Autism x 2 : What Happens When Your Second Child Is Diagnosed | How Panic, Anxiety and Stress Affect Your Body
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Autism x 2 : What Happens When Your Second Child Is Diagnosed 

My son Marc was 2 years and 10 months old when he was first diagnosed with autism. I’d had clues: Marc wasn’t reaching certain developmental milestones like responding to his own name or waving bye bye. When I found out that Marc was on the spectrum I was devastated, but I was also relieved that my other child was a girl because I thought there was little to no chance of her having autism too. By the time Julia was 16 months old, I was rethinking that. Like Marc, Julia wasn’t exhibiting age-appropriate behaviour: there was no baby talk and she wasn’t responding to her name. One year after Marc was diagnosed, I was told that my second child was also on the spectrum. I will never forget the moment I received the diagnosis.  I went through so many emotions and felt life was being completely unfair to me. I was full of resentment over having a second child with autism.  The second diagnosis seemed impossible – how could this happen in one family?

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Help! I’ve Got an Alarm Bell Going Off in My Head! How Panic, Anxiety and Stress Affect Your Body
Author: K.L. Aspden, Foreword by Babette Rothschild
Price: $13.95

Ever wondered what happens inside our bodies when we feel angry, nervous, stressed or anxious? This straightforward, illustrated guide explores just that, explaining what happens to the brain and nervous system when that alarm bell in our heads starts ringing. It describes how our bodies can become very sensitive and set off false alarms, and includes tips and activities to help you reduce feelings of anxiety and keep your nervous system healthy.

Designed for ages 9+, the book aims to teach children who suffer from anxiety, stress or anger about the fight, flight or freeze response in their bodies and what can trigger it, and helps them to understand that it is something that everyone experiences. It also includes ways to manage the stress reaction and reduce feelings of shame. It is an invaluable resource for anyone supporting children who are easily triggered into anxiety or anger, including parents and carers, support workers, teachers, and therapists.

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