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Sometimes in all of the business of work, and writing, we lose sight of what is most important, and what we should always be aiming for.

If you are having any challenges in your journey, we are here to help.

For this month, we will be sharing our answer to the question: what is the Number One thing Producers and Audiences look for in premises?

The Development Execs at Think Hollywood tackled this difficult question-- and their answer is a little unique compared to most people working in Hollywood (in a good way).


What is the NUMBER ONE Thing Producers and Audiences look for in Premises?

As we do each month, we also share an article or book excerpt that is popular among industry executives so when you interact with Hollywood professionals, you will be ‘in the know’ making it easier to build a relationship.

This month, we have selected an article that got execs and professionals all over town really excited -- a piece in Vanity Fair titled, “When the Spec Script was King.”

To help give a little background on the article, as you might know, the term “spec script” refers to a script that was written speculatively -- by a writer who wasn’t being paid up front for their work.

That is exactly what you are doing -- writing spec scripts. And the staff at Think Hollywood is excited about the possibility of helping you bring your spec script to the screen!

The following article is a terrific historical recounting of the spec market -- where it came from and why it is here. Along with the great history lesson, the article also does a great job describing the current spec market and helping give you a sense why Think Hollywood was founded, and why we use Producing Teams.

You can read the article by following the link below:


Think Hollywood Development Execs

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