Off to the Printers!

More than 400 Karoo Space subscribers have pre-ordered their copies of our new story collection called Karoo Roads. That means we call the printers today.

Exciting news, indeed, because it tells us there are enough people out there who still value holding a well-crafted printed edition of a book in their hands. They will receive, counter-to-counter via Postnet, an author-signed, numbered, First Edition - with a few gifts of appreciation thrown in for thanks. The book will be ready for delivery in early November.

The First Five Hundred group will be paying R350 for the book, which includes tax and postage costs. And if they should order another copy of Karoo Roads because Christmas is around the corner, they know someone else who is mad about the Karoo and the gift price is just right, then additional books in that order will cost only R250 each.

So, for R600, at least two people are going to have some great holiday reading this year. And boy, don't we all need a break from the dreaded Echo Chamber of those daily headlines, what they call The Eyewitness Blues?

Coming on top of a long killer drought, the Karoo went into Covid-19 Lockdown like the rest of the world and took a knock in so many ways. But this summer, we've mostly all come out swinging and doing what we do best: telling the beloved stories of the Heartland of South Africa.

This Special Edition of your Newsletter gives you a glimpse of what's in your new book:

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