on for a lovely morning by the river to explore three different kinds of movement play. They got to try their skill on a parkour course with teacher Vanya, dance and sing their way through some capoeira with Lobinho, and finish off saluting the sun with our old Yoga buddy, Curtis. Pictures tell the story sure to check out the entire album.

There are many folks to thank for helping to bring this event to life. Al & Colin, the trusty neighborhood crew over at Maker Works, along with Vanya, Beth, and Karen, built a portable, modular parkour course for the occasion. Joe and Maureen made cool U School logo prizes for folks to receive at the end of their course run-through. Of course, the movement crew of Vanya, Lobinho, and Curtis deserve a huge round of applause. (And be sure to check out more of Lobinho's capoeira work!) Ryan, Charlie, Lesley, and Ellen were on hand as U Play facilitators. And Trader Joe's donated some healthy refreshments. Thanks to everyone; it was a real team effort, and a memorable morning!

U Family Update:

Mindful Parents & Educators program

Teacher Charlie's Wednesday night mindfulness sessions are back in the groove for another 8-week cycle of this course, which has been running now for close to two years. Here are some recent testimonials from parents who have taken the class (and even come back for seconds):
  • "The course was an introduction to mindfulness to me. It jumpstarted my meditation practice, which has helped feel more aware and grounded every day. One huge benefit has been increased patience and connection with my kids. My daughter and I practice mindful activities often, from mindful eating to mindful walks where we focus on listening and looking. It's a great way for us to spend time together."
  • "This class was transformative! At a time in my life, with two kids under 4, I knew something needed to change and this class came to the rescue. I was struggling with a lot of newly developed anger that I hadn't experienced before, it was new territory for me. This class helped me focus on things with a whole new perspective. Charlie is a fantastic, clear instructor and I left each class feeling renewed.As we all know, nothing is a quick fix, but this class started me on the right path and I look forward to continuing my practice. Thank you Charlie and The U School."
Over the summer, most of the U School's teaching team participated in the class, and currently the new preschool team from Summers-Knoll school is with us. It's exciting to see this program branch out from families to fellow professionals!

We will continue to offer this course throughout the year, and you can Skype in to join us, so geography ain't a thing. Learn more and register here.

October Soirée

10/19/17, 7-9pm, @ the U School

It's become our new tradition...Every year, once the first weeks have settled down a bit, we invite everyone in for a nice early-autumn party. Please join us!

This is a gathering for our whole community—families, board members, community partners, supporters of the U School, and anyone interested in learning about us. This is not a children's play event, but it is family friendly. Come for some food, beverages, company and conversation. Check out our school, and find out what the children have been up to. Looking forward to seeing you there!
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