Life in the Country

It's a funny old thing, living in the sticks anywhere in the world. You have to pick the right town for your nature - and that of your family. But once you make the move to the platteland, chances are those city lights will never see you again!

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Are You Ready for the Country?

It's time to downsize! Read the Country Life feature on Moving to the Platteland.

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Be the Change in Your Small Town

The difference that one person on a mission can make in the platteland.

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Murraysburg, Western Cape
platteland trash

Taking out the Trash in 2019

Don't sit around waiting for others to clean up in front of your door. Set the example and junk the junk.

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No Child Left Behind

The secret sauce that makes the Hantam School outside Colesberg so magical.

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Kendrew's Forgotten Past

The little Eastern Cape Karoo village is no more - but the legends live on.

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