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Greetings fans of science!

I just spent the weekend at the new Silicon Valley Comic Con, founded by Steve Wozniak and comic legend Stan Lee. I was blown away at the sheer amount of science represented at the con, ranging from a conversation between Adam Savage, Andy Weir, and NASA's Chris McKay discussing our journey to Mars, to Janna Levin and a team of LIGO scientists discussing the recent discovery of gravitational waves. 

What was surprising was the level of interest. All of the science panels were packed - often 300+ people. It felt like the scientists were as much the celebrities as the pop culture stars themselves. We're seeing more and more science pop up at cultural events, rather than being siloed at scientific institutions. 

Lots of great event this week, including the always fun annual Robot NightLife featuring dozens of local companies demoing the latest technologies.

If you want a more in-depth science experience, go hands-on with DNA barcoding. Biocurious is running a day long workshop on Sat 4/9 using DNA isolation, PCR, and gel electrophoresis to identify an unknown sample. Great experience for local teachers who want to apply these techniques to their classrooms.

My top 3 picks for this week: Have a great week in science!

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Monday, 03/21/2016
Science Bites: Discover Bay Predators (River Otters) - 03/21/2016 10:00 AM
Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

Take a bite out of science and discover Bay predators at Aquarium of the Bay. Find out what's on the menu as we explore three of the Bay's top predators; from unassuming sea stars, keen river otters, and awe-inspiring sharks, these predators rule their ecosystems. We'll be having fun with hands-on science experiments and activities, while learning all about what it takes to be a top predator.
March 19-22: River otters may look cute and cuddly, but don't let their furry exterior fool you. Join us for otterly fantastic activities, like a chance to make your own watershed or dress like an otter, all while learning about their keen hunting skills and adaptations that let them rule the rivers.

Spatial variation in species interactions on subtidal rocky reefs of the Southern California Bight - 03/21/2016 04:00 PM
UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory, Bodega Bay

Speaker: Ryan Jenkinson, Ph.D. candidate, Joint Doctoral Program in Ecology, San Diego State University and UC Davis

Sonoma State University - What Physicists Do, Rohnert Park

Prof. Lynn Cominsky (SSU) will report on the recent observations of merging black holes as detected by the twin facilities that comprise the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO).

The direct detection of gravitational waves is one of experimental physics' greatest achievements and opens up a new era in studying the Universe. This is a profound result, and it is an honor to have a member of the LIGO team, our very own Department of Physics & Astronomy Chair Lynn Cominsky, present these results. In addition, this has been a memorable year for Dr. Cominsky as she has been the recipient of three prestigious awards: The American Astronautical Society's Sally Ride Excellence in Education Award; the American Astronomical Society's Education Prize, and the CSU Wang Family Prize. Please join us for this very special talk!

San Francisco Green Film Festival: Wild Tales-Filmmaking and Conservation - 03/21/2016 06:00 PM
Commonwealth Club, San Francisco

Films can make us cry, make us laugh out loud and keep us thinking for days. From Blackfish to Racing Extinction, filmmakers are capturing the power people have to make significant change and to protect our environments and wildlife.

Join the San Francisco Green Film Festival and leading Bay Area wildlife filmmakers and environmentalists for a discussion about the role of filmmaking to save species and habitats. Whether it is butterflies on San Bruno mountain or lions in Kenya, we want to share how film has played a leading part in having stories heard and told. And a plus! A sneak preview of this year's San Francisco Green Film Festival. 

Tuesday, 03/22/2016
Science Bites: Discover Bay Predators (River Otters) - 03/22/2016 10:00 AM
Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

See 3/21 listing
From Perchlorate in breast milk to Perchlorate on Mars - 03/22/2016 12:00 PM
SETI Institute Colloquium Series, Mountain View

The Phoenix mission to Mars clearly demonstrated the usefulness of wet chemistry analyses to understand the composition of planetary surfaces, and it tentatively revealed the presence of ~0.5% of perchlorate by weight of Martian soil. This talk will explore why open tubular ion chromatography (OTIC) is the necessary next step in wet chemistry analyses for planetary exploration, both in terms of technical feasibility, and science versatility. We will discuss the performance of OTIC in comparison to other approaches such as capillary electrophoresis. Jorgenson, the father of capillary zone electrophoresis, reportedly joked about his invention: Capillary electrophoresis is a wonderful technique but it has only three small problems: Injection, Separation and Detection. In OTIC, a sample is injected into a conduit and a response is recorded with or without eluent suppression. In general, open tubular liquid or ion chromatography is time efficient only in very small capillaries where the Jorgenson triad of problems intensify. In recent years we have learned how to inject pL-multi-nL volumes of samples in the same setup, generate active chromatographic surfaces within capillaries as small as 5 mm in bore and learned to make miniature detectors to detect analytes sensitively in such small tubes. The prospects of working meaningfully on this planet with practical inexpensive equipment (less than $1000 for a high performance chromatograph!) will also be discussed.

Speaker: Sandy DasGupta, Univ. of Texas at Arlington

Editor's note: This replaces the lecture originally scheduled for this date titled "The Evolution and Explosion of Massive Stars".

Imaging Biological Function Across the Scales - From Macromolecular Complexes to Organelles, Cells, and Tissues and From Microbes to Microbiomes - 03/22/2016 12:00 PM
Sonoma State University - Biology Colloquium, Rohnert Park

Speaker: Dr. Manfred Auer, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs

Nursery Series: Seed Treatment and Germination - 03/22/2016 01:00 PM
Marin Headlands Visitor's Center, Sausalito

Growing native plants often involves getting dormant seeds to germinate. Based on habitat and adaptation, seeds may require a variety of physical or chemical conditions to begin germination. In this class we will discuss seed biology, seed dormancy, and the physiology of seed germination. There will be plenty of hands-on time to practice and experiment with pre-germination treatments including stratification, scarification, smoke and even fire!

Pabellon Advances Nikola Tesla's Wireless Power Transfer Experiments to a New Level - 03/22/2016 06:30 PM
IEEE Santa Clara Valley Consumer Electronics, Santa Clara

Pabellon was founded in 2012 by a team of Silicon Valley engineers and physicists. We R&D the technology of magnetic power and data transfer.Based on transformation optics theory, our approach differs from conventional freespace "wireless". We create magnetic fields that glide across surfaces to transform common objects into power and data buses"We invite attendees to what-if the use cases when we meet and you see the demo close up. Speaker: Alejandro Rubin, Pabellon
Mount Diablo Blooms After the Fire - 03/22/2016 07:00 PM
Lake Merritt Rotary Nature Center, Oakland

Since September 2013, Joan Hamilton has been documenting Mount Diablo's recovery from the Morgan fire. Come see how various parts of the mountain changed over time–and what scientists are learning from the 3,100-acre conflagration.  Hamilton is a freelance writer and editor who writes regularly for Bay Nature magazine. She  also produces Audible Mount Diablo–a series of downloadable hiking guides–and is a former editor-in-chief of Sierra magazine. 
An Introduction to Astrophotography (how to bang your head against a wall) - 03/22/2016 07:15 PM
Lindsay Wildlife Experience, Walnut Creek

We all are in MDAS because of our love for astronomy. Many of us have thought about putting a camera at the end of a telescope and taking a pretty picture, but what does it take? Astrophotography is a marriage between science and art.  

This month's what's up by Moon, who will show some interesting "images" of the cosmos and more…

Citizen Science and Creating Better Wildlife Corridors - 03/22/2016 08:00 PM
Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, Mountain View

Mary Ellen Hannibal is a Bay Area writer and researcher focusing on science and culture. Her book The Spine of the Continent is about a social, geographical, and scientific effort to save nature along the Rocky Mountains. She is intimately acquainted with the landscapes that POST works to protect, and this conversation will focus preserving "wildlife connectivity," or the ability for animals to migrate across protected areas in order to respond to climate change and maintain genetic diversity. Mary Ellen is also a major proponent of the idea that "citizen science" has the power to transform how we collect data and respond to our changing environment.

Speaker: Mary Ellen Hannibal

Wednesday, 03/23/2016
Science Bites: Discover Bay Predators (Sea Star) - 03/23/2016 10:00 AM
Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

See 3/21 Listing
Earth Under Water - 03/23/2016 06:30 PM
Martin Luther King Library, San Jose

National Geographic explores the potential effects of sea level rise on our civilization over the next few centuries. "Earth Under Water" explains the science behind the prediction of sea level rise and shows what will happen if the levels rise with increasing speed. Then, we fast forward to the 23rd century to see how resourceful humans fight back and adapt using hyper engineering, vast dams, and even the construction of floating cities to cope with the after-effects.

Wildlife Rescue: Volunteer Orientation! - 03/23/2016 06:30 PM
Lake Merritt Rotary Nature Center, Oakland

We are having a new volunteer orientation at the Rotary Nature Center on Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA. If you have ever been interested in wildlife rehabilitation or have wanted to work with us, please come to this evening event. There, you will learn about our organization and how you can get involved.

We are especially seeking:

Fostercare Volunteers for Squirrels, Opossums, and RaccoonsTransport VolunteersCage Builders and Construction PeopleGrantwriters,Wildlife writers for our websiteOr do you have an idea? Come and tell us how YOU want to be involved!!!


Millbrae Skeptics in the Pub - 03/23/2016 07:00 PM
Fiddler's Green, Millbrae

If ye value critical thinking, and if ye scorn the flim-flam man, join us, your friends. Skeptics in the Pub is a group of like-minded people informally discussing the latest in science or pseudoscience over good eats & ale.

Serengeti Rules: The Quest to Discover How Life Works - 03/23/2016 07:00 PM
Recital Hall, Santa Clara

The natural world is regulated at the microscopic and macroscopic levels: rules regulate every molecule in our bodies, and rules regulate every creature in the wild. But how is mankind using - and even altering - these rules? Award-winning biologist Sean Carroll will explain the remarkable similarity of the rules that regulate life at such different size levels. He will explain how our deep understanding leads to life-saving medicines, and how the time has come to use life's rules (the "Serengeti Rules") to heal our ailing planet.

Enter "Wonderfest" in the promotional code for $12 tickets

Thursday, 03/24/2016
Science Bites: Discover Bay Predators (Sea Star) - 03/24/2016 10:00 AM
Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

Take a bite out of science and discover Bay predators at Aquarium of the Bay. Find out what's on the menu as we explore three of the Bay's top predators; from unassuming sea stars, keen river otters, and awe-inspiring sharks, these predators rule their ecosystems. We'll be having fun with hands-on science experiments and activities, while learning all about what it takes to be a top predator.

March 23-27: Speed isn't always necessary to be a top predator, particularly in tidepools. See the invincible sea star in action during tidepool feedings, and join us as we experiment with dry ice and molecular models to look at how even small changes in the ocean have a huge effect on these top predators.

BAD PHYSICS: Five Common Errors in Our Grasp of Reality - 03/24/2016 01:00 PM
Osher Marin Jewish Community Center, San Rafael

From Aristotle to Einstein, great minds have failed to grasp basic ideas in physics. Join award-winning physics teacher Tucker Hiatt in exploring five of the juiciest misconceptions that plague our "common-sense" understanding of how the world works:

The Earth moves through space."Now" has universal meaning.Nature loves all energies equally.Mass becomes energy via E=mc^2.God does not play dice.
Chelyabinsk - 03/24/2016 04:15 PM
Lockheed Martin Colloquia, Palo Alto

Speaker: Peter Jennsikens, SETI

The Total Carbon Study - 03/24/2016 05:30 PM
Integral Group, Oakland

The Bay Area Living Building Challenge Collaborative is excited to feature a presentation of "The Total Carbon Study," a report published by the Ecological Building NetworkIntegral Group, and Siegel & Strain Architects. Authors Megan WhiteTed Van Der Linden and Larry Strain will present their findings.

The current "gold standard" for reducing emissions from buildings is to build new, net zero energy buildings – focusing on eliminating emissions associated with the operations phase. While this is an important strategy to reduce GHG emissions in the built environment, it does not address the two other major sources of building emissions from the embodied, upstream supply chain from building materials, and operating emissions from existing buildings.

For new buildings it is critical to focus on reducing embodied emissions and for existing buildings we need to focus on reducing operating emissions.  The case study reported nearly 70% avoided embodied carbon emissions associated with the building material supply chain when an existing building was renovated to net zero compared to new net zero construction. 

Robot Nightlife - 03/24/2016 06:00 PM
California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

Get your dose of mechanical mayhem as NightLife hosts an annual salute to all things robotic.

Prepare to be thoroughly impressed by Bistrobot, a sandwich making robot! Plus, learn about the amazing advances being made in robotic healthcare with Catalia Health. Check out cutting-edge drone technology with Pure Rockets, a Mars Rover replica from Robogames, and root for your favorite machine during a bot-tastic showdown with Bot Bash. Meet the robo-geniuses helping to cultivate the future of engineering from Silicon Valley Robotics.

Looking for a reason to bust out those robot dance moves? Jam to the beat of the Make It Funky DJs. In the planetarium, catch two special presentations of Robots in Space, followed by two showings of the Academy's latest all-digital planetarium show Incoming!, narrated by George Takei.

Ever wonder how Academy scientists study teeny, tiny insects and organisms with incredible clarity? Stop by the Project Lab to see robo-imaging technology GIGAMacro in action.

Science at the Theater: Climate Change is Here. Now What? - 03/24/2016 07:00 PM
David Brower Center, Berkeley

Join Berkeley Lab's Bill Collins, an internationally recognized expert in climate modeling and climate change science, in a conversation on what we know about climate change, how we know it, and what we can do about it.
Marine Terraces of California: Landscapes from the Waves - 03/24/2016 07:00 PM
USGS Evening Public Lecture Series, Menlo Park

Did you know soils on California's marine terraces can be over a million years old?Have you wondered why California's rugged shorelines are terraced?Soils on marine terraces aid our understanding of soil formation, water movement, and carbon transformations under changing climate.

Speaker: Marjorie Schulz, USGS

Friday, 03/25/2016
Science Bites: Discover Bay Predators (Sea Star) - 03/25/2016 10:00 AM
Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

See 3/21 Listing
Botany Series: Introduction to Plant Identification with Taxonomic Keys - 03/25/2016 01:00 PM
Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco

Vanessa Stevens (Former Presidio Trust Biological Technician and current contractor for East Bay Municipal Water District) and Stacy Jacobsen (Seed Collection Ecologist for Presidio Nursery) will lead this workshop focusing on basic taxonomy, botanical identification resources, and plant identification with an emphasis on troubleshooting morphological keys. The class will discuss and employ a full range of plant ID resources available to the beginning botanists and plant enthusiasts. Fresh material representing the most common Plant Families found in the Park will be provided to explore the terminology and associated keys. Dissection kits, hand lenses and microscopes will be provided to participants for class use. Plant Terminology prerequisite recommended.

Twilight Hike - 03/25/2016 05:30 PM
Bouverie Preserve, Glen Ellen

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to experience the beauty and rich natural history of this 535-acre preserve as dusk arrives and the animals start to appear. Our twilight hikes are on select Fridays throughout spring and fall. Participants are divided into small groups and paired with a trained Bouverie volunteer to explore the mixed evergreen forest, flower-carpeted oak woodland and rugged chaparral. Hikes begin at 5:30 p.m. and end at 8:00 p.m. and range from two to five miles. Visitors of all ages are welcome.

See weblink for registration info.
Zoovie Night: Alvin and the Chipmunk- The Road Chip - 03/25/2016 06:30 PM
Oakland Zoo, Oakland

Put on your jammies and enjoy an evening of Zoovie magic with the whole family. Bring your pillows, blankets, and chairs and snuggle up in our auditorium for a specially selected animal-or nature-themed movie. Meet some of our movie themed education animals and Roosevelt, Oakland Zoo's costumed alligator mascot. Hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course) and popcorn will be provided, but you are welcome to bring your own treats and traditional family movie fare. This month's showing: Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip

For families with children ages 4 - 11 years old

Pre-Registration is required.   

Saturday, 03/26/2016
Guided Nature Walk - 03/26/2016 09:30 AM
Bouverie Preserve, Glen Ellen

Experience the beauty and rich natural history of this 535-acre preserve. Our half-day guided nature walks are on Saturdays throughout fall and spring. Participants are divided into small groups and paired with a trained Bouverie volunteer to explore the mixed evergreen forest, flower-carpeted oak woodland and rugged chaparral. Guided Nature Walks begin at 9:30 a.m. and end at 1:30 p.m. and range from two to five miles. Visitors of all ages are welcome.

See weblink for registration.
Science Bites: Discover Bay Predators (Sea Star) - 03/26/2016 10:00 AM
Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

See 3/21 listing
Science Saturday: Bees, Wasps, Honey and Hives - 03/26/2016 11:00 AM
Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, Pacific Grove

Come see what the buzz is all about! Examine bee stingers and wasp nests, taste honey made from different California wildflowers, create a beeswax candle to take home, and play games about pollination. Join us for a day of fun, science, & bees!

Butterfly Walk - 03/26/2016 11:00 AM
Alum Rock Park, San Jose

Join local lepidopterist Liam O'Brien to for a walk that will open your eyes and your imagination to butterflies. Don't miss this chance to learn about butterflies from a winner of Bay Nature's Local Hero Award for Environmental Education!

It will be an easy walk through the park and we'll stop for a break midway through (bring lunch or a snack).

Ages 12+

History Comes Alive with Juana Briones at El Polin Spring - 03/26/2016 01:00 PM
Presidio of San Francisco, San Francisco

Have you ever wanted to grind corn? Or learn which Presidio plants can be used for Medicine? Then what are you waiting for? Join us on a stroll to El Polín Spring. At El Polín we will experience a day in the life of Juana Briones a legendary woman of the Presidio's past. Juana will first teach you how to grind corn, and then she will continue by showing you the plants she uses to help the sick, while on a short walk around the El Polín area. Meet Ranger Mariajosé in front of the Officers' Club building 50 Moraga Avenue in the Presidio.

Pre-registration required

Our Past & Future Written in the Stars - 03/26/2016 07:00 PM
Mt. Diablo State Park, Walnut Creek

Where did we come from?  Where are we going? Follow the story as you tour the telescopes.

Excitement for the whole family! Participate in hands-on astronomy activities followed by supervised observing through the many different telescopes of MDAS members. See stars, nebulae, galaxies, clusters, the moon and planets through member telescopes. Bring kids, binoculars, warm clothes (temperature can drop), snacks, water. No need for a flashlight but if you must bring one cover it in red plastic. Escorted exit several times during the evening through Northgate entrance.  Enter the park by 6:15.

Astronomy program is weather dependent including high fire danger.

Sunday, 03/27/2016
Science Bites: Discover Bay Predators (Sea Star) - 03/27/2016 10:00 AM
Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

See 3/21 Listing
Marine Science Sunday: Celebrating the Ocean: The Big, The Small, and The Weird - 03/27/2016 10:00 AM
Marine Mammal Center, Sausalito

The theme this month is Celebrating Our Oceans: The Big, The Small, and The Weird.  Come learn about the amazing diversity of life that lives out in the Ocean, from the big to the small and everything in between.  Docent-led tours will take you around the hospital showcasing some of the patients we are caring for and how our veterinarians are getting them better.  Classroom presentations will feature interactive activities and multimedia showcasing the diversity of life living in our oceans, from the biggest animal in the World (the blue whale), to the smallest animals in the Ocean (plankton), the top predator (the orca) and even the weirdest animals like the unicorns of the sea, the narwhal!  

FREE Classroom Programs: The Big, The Small and The Weird- 12 PM and 2 PM  (1 hour sessions)

Come learn about the diversity of life living in our oceans, from the biggest (the blue whale), to the smallest (plankton), to the top predator (the Orca), and everything in between!   A great compliment to the docent-led tour.

Docent-led Tours* - 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, and 3:00 PM

Learn fascinating facts about seals and sea lions from our education experts while seeing exhibits and patient viewing areas. (*Small fee applies, it helps our patients!).  

Full-Spectrum Science with Ron Hipschman: The Universe - 03/27/2016 01:00 PM
Exploratorium, San Francisco

We tend to think of "home" as the building in which we live, or the town or city where we reside. Voyage to the edge of the known universe, and gain some perspective on the tiny planet we call home. See some of the amazing ways the universe is structured, and learn how it's evolved.

Talks at 1:00 and 3:00

Bone Cleaning Class - 03/27/2016 02:00 PM
Mysterious Creatures Art Collective, Oakland

Join The Bone Room once again at Mysterious Creatures Art Collective, for an evening exploring the different methods and practices of basic bone cleaning and preparation, with The Bone Room's head preparators Moriah and Marissa. Ages 16+

Monday, 03/28/2016
Science Bites: Discover Bay Predators (Sharks) - 03/28/2016 10:00 AM
Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

Take a bite out of science and discover Bay predators at Aquarium of the Bay. Find out what's on the menu as we explore three of the Bay's top predators; from unassuming sea stars, keen river otters, and awe-inspiring sharks, these predators rule their ecosystems. We'll be having fun with hands-on science experiments and activities, while learning all about what it takes to be a top predator.

March 28-April 3: Sharks rule the water and command the food web. Learn more about how sharks hunt, what they like to eat, and how we learn about them with activities like shark tagging, jaw-some bites, and Jurassic shark!

Sustainable intensification in agriculture: progress or paradox? - 03/28/2016 03:00 PM
Mulford Hall, Berkeley

Megan's research program examines the environmental and societal impacts of different food production systems. Specific research projects have addressed links between agriculture and climate change, ecological pest management in the U.S. and Southeast Asia, genetically modified crops, and the emerging local food movement. In addition to her academic work, Megan has policy experience working for USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service and for USAID in Cambodia.

Speaker: Megan O'Rourke, UC Berkeley

Sonoma State University - What Physicists Do, Rohnert Park

Dr. Tom Barclay, Senior Research Scientist, NASA Ames will discuss the Kepler Space Mission, which has discovered over a thousand planets outside our solar system.

Finding climate change genes in a blue mussel hybrid zone - 03/28/2016 04:00 PM
UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory, Bodega Bay

Speaker: Dave Carlon, Associate Professor and Director of the Bowdoin College Coastal Studies Center, Bowdoin College

The European Union's Climate and Energy Policy – Lessons Learnt and Challenges for the Future - 03/28/2016 04:30 PM
Stanford University Energy Seminar, Stanford

The EU's domestic climate and energy policy practically started with the pilot phase of the EU's emissions trading system (ETS) on January 1, 2005. Current emission reduction targets are set until 2020 aiming to achieve a 20% cut in greenhouse gas emissions compared to 1990. Since 2005, the design of the ETS covering about 45% of the EU's emissions has evolved quite significantly. Sectors outside the ETS (buildings, ground transport, waste and agriculture) are regulated through the Effort Sharing Decision. It allocates emission reduction effort to the EU's 28 Member States. In addition, further climate-relevant legislation tackles energy efficiency, renewables, car emission standards, phasing down of fluorinated gases, waste management and air quality. Finally, carbon dioxide emissions from land use, land use change and forestry are currently governed under the Kyoto Protocol. As yet, the EU has accomplished its emission reduction targets while growing its economy since 1990. For the recently agreed Paris Agreement the EU offered to reduce its emissions domestically by at least 40% by 2030 compared to 1990. The Paris Agreement also presents a number of new challenges for EU policy makers in the coming years. In this context, at present, the design of the 2030 climate and energy policy framework is under preparation offering an opportunity to improve its effectiveness and cost efficiency and to fully integrate it into the EU's Energy Union.

Speaker: Artur Runge-Metzger, Director 'Climate Strategy, governance and emissions from non-trading sectors', DG Climate Action of the European Commission

A Conversation About Atul Gawande's 'Being Mortal' - 03/28/2016 06:00 PM
Commonwealth Club, San Francisco

Being Mortal, Atul Gawande's book and "Frontline" documentary, tells the story of a physician learning how to think about death and dying in the context of being a healer and a doctor. Join Dr. Arbore and Dr. Skultety in a community discussion of Dr. Gawande's "Being Mortal". Explore concerns about life, death, loss, grief and the context and meaning of the recently passed California legislation legalizing physician assisted suicide in California.

Speakers: Patrick Arbore, CESP; Karyn Skultety, Institute on Aging

Paint with SF Skyline Pipettes! Learn about synthetic biology! - 03/28/2016 06:30 PM
Chevy's Fresh Mex, Emeryville

Join us for a fun night of Margaritas and Paint!

Learn how to paint your own orginal masterpiece using a micro-pipette and brushes with paint & ink. Your instructor will guide you through the different techniques you may use to create a completely unique painting on watercolor paper.  In this unique class we'll learn how to use a pipette as an art tool, and gain more information on how they are used in science.  (A micro-pipette is a laboratory tool commonly used in biology to transport a measured volume of liquid. What happens when you fill it with paint or ink? Come find out and get creative).

Nerd Nite East Bay #40: Hashashin, Love, and the 1st Amendment - 03/28/2016 07:00 PM
Club 21, Oakland

This month, we're running early nerd specials. Get your ticketsearly.

March's Nerd Nite East Bay features three tales of madness with no basketball involved. First, learn about early assassins from Arthur Kay, then the neuroscience of love by the Exploratorium's Alex Pinigis, and finally look into the first amendment with James Wheaton.

Doors will open promptly at 7. Ann-Marie Benz may run Nerd Nite Detention again (more details to come).

The bar also opens at 7 and Plate Craft will sell food.

Rick, Rebecca, DJ Citizen Zain, and the Oakland Public Library put the Madness in March.

Be there and be square.

This event is 21+.

Tuesday, 03/29/2016
Science Bites: Discover Bay Predators (Sharks) - 03/29/2016 10:00 AM
Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

Bio-Logging Mussels on the Wave-Swept Shore: Small-Scale Variation in Behavioral and Biophysical Drivers of Stress - 03/29/2016 12:00 PM
Sonoma State University - Biology Colloquium, Rohnert Park

The enigma of planetesimal formation: theoretical developments on cold-disk protoplanetary turbulence and small particle assembly - 03/29/2016 12:00 PM
SETI Institute Colloquium Series, Mountain View

Reinventing Batteries - 03/29/2016 07:30 PM
SLAC Public Lecture Series, Menlo Park

Wednesday, 03/30/2016
Science Bites: Discover Bay Predators (Sharks) - 03/30/2016 10:00 AM
Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

Mechanical Computing Redux for the Internet of Things - 03/30/2016 12:00 PM
Sutardja Dai Hall, Berkeley

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Digital Economy - 03/30/2016 12:00 PM
Commonwealth Club, San Francisco

TEMBLOR App - 03/30/2016 01:00 PM
Davis Hall, Berkeley

Good Friends: Growth and Flowering Responses of Eelgrass to Grazing by Brant Geese - 03/30/2016 03:30 PM
Romberg Tiburon Center for Environmental Studies, Tiburon

Biodiversity dynamics in deep time, and the deep sea - 03/30/2016 04:00 PM
UC Davis Bodega Marine Laboratory, Bodega Bay

Designing for Knowledge: Beyond Data Visualization - 03/30/2016 04:10 PM
South Hall, Berkeley

Geologic History of Mt. Diablo - 03/30/2016 07:00 PM
Northern California Geologic Society, Orinda

California Groundwater: The Impacts of a Shrinking Supply - 03/30/2016 07:30 PM
Marin Science Seminar, San Rafael

A recently discovered symbiosis in the ocean - 03/30/2016 07:30 PM
Science on Tap, Santa Cruz

Thursday, 03/31/2016
Science Bites: Discover Bay Predators (Sharks) - 03/31/2016 10:00 AM
Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

The measurement of stellar masses in = 0.5 galaxies using the micro-lensing of quasars - 03/31/2016 11:00 AM
Stanford Linear Accelerator (SLAC), Menlo Park

Data-Driven Democracy: Technology, Data and 2016 Election - 03/31/2016 04:00 PM
McClatchy Hall, Stanford

Auroras, Polar Bears, and the Northern Frontier - 03/31/2016 04:15 PM
Lockheed Martin Colloquia, Palo Alto

Brainiac Nightlife - 03/31/2016 06:00 PM
California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco

Friday, 04/01/2016
Birds and Botany Hike - 04/01/2016 09:00 AM
Mayacamas Mountains Sanctuary, Geyserville

Science Bites: Discover Bay Predators (Sharks) - 04/01/2016 10:00 AM
Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

Design and the Internet of Important Things - 04/01/2016 12:00 PM
Jacobs Hall, Berkeley

River of Stars - 04/01/2016 08:00 PM
College of San Mateo, San Mateo

Saturday, 04/02/2016
Science Bites: Discover Bay Predators (Sharks) - 04/02/2016 10:00 AM
Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

Wildlife Conservation Spring Expo - 04/02/2016 10:00 AM
Canada College Theater, Redwood City

Marinship Walking Tour - 04/02/2016 10:30 AM
Bay Model Visitors Center, Sausalito

Sunday, 04/03/2016
Science Bites: Discover Bay Predators (Sharks) - 04/03/2016 10:00 AM
Aquarium of the Bay, San Francisco

Monday, 04/04/2016
Energy Transitions, Past and Future: Drivers, Opportunities and Constraints - 04/04/2016 04:30 PM
Stanford University Energy Seminar, Stanford

Tiny Moons Around Asteroids - 04/04/2016 07:30 PM
California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco
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