Karoo Roads for Christmas!

So your bags are packed, you're ready to go, you're humming a folk song from long ago and you're practically out of the front door on your way to wherever. Wait. Have you packed your copy of Karoo Roads for holiday reading?

Or maybe you decided to have a home Christmas this year, but you need something to take you far away to other places, other times. Just grab a drink, a bowl of snacks and head for a quiet nook in the house where you can settle down with your copy of Karoo Roads.

Are you stressing about a last-minute present for a partner, a friend or a family member? No need to join the shopping queues - just e-mail Julienne du Toit at and you're sorted.

The most valuable book reviews an author could ever get are ones that come from the readers, and the first wave of reaction to Karoo Roads is in. We at Karoo Space are thrilled and, by popular demand, are planning Karoo Roads II this season.

Your December Newsletter menu:

Karoo Roads: What Readers Say

A selection of quotes and comments from readers who have just received their copies of Karoo Roads, rather eccentrically wrapped for extra courier protection in old newspapers, supermarket fliers and travel brochures.

Photographs of the book have recently been taken at exotic restaurants, home sitting rooms, in the Cape vineyards, at a double book festival (one live, intimate event here in Cradock and the other large and online) and are appearing on social media.

Read, amongst two dozen other sets of comments, Alan Duggan's hilarious conversation with a friend's wife, who claims her husband has "devoured the book and is now teaching everybody about the Karoo". Lovely stuff.

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The Fun of a Farmstay

Karoo Farmstays, once the Cinderella of Domestic Tourism, have become very popular with travelling families. At last, South Africans have caught on to a tourism asset that has been around for decades.

There's simply nothing to beat waking up early on a Karoo farm.

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Ten Lovely Karoo Parks

Another selection of outdoor destinations that promise big skies, seclusion and escape from the city noise.

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Steel Wheels of the Karoo

Wherever you go in the Karoo, you're bound to come across a windpump creaking in the breeze. Listen to it bring water up from the depths, stand back and photograph it with clouds and, if the dam is full, ask the farmer if you can take a quick dip. Relax - you're in the Karoo!

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