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Mark your calendars for Medtrade Spring 2016!

Next year's conference will be in Las Vegas on February 29 - March 2. Also, don't forget about Medtrade 2015 in Atlanta, October 26 26-29

Did you miss this year's Spring Medtrade Conference?

If you weren't able to attend, Digital Library offers access to the notes and audio from this year's educational sessions. You can purchase the Medtrade Spring 2015 digital library here.

ELFA 54th Annual Convention

You may now register for the 54th ELFA Annual Convention! The convention is October 25-27, 2015 at the JW Marriott Hill Country in San Antonio, Texas. You can register directly from the ELFA website.

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In May, Finance Capital announced the publication of a new White Paper, “Electronic Documents for Small Businesses and Lenders." The ten-page White Paper is designed to examine the growing use of electronic documents and signatures and their components, the state and federal laws surrounding e-documents, the advantages and disadvantages of electronic transactions, and best practices for electronic documentation.

For years businesses and lenders have dealt with challenges associated with the shipping and exchange of paper documents that often end up delaying transactions. Today, electronic documents and contracts are redefining the equipment leasing and financial services industry because they offer a much different scenario to users. Electronic documents allow businesses and their customers to access and finalize contracts and leasing agreements from any location, at any time of day. This allows for users to quickly approve, sign, and complete transactions in just a few clicks.

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Summer 2015

News and Updates

Confidence in the equipment finance market is up
Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation

The Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation released its Q2 update to the 2015 Equipment Leasing & Finance! The report forecasts investment in equipment and software to grow 5% in 2015!

If the Federal Reserve Raises Interest Rates,
How Will the Equipment Industry Be Impacted?

Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation

The Federal Reserve has announced that interest rates may go up for the first time since the recession began seven years ago. How would this affect your equipment business?

How to Get and Keep Customers with an 8-Second Attention Span
The Compass

In the age of ever-shrinking attention spans, the question for marketers and advertisers becomes: How can we get and keep the attention of consumers? Here are 3 quick tips.

For Small Businesses Seeking Equipment, 5 Factors to Consider
Equipment Leasing and Finance Foundation

ELFA is reminding small businesses of five key factors to consider when acquiring equipment.

Facts You Need to Know About the New FICO Score 9
Business Credit Reports

For the first time since 2009, FICO released a new version of its scoring algorithm.  This article shares everything you need to know about the new FICO Score 9.

Learn the basics about SBA's Surety Bond Guarantee Program
Small Business Administration

The U.S Small Business Administration's Surety Bond Guarantee Program can help small businesses get bonded. Watch this webnar to learn how the SBA can help your business secure a bond.

REPORT: A Cost Comparison of Futures and ETFs
CME Group

This report compares the all-in cost of replicating the S&P 500 total return via equity index futures and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) across a variety of different use cases and time horizons.

Medicaid Cuts Add Up
HME News

A whopping 70% of respondents to a recent HME Newspoll said their state Medicaid programs have reduced reimbursement in the past year.

OID Fraud Alert

There are two important principles that a DME supplier must adhere to. If the DME supplier is doing something it should not be doing, then “someone knows about it.”

AAHomecare in Action - CMS Paid $1.3 Billion to Settle Hospital Claims

In a settlement agreement with 1,900 hospitals, CMS paid $1.3 billion to settle about 300,000 hospital claims stuck in the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (OMHA).

Obama gains fast-track power to negotiate Pacific trade deal
The Washington Post

With a favorable 60-38 vote in the Senate, Congress gave President Barack Obama authority to negotiate the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal without having to contend with amendments.

  The choice between futures and ETFs is not an either-or decision. E-mini S&P 500 futures are shown to be more cost-effective than S&P 500 ETFs for leveraged, short and non-US investors across all time horizons. For fully-funded investors, the optimal choice depends on time horizon.
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