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CHIC project coordinator, Georgios Stamatakos, is glad to inform all partners and stakeholders that the last CHIC interim review, which was held in Brussels on the 29th of January, was a clear success: the reviewers marked the progresses of the CHIC project “excellent” and all deliverables accepted.  Of key importance were the clinical narrative and the demonstration of a number of integrated hyper-models and technological tools and of the CHIC infrastructure in the clinical context.
Thank all partners for the great work done so far, the strong commitment to the project, and the persistence to get things working despite complexity!
Let’s keep our joint enthusiasm and sustain our research momentum looking forward to a great and clinically useful final outcome!

News from CHIC

  • Next Progress meeting will take place in Bern from the 21st to the 23rd of March 2016; logistics information are available on the internal area
  • The notion and the system of the OncoSimulator, which constitutes the basis for the CHIC multimodeller hypermodels, has been recently cited and assessed as an important step forward in a review paper published in the high impact and broad outreach clinical journal Nature Reviews | Clinical Oncology (NRCO) in the review paper entitled “Computational oncology —mathematical modelling of drug regimens for precision medicine,” co-authored by Dominique Barbolosi, Joseph Ciccolini, Bruno Lacarelle, Fabrice Barlési and Nicolas André. You can access the paper here 
  • Collection of articles on cancer models can be accessed here

News from the VPH community

  • “The time has come to transform the biomedical industry” by Marco Viceconti INSIGNEO institute for in silico medicine. Read more 
  • Virtual Physiological Human 2016 Conference - Call for papers now open. Read more
  • The Avicenna consortium is happy to inform you that after a very successful review (the progress of the project was marked as “excellent”), the Avicenna Roadmap is now officially published.  The roadmap is available on research gate here

Forthcoming events

  • eHealth Summit, 14-16 June 2016, Budapest (Hungary) Read more
  • 2016 CONFERENCE ON COMPUTATIONAL MODELLING WITH COPASI, 12-13th May 2016, Manchester (UK) Read more
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