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Why does she stay?  

One of the most common questions I encounter from the public and associates concerning my role as a support worker to women fleeing violence is: "Why does she stay?"

Needless to say, it's complicated. There are many reasons why a woman may remain in a relationship where she experiences abuse. Clearly some of those reasons impacting a woman's decision to remain in an abusive relationship are more obvious than others.  

In the beginning, women enter committed relationships with great hopes of lifelong mutual support, romance and love.  In the beginning, most would-be abusers are charming, attentive and full of appealing promises.  While women may have the odd "niggly feeling" that not everything is quite right in their relationship, these doubts are often minimized in the face of what appears to be true love.  In fact, abuse often does not enter the relationship until there is a measure of security established, such as when the couple moves in together or when she becomes pregnant.  According to a 2004 Fact Sheet entitled "Family Violence and Pregnancy" (Women Abuse and the PEI Justice System Research Team), 40% of assaultive relationships begin in pregnancy.  Why?  Certainly there are added emotional and financial pressures, but likely the abusive partner is losing a sense of control in the relationship, feels threatened by the access health care providers has to his spouse or he has developed jealousy over the attention the unborn child and the expecting mother are receiving.  Read more here


Put Yourself In Her Shoes!

We are inviting men from the community to stand up for the prevention of violence against women in the international march to end gender violence!  Walk A Mile In Her Shoes takes place in Squamish on Saturday, July 5 at Pavilion Park on Cleveland Avenue.  

Registration:  10:30 am
Walk Starts:  11:00 am
Refreshments & Prizes:  11:45 am

Visit to register.  

Despite the seriousness of the topic, Walk a Mile in Her Shoes is a fun family event!  Men are encouraged to gather pledges and bring awareness about the event as they prepare for the big day in which they will march approximately one mile in women's high heel shoes!  Friends and family are encouraged to march as well in support of the well-heeled participants!  

We encourage you to have fun forming teams and challenging others from your place of work, your family or your friends!  We also ask that the walkers dress as they normally would and strongly encourage uniforms and work gear (no women's clothing please!).

You can encourage friends and families living out of town to pledge by guiding them to where they will make a donation to the Howe Sound Women's Centre in your  name as you simultaneously record this amount on your pledge form.  Prizes are awarded for top pledges!  

All proceeds support programs of Howe Sound Women's Centre Society.  

​Your generous donation improves the lives of women and children in our community.

​Why does she stay?  

Put Yourself in Her Shoes

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