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NEW Earth Transitions Email Series: Week 10
Living AS Higher Consciousness LightBody Intelligence DNA
With Every NEW Activation of "More" Consciousness, my DNA re-wrote itself. This became a 24/7 process, which continues to accelerate daily
Clearing all Akashes held on a cellular level
"New" becomes available constantly for all
to Anchor into this Physical
For us All

Each one of us have different Light Codes, DNA and Genetics, which means, that because we are "ALL", we are continually undergoing the activation of "New codes" within us, accelerated by our heart openings in every way. These re-configurations re-write and restore our entire body template to our ORIGINAL Templates, which are PURE, which in essence goes hand in hand with our physical reality, our inner experience, our outer experience and our reconnecting UP to an inner-connected bio-electrical energetic, crystalline and plasma grid/network where we are all inner-linked through our CONSCIOUSNESS in every way here. A "new" way of communicating, transmitting, receiving... on a Quantum Level, a cellular level, an energetic level ... with/through our whole BEing and Presence here and Divine Essence here. Our whole body becomes a living intelligence, not "visible" to the human eye... yet completely visible, felt and readable by those who are also in-tune as LOVE. This is through the/our Unified Field of Full Consciousness, that transmits out.... across all dimensions/space-time and communicates "for us" through our electromagnetic fields and constantly "changing form" photonic light. 

Photons, atoms, molecules... all constantly in communication and working coherently and cohesively, not bound by the linear limits of the old. The more conscious each one of us are, the more each holds themselves to their own highest states of full consciousness constantly, the more each embrace that which is only visible from deep within... the more "this is us" and we are it.... The more our lives are Quantum, because how we live, function and exist completely changes. It's no longer "about the physical"... it's about how the physical takes form and responds to the/our Energy..... it's about so very much more than the human mind can comprehend/perceive.... All functions from a Quantum State.... and all takes form/shape relative to this. 

Every aspect, every existence, has a different DNA and genetic make-up, very different than our human DNA. These "changes" occur on an atomic, molecular, genetic, cellular level and until all reach a point to integrate the immensity of these accelerating, amplifying and immense Light Codes, it's not only beyond challenging, it's very misunderstood as well. The masses of society do not understand what is occurring and "how". The human intellect won't "accept" any of this, until something "occurs" to open their own hearts and minds to do so.  That's where we come in, where our Roles are important to awaken and assist, with "teaching" each about their LightBodies and how the integration of Pure Source Light Codes "affect" the physical body and "real"ity in every way. The more open, ready, embracing and supported all of this is, the more we can assist HUmaNIITY to transition easier and through/as Love.

This is Science, Quantum Physics, Nature, the Universe/Cosmos/Galaxies, our "future", "past" and "current"... all wrapped up into ONE. This is Sacred Geometry, the anatomy and physiology of the human body, Photonic Light, Plasma Energy, Crystals, Space, Genetics, our BE-LOVE-d Gaia, planets/stars, our SOULar Sun and the Breath of Life/Light... all becoming ONE, all converging in the same space, with "different" beliefs (much higher intelligence) applied. This is our much higher dimensional "knowledge", so way beyond our previous limited human ego existence... integrated within us through Light Codes that work through our bodies and re-map, re-configure, re-do, re-Quantify everything, according to all new algorithms, all new schematics, all new equations... relative to HOW all works on a Quantum Level with our HUman Existence NOW. We bring forth that which assists HUmaNITY with an evolutionary process that does not fit into the old constructs/boxes.... and provide the information on what's ACTUALLY occurring on a multi-dimensional level in this NOW. 
In our field are Geometric Vibrational Codes, "ranked" by how far out we expand. The more we can open our hearts and minds, the further out we can expand. The more we expand our light/field/consciousness, the more geometric key codes we can activate. The longer we can hold this expanded state, the more those geometric light codes can shape and form and start "building" our new realities, our Merkaba, our Stargate systems for multi-dimensional "travel" and more.

This occurs on a Quantum Consciousness Level/State, so the more conscious we become, the more we can maintain this expanded state.

Our physical bodies have a rigorous process to go through to HOLD THIS IMMENSE LIGHT inside.... activating our MUCH higher dimensional strands of DNA inside and cellular/genetic/atomic make-up  in order to re-write all with these new codes. Those codes in our field "match up" to encodements in our DNA/body template/cells. The KEY is to expand our consciousness and keep it there until our cellular body can integrate and re-code fully as well. The INTEGRATION OF THIS IMMENSE LIGHT, means a lot of sleeping and alone time is necessary, for our linear minds/constructs to "get out of the way" and "breakdown"/deconstruct easier, so that re-construction can occur. This is a disintegration/reintegration process. A degeneration and regeneration process....

This is a continual breakdown/restructuring of our old linear everything, realities, capabilities, processing... the reconstruction is through advanced Geometrics that replace the old realities completely, with magnificent, pristine, beautiful new ones! The more we "go against" this natural and organic process, the more uncomfortable it becomes. This is called "natural order". Everything must be restored to natural order for this to occur easily for all. 
As we expand our consciousness our LightBody, Crystalline LightBody, Plasma LightBody, Soul Body, Galactic Bodies, OverSoul/Avatar Bodies "construct" themselves. All we have to do is surrender , let go and honor a natural and organic process is that is way beyond more intelligent than our human ego intellect ever was.

In the beginning, full surrender is the hardest thing. As an ego aspect, we don't surrender. So this is a process of "learning" to surrender consciously and intentionally, rather than "forced" surrender.... which technically is not "force", it's where our ego held onto control until that entire timeline has to collapse/dissolve so all can shift to a much higher vibrational frequency bandwidth and the "obstacle" (the e-go) is the "thing" in the way.... So whatever it takes to resolve this, to break/dissolve the ego program down is what occurs. To understand fully how our Soul/OverSoul works in conjunction with our human ego aspect is important. It dissolves all of the mis-perceptions of "collapsing" and "loss" and transitions all over to "convergence" and "for us".... so that we truly can start to understand that we, as PURE SOURCE LIGHT are what determines/determined all of this. Our human ego does not get a say-so anymore, as it IS what created the Unconscious Realms of Amnesia (3D/4D) and held all in place before. 

The more conscious we are, the more we get to see, observe, understand and participate in these processes, because we can read these light codes, see, feel, hear and interpret them too. 

Basically it's all outside floating around your body. Everything is. The entire universe/cosmos, all your dreams and desires, heaven and infinite galaxies and dimensions too. Inside you have the same, just waiting to be activated and expanded OUT BY YOU, brought in by you, and constantly activated/evolved, so that inside and outside can merge to become one and the same. The higher we go in frequency bandwidths, the more Cosmic Rays & High Frequency Light our bodies must be able to integrate, in order to restore full consciousness from within/to all. 
Because your Light Body activates inside of your body, when this photonic light (photons) of your own SOUL activates, your human body will get weak and need to rest/lay down/sleep. We often feel drunk or drugged, as powerful photons affect our human capabilities when the really strong activations and integration times occur. During these heavy photon charging and anchoring phases our bodies are "going more quantum", with more abilities to travel, access, activate and clear a ridiculous amount of distortions, all simultaneously. High singing cosmic frequencies lullaby many to sleep, entering the "lucid dreamy phase", so that we can anchor much higher consciousness Dreams from within our physical and into our physical experiences here. 

This is a BEYOND important part of the process, so you'll have to let go of all of your judgments, excuses and rework/lighten your linear schedules too, in order to honor this and you. When the integration process is complete, your Lightbody will have restructured itself in all new ways. It's important to focus your ENERGY on accomplishing those things you now realize as important, as they are a part of your much higher purposes here. At first they are small things that "grow" into much bigger things. Each day we "take steps" in that direction, doing what we hear/see/feel/know, regardless as to whether it makes any linear sense at all.... because at first, it's not going to.... because the information is "not of this realm".

Welcome to "living" from the "other dimensions" and bringing those forth as your/our NEW and much higher Dimensional realities here. :) We "learn" how to function in the physical in all new ways, living in a constant expanded state and from all of the "other dimensions" where everything "is" and we bring it here and apply it, share it, teach it and use it to touch the lives of all others ready to live their highest dimensional realities here too.

THIS IS FOR US ALL. Only the ego aspect is "not ready".....which is why the "uncomfortable" occurs so much at first.  To break those walls/veils/fixed beliefs, programs and conditions down... for all to "come on-board" and shift where they function from too.... in order to step up and into their roles fully too... as it takes us all.

United and working together through Purity, Unity Consciousness Love.  Until everyone is doing this fully, it will be the ones who "get it". Be patient, keep going, keep sharing, keep inspiring, keep awakening, being the example and the "proof" that LOVE can restore HUmaNITY..... it's a part of what we all agreed to do here. To BE the LIGHT, to shine shine shine, to anchor and integrate as the Gatekeepers and Gridkeepers here. To bring the knowledge forth and to work together ...

These Cosmic Quantum Multi-Dimensional Light Codes re-work everyone's reality and align all fully.... ☼
Energetic Portals open gateways from deep within your heart. The walls of protection have to come down, so that the fear-based safety mechanisms can dissipate/dissolve. As those feelings flood/pour out, your bodies' vibration will raise and make space for "new" to open up within. Your body will be SO HAPPY to FEEL THIS RELEASE as you learn to allow it to occur. Your physical body is TIRED of carrying all this density, all of this heavy stuff, all of this Energetic Weight....

Your body begs for the things that your human won't listen to our allow... You will learn to understand and listen and choose to honor what your LIGHTBODY needs, to support it, so that it can "do" what it needs to do FOR YOU and us all. EVERYTHING is about vibrational energy, everything is about frequencies and color and sound and resonance/dissonance.... everything is about FREEDOM inside, peace inside.... beauty, love and softness.... PURE JOY and such a pristine existence, a magical one that's pure..... and you re-connecting with this again from DEEP within YOU, to REMEMBER.... to FEEL it... and to "learn" to hold that space no matter what and bring that forth to share with all....... The rest is all your own Matrix Program for you to see, understand and dissolve.... to shift to a much higher space of consciousness yourself.... and you CAN DO THIS if you are conscious and present from within every moment now. ♥

As you (and all) truly start to understand "how all of this works" on a Quantum Cellular level, your/all's perception changes on "what is important" and "how" to DO this journey of awakening here. This is not an "easy task" at first, because our ego aspects "refuse" to listen or acknowledge that "this weird stuff" has any validity at all. That's changing as each goes through their own experiences that won'd adhere to the old ways anymore.... and as all accelerates/intensifies to "get each" to a place to open up and listen, and actually start to care and support "all of this" in the ways that support HUmaNITY on a whole here. 

This EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS, is beyond intricate and immense. All occurs on a Quantum Level First and the physical takes form in response to this. WE all have to shift the way we "think and believe", as well as where we place our importance too. As long as the human race "fights against" this "natural order", the rougher all is... It only gets easier when all hearts open fully.... to embrace all of this as IMPORTANT, instead of a thing to control or hinder.... All of this is ALREADY HAPPENING... accepting, understanding and embracing is KEY.

We as Sirians, Lyrans, Egyptians, Atlanteans, LeMUrians, Arcturians, Andromedans, StarSeeds, Angelics/Celestials and the God Particle/Christed/Crystalline Consciousness, hold all within our own DNA.  It's not an "ego thing", it's a "service thing". It's what we chose and agreed to fulfill by incarnating/walking into physical form here. All of the natural "gifts and abilities" that we REMEMBER and bring forth here, they are vast, many and infinite.....

Collectively, the human race does not understand "healing" or how the human body works vibrationally... not to the degree necessary to assist all of HUmaNITY on a whole, because it's actually "too simple" and it doesn't fit into the old ways of "controlling" that was exercised before. NEW EARTH is a breaking out of those old ways, those old beliefs, those old systems and applying our much higher consciousness knowledge to how we do things NOW..... 

Your DNA is higher consciousness intelligence birthed and awakened into this reality and brought forth to assist HUmaNITY with this massive Evolutionary process we are hugely in. The human way is to suppress and hide, to shrink down or to "save" the knowledge for "their own" selves (ego). This is the opposite. All of that knowledge and those "gifts"... those are what make a difference.... which is why it's sooooooo important to open up, unite and share. 

Now, I've written for years on what's going on inside of the physical body..... years and years and years.... and how it correlates to the human experience, "real"ity and more.... because the whole process is ever evolving and so vast. Because this is vibrational, it's timeless... a Living Library/ReSOURCE to assist all ready to activate/integrate and honor this massive process too. It's why we teach, it's why we make so much available for all. Yet until each is truly ready to listen, truly ready to embrace, accept and take a pro-active stance.... it just floats around in the "ethers", until that moment that each actually "gets it".... (and it takes us years, so be patient and let go of all judgment). 

If I had held back all of these years, kept all of this to myself... just imagine. All of the energy reports, all of the awareness that NEW Earth has been available to us all for years and that we've been here and all of the Light Codes and how to activate/embody on a DNA Level here.... all of the knowledge, all of the activations.... now, multiply that by a gazillion.... now see what you could not see/understand/realize before.....  Now look at each one of us, yourself, and see the importance of all.

Your LIGHTBODY is your energy body, your Soul Body, your Quantum Body, your Galactic Body, your Sacred Holy Divine Body, many "bodies" all merged into one from within you. Your LightBody is the absolute most important thing, as it's HOW you will DO and BE all that you came here to BE and DO. It's your multi-dimensional form working "hard" to embody all. It's your Sacred Vessel, your Light Ship, Your StarGate and prior to Physical Body Ascension, your Merkaba Vehicle...  and it REQUIRES your utmost love, attention, support, respect and kindness.... in order to do the immense amount of cellular/body template work necessary to fulfill your highest roles/purposes/missions here. It will in-turn support you, in every way.... as LOVE by vibrating into much higher vibrational dimensions for you to actually LIVE AND PLAY IN.... if/as you allow/support and listen/honor fully here. ♥
As we each start to realize that our human aspect doesn't have a clue, we actually relinquish all to our own higher selves/us/Universal us..... and we "learn" to ask our higher self/universe for the answers, to be patient and listen in all new ways, pay attention to the "outside world" and our "inner worlds" and allow our Energetic/Invisible Realms to guide us ... out of 3D and back into 5D.

All is a State of Consciousness that shifts everything, and while we are doing this, we are actually shifting how we live our lives...  At first it's very subtle, to learn to listen in the silence by way of "feeling" our new truths.... the subtle guidance over the "screaming" loud external or even our own ego programs too.... Yet the more we listen to the subtle realms from within, the "louder" that gets and the lesser the screams of the old hold any power.... We start to "learn the difference" in the vibrations, tones, sounds and energy... of what we could not understand/see before. It was all "hidden", EMBEDDED within all... in frequencies, tones and the ENERGY.

Hold chit. Seriously... yep.... we didn't know how to listen/see before. Our entire Matrix was a code and we are the ones that programmed it all. Which means, we are the ones that have to learnt to decode/decipher... and only full presence and observing through wonder (the opposite of judgement), is how we start to understand as a Light BEing here. Everything has a vibration... and it's up to us to "learn" (Remember) by way of TUNING IN ... in a way that our linear mind can't. This takes full presence to EXPERIENCE..... and eventually learn to shift all ourselves. ♥
Your Light will re-tune, re-code, re-calibrate, re-do everything on a continual basis, as each "next" Quantum Geometric is ready to break more linear down and replace it with "geometric coordinates", for multi-dimensional travel/inner-action to be possible with your whole body. Way kinda cool!

As your Higher Consciousness DNA activates and your LightBody tunes/recodes, it links up and synchronizes with your Merkaba (for physical body ascension) or your StarGate System (after physical body ascension), and these have to constantly tune/re-code/harmonize and syncronize too. This is also where the alone time comes in, nature/nurturing, sleeping and resting, so that all of your realities can transform and be so much easier, full of happiness, joy, peace and magical amazingness for you too! ♥

Your HEART is the KEY TO ALL..... Your wide open heart fully connected to all as LOVE, which means your MIND is completely open too. This is a process of continually opening your HEART and MIND in EVERY WAY... and paying attention to what can "close it" or "cause it to go into protective mode" or "take you back to fear/lack/unhappy/constricted" and learn to STOP when this occurs and become fully conscious and OPEN IT BACK UP AGAIN.... more.  Your HEART is your Heart Gate, your Star Gate, your Portal to all. Eventually every cell of your body will radiate out this LOVE, because you stopped closing your heart off and trying to hold onto the "old" as your REALity still.....  As you/each is TRULY READY to embrace our NEW FULLY.... the old, unconscious, separation ways will become visible for each to see. At first, by way of EXPERIENCES to show you where you still hold anything that his not PURE LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS, PURE UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS and where you kept allowing the old to continue within your own reality world. This allowing is our own lack of power, our own lack, our own fear, our own separation from Self as Source.... our disconnected state where we all existed before when we were deep asleep beneath the veils of amnesia, in a coma... literally.... to awaken to all new realities we didn't know existed before.... not in the way that they actually do. 

Observe. Pay attention to your body and your heart. Pay attention to when your heart is completely open and when it shuts down, puts walls of protection back up, where it closes out of fear, where it's suppressed or constricted, where the muscles of your body tighten down. Observe your body's reflexes and responses to all. Observe what's going on when it opens naturally and easily and what can assist you with opening your heart more. Observe when it's at ease, happy, feeling joy..... observe when your joy goes, when things are not easy, when your ego comes back in and when it gets quiet...... Observe and listen to your body. Speak to it and listen to it speak back. It's all "telepathic" (energetic)..... Start to pay attention more to your exchanges. What supports your body energetically and vibrationally, when it's the happiest, when it's not happy.... Pay attention to what inspires you and what you "do" that does not. Re-associate everything to equate to ENERGY and start to pay attention to what supports your ENERGY and what "takes/depletes".... pay attention to your exchanges with others and the ENERGY OF THE EXCHANGE.... and "why" you are in them at all..... Pay attention to what you keep allowing that's not fully aligned, not of your highest everything and ask yourself why? Why do you keep recreating that? Why do you keep allowing that? What are you meant to see/learn/understand about yourself that you were not able/willing to before? What do you really truly want? Then go deeper inside and connect to your peace.... that place deep deep deep inside where your ego can't exist.... that place where your SOUL/UNIVERSE is.... that place/space that was hidden before, that place/space where YOU truly live/are.... and allow "this you" to BE. Just BE........... and then realize that your entire reality is YOURS and that you have the POWER TO SHIFT ANYTHING and bring all into FULL CONSCIOUSNESS yourself. You have the power ... you always did... and you always will, when "this space" is where you live from..... you will always "know", even if you don't know the details, that KNOWING is all you need. From this space, this place.... the answers will come.... to guide you BACK into the higher realms again.

As your higher self, you will always be in-tune to listen to your own higher dimensional knowledge, which shows you what's highest aligned for you/all. As a human, we are always open and listening too.... as the NEW EARTH HUmans, we are not separate anymore... we merge all of our aspects into ONE.... 

NEW EARTH COMES FROM WITHIN YOU..... You bring it forth, you live it, you embrace it, you allow it, you re-connect with it and you create it/build it/hold it... you EMBODY NEW EARTH with your every breath when you are fully connected all of the time again. ♥

p.s. Let go of any guilt, blame, shame, wrong (ego) ..... embrace the beauty of what's now available and live THAT as your "new" here. AS Your Higher Self... this is how we LIVE here.
Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

               ♥ Lisa
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