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Hope you had a fantastic Holiday Season.


Usually with the ending of one year and the beginning of another, writers tend to take stock of how the previous year went and how to make the next year better.


The unique visions and voices of too many writers are never seen and heard by audiences around the world because most writers fall short of fully investing time and resources to be sure they are set up for success.


How will you be sure your project does get seen by professionals in Hollywood, making this your most successful year to date?


There are a couple clear paths you can take:  


(1) Create a schedule for your writing which is perhaps the best thing you can do to set yourself up for success.  Create a success habit where you invest in your writing every day you work at your normal job (we suggest 5-6 days a week).


(2) Get help. Think Hollywood was created by working Hollywood professionals to help open the doors to Hollywood. The thing is, for your project to be successful in Hollywood, it will need professional help and development to get there.


Once you enroll our project’s logline for review (you can do so here), and if you successfully pitch a producer, you are eligible to work with your own development executive to:
- Guidance on how to begin your story (sometimes the first steps are the most difficult)
- Break the story-- figure out how to structure your story
- Create a plan for the development of your project
- Help with the Creative Process... how to most effectively keep writing your story


As an additional bonus, If you successfully pitch a producer, before January 31st, you will be entered into a drawing to meet with your Producer.


We look forward to seeing you succeed this year!



Mark James

Think Hollywood Story Department

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