The Story Mint October Newsletter
The Story Mint October Newsletter

The Style Guide™

The new look Style Guide™ is colour coded so that a writer can see why his or her writing has landed where it has on the grid. The writer also is told how to shift from one part of the grid to another so that the style is appropriate for the targeted audience. For example a report for the boss will sound quite different to a love letter.
The people who have tested the Style Guide™ report they find it is very helpful.
Read people’s feedback below:
I am writing blogs on thinking for strategic advantage. The new Style Guide is making a significant difference to my writing. My original piece had me just off the grid. 
I changed this sentence: “A recent car purchase highlighted my own conditioning” to “Purchasing a car highlighted my own conditioning” and this put me on the grid.  It is a small change, but enough to have a significant impact.  When you look at the two sentences, the second one is far superior.  This is magic!
Here are some comments from a research workshop Suraya recently ran with Fijian Indians who spoke English as a second language:
‘It is helpful and very interesting. It is a very educational website.’
‘Falling on the grid helped me understand how to use verbs and other grammar.’
‘It was explained very well by Suraya.’
‘I learned we need to use different vocabulary for different audiences.’
It’s a simple and easy process.’
‘By using this programme I can pass on simple instructions to operators.’
In answer to the question, ‘Do you understand how to move your writing around the grid? Explain’ one person replied: ‘It all depends on the usage of words; verbs, nouns, adjectives and adverbs.’
This comment captures what the Style Guide™ is giving people who use it.
The original features and reports are still there

Check out  the daily quotes on our Facebook page which is fast growing in popularity. In one week 5321 people saw our posts.



The You Tube clip featuring Paris Whitehead is now finished and ready to enjoy. It has had over 5000 views. You can see it on our website and on You Tube.
Thanks to Mike Abraham for filming and editing and to Ken Burns who helped with editing.
Planning is now underway to make another video with students from Kristin School.


We are delighted to welcome new members. Please let us know if we can do anything to add to your enjoyment of being a member of The Story Mint.

The Writer's Pad

Check out the preview to Raymond’s newest book ‘Twisted Wire’. Leave a comment and tell him what you think
Also read ‘A Tall Tale’. This is tremendous fun and a great chuckle
On a more philosophical note Leif Rennes discusses the role of scepticism in business. Beware of deals that sound too good to be true. They probably are.


Suraya congratulates Eleanor Catton on her marvellous win at the Man Booker Awards. Catton wrote a critically acclaimed novel, The Rehearsal several years ago and is the youngest writer to ever win the Booker so we can expect many more riveting reads.


We were sorry Annette resigned as serial
manager. However, we understand how busy
life is with running a job and family. We wish
her luck and hope she will still contribute her
great writing to the serials.
Mary-Liz has taken over the role as Serial
Manager and is working out how to post
chapters and set up new serials.
I am confident writers will have a tremendous
amount of fun choosing serials and writing chapters
for them. We have some stunning serial starters and
we will be posting them in the next few weeks.
However, please keep sending your starters to us.
The more we have the better.We prefer them to be
around 500 words long as that gives you time
to develop a story line and characters.

Please encourage your friends to take out the two
week free offer
 2-week-free-trial and to get involved in
writing 500 word serial chapters. If they book to write
a chapter in our newest Freedom Writers serial we will
extend the free membership. http://

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