News from the Karoo Winterlands

First, some happy whimsical home news: the old apricot tree in our back yard received a much-needed short-back-and-sides trim this week. The tree fellers left us a huge pile of neatly-cut apricot logs - perfect for the rest of the cold season!

Your Karoo reads for July:
cradock riverside project
Do I Emigrate - Or Do I Semigrate?

Despite a perfect storm of municipal crises, the Eastern Cape Karoo town of Cradock is just too valuable to desert. So the locals are rolling up their sleeves and pushing back. It's a lesson for every distressed community in South Africa.

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Where Stories Roam

People often ask us how we get our Karoo stories. Here we reveal the tricks of our trade - the way we research the articles we write.

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Bakkie Stories: Plucked out of the Mud

When no other bakkie will do, an ancient KB Isuzu comes to the rescue. A Karoo Space reader tells us his story.

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The First Karoo Twitcher

There's a lovely new book out on Francois le Vaillant, the fabulous 18th Century Karoo explorer who was also our first birder.

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A Karoo Heartland Winter Ramble For You & The Family

Why sit at home shivering when you could be out here shivering with us? Shivering with delight, that is! When it comes to winter road trips, the Eastern Cape Karoo has the best offerings, the finest adventures and the friendliest smiles.

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