Happy New Year from Homework Club!
Meet the Grads!
An annual tradition at Homework Club is to invite our graduates from the previous year to share their experiences, post-high school.  Many have one semester of college or university under their belt, others have chosen to work for a while before heading back to school.  Whatever their path, their stories are always interesting!

This year's talk was full of sage advice, like: "a 7am registration time REALLY means register at 7am.  If you don't, you'll be like me, taking four courses you don't need, just to get your student loan", or "spend your time applying for scholarships - it was worth it!" and, "enjoy high school while you can.  It's soooo easy."

One of the most valuable things about this annual visit, is that our current grade 11s and 12s get to hear about the realities of post-secondary life from their friends, people they know and trust to tell the truth - not like their parents or teachers, who haven't been to school in a hundred years!  They ask questions about everything from how to pay for their education and what to expect from the course load to where the best parties on campus are.  And, they receive great advice from the now "seasoned veterans" who are honest to a fault.

For us at Homework Club, the payoff is two-fold: we bring a valuable resource to our current students, but more importantly, we get to check in with our former students - to hear about their triumphs and defeats, to see how much they have grown in the six months since they graduated, and to see our mission statement - supporting inner-city youth to graduate and achieve post-secondary success - come to life!

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YEP!py Holidays

We took students in our YEP! program to the Vancouver Christmas Market to celebrate a successful first term - everyone is passing - and share a little holiday cheer!

On the drive home from the Market, one of our students shared that "Homework Club is actually more fun than I thought it would be.  I get to hang out with my friends which makes the time fly by. Plus, we get to do stuff like this!"
Bus passes on the way


We were excited to receive word over the holidays, that we will be included in a pilot project with Translink to provide bus passes and tickets to our students, to enable them to come safely, to and from school, through dangerous neighbourhoods, to participate in activities, teams and classes that happen before and after school, and to take advantage of Homework Club's late hours.  We are so thankful to our friends at Adopt-a-School for continuing to advocate for us, and for all children living in poverty.

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