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New Earth Transitions Email Series: Week #8
Your Physical Body, LightBody, Energy Body, Sacred Soul Body Temple
Feeding, Treating, Activating, Supporting Your (Light) Body
Kindness, Respect, Love and Everything Vibrational Support

First is Recognizing that EVERYTHING is Vibrational
EVERYthing is about Your Light
EVERYthing is about YOUR Energy
EVERYthing is about How Fully Conscious You Are (in EVERY moment)
and Understanding HOW foods, exercise, people, where you live, what you surround yourself with, put into your body.... is all a part of "this"
Before I started to actually awaken to "something more" or "out there" or "beyond.... MY only REALity was the only one I knew.... which was limited and very basic and all based upon PROGRAMS, yet I had no idea/understanding of this. We get up, go to work, do our day, go home, do whatever to relax, then sleep, then get back up and do it again. The occasional "special" occasion... most things in "life" were a normal routine.

I didn't realize my whole life was a "survival". Now, I "look back" (vibrationally) and realize I was working to survive, working to control my body, working to control everything, keep it together and "try" to "find happiness", because it was "outside".

I had no clue that there were other dimensions available and that we all wake up when it's "our time" to start experiencing that which challenges our hearts and minds, therefore challenging, testing and changing our realities... 
My body, foods, my life... pretty much totally unconscious. I would have to say that I was not conscious of anything... because of where I functioned from. My root chakra. Heart chakra/3rd eye all closed... I had a "long way to go" to reverse, repair and shift into holding a vibration where my body could begin organic, natural DNA repair (528hz),  for my LightBody to activate, for my own Soul to emerge from within.

It was years of "fight and struggle", as our human ego does not give up without a fight. Unless we know better... which I did not. (It's a part of why we share so much information now, so others can have access and choose the "easier" way (ego surrender).

Now, we can be unconscious and by the human standard be "kind"/"good people", yet this technically is not conscious, as consciousness is through PURITY and as unconscious humans, our choices are not made from PURITY every time. There are always hidden agendas, programs running in the background/underneath... that dictate/hold us back from pure purity. This is what we are all here to work through and resolve. As PURITY IS CONSCIOUSNESS... a pure form of LOVE transmitted through our ENERGY, emanating from the depths of our BEing/SOUL, without being tainted by our Ego programs in any way/shape/form.

The mindsets that one can purify for a day or 3 days or one month and then "go back" or return to the old ways, the patters, habits and human gratification ways, is the ego's way of doing this process slowly/over the separation of "time". It's a way of "keep playing" in the old, until my reality/body goes "haywire" again, until more emotions are triggered, because I keep compromising, in order to play out my human-separation programming again and again and again.... which is fine, yet it's the "longer path" and a path of more "suffering", because the amount of dedication and love to each's whole self and their own bodies is still "lacking".... which is the Purity of LOVE on a Soul Level, because each does not realize they are playing their own programming out still/again...... 

These are observations of "how things work". There's no judgement, as that's ego. These are observing human ego behavior, patterns and habits, observing all of our own experiences, the "lessons" we learned through repeating old karmic-pattern-cycles, in order to fully understand how all works. These are understandings that could only come through actual physical body ascension and restoration of our own body templates through purification processes, that allowed us to see, once our own distortions cleared. This is how we see beyond those veils of amnesia. We clear the distortions within our own selves.

Physical Body Ascension occurs through PURIFICATION... of the body vessel... every day... for the rest our our human lives.... every day, every moment PURE... no longer playing in distortions and feeding human lack programming/needs.... this is a challenge for our human ego aspect, as it's still a child/teenager.... gaining love for self, respect for self, learning to grow up and become a HIGHER SELF.... 

Re-birthing ourselves as Higher Selves, means a purification process that's immense/intense for awhile. It means being willing to see all of your own stuff and refuse to keep compromising and playing in the fear/lack games over and over and over until "being broken" is no longer the way we experience this journey here. 

Re-birthing is a massive process of owning our stuff and CHOOSING to hold ourselves to the highest aspects of who we truly are, to always come from that PUREST PLACE INSIDE OF US.... our own SOUL.... which cannot be hurt, angered or manipulated by words or things or anything.....

Re-birthing ourselves as a new-born child, wide-eyed in wonder of the BEAUTY, magnificence and magic that's available in EVERY MOMENT that we truly CHOOSE.... to no longer "go back".... our mentalities, our energy, our everything... to LOVE OURSELVES SO FULLY.... that we will never compromise, in any way, ever again..... 

It takes alot, it takes everything we've got for awhile.... to understand HOW ALL OF THIS WORKS... because access is gained by each one of us through our PURITY, which means clearing all of those DISTORTIONS (impurities) that we hold.......

As I purified my body, I started to realize how I also had to purify my whole life... my thoughts, actions, exchanges... I started to realize how toxic my body was, how emotions were toxins, how foods were toxins, how "low vibrational" thoughts were toxins/poison.... and we "think" it's "others", unaware it's us.... and they are just our "mirror", our reflection back, to assist us with clearing, choosing and MASTERING all, from our highest states of Consciousness....

This was a game-changer, because it brought all "home" to me... to do myself, as my higher self though... which meant learning how ego constructs worked and shifting all back into LOVE... EVERY TIME. I was about to set forth on a journey of REMEMBERING and realizing how unconscious we all were... and how unconscious everyone "outside" still was, which meant it fell on me to "re-educate" all. "Back then", consciousness was not "the normal conversation" and if it was, there was still too much ego involved (for me). I'd go to "spiritual meetings", where the intentions were "good", yet I could still see all of the ego, and I "needed" "pure". In order to "find this", I was going to have to "start my own" groups, start teaching what I knew, to assist with elevating consciousness even more... which was a part of me being the WayShower... it starts with our friends, family, local commUNITY... and grows from there...  Now I look across the world, and consciousness is "every where". Different levels of consciousness, albeit, yet on a collective level, you guys are lucky to have so many awake.

When I came through, it was not this way... even my client sessions took 8 hours to break through ego programming.... yet, as more awoke, became aware, opened up, as the planet became more conscious, the amount of hours it took to work with someone started to decrease. Now, we can break through TONS OF PROGRAMS in an hour... and simultaneously re-write/activate anew. This is absolutely beautiful. Makes it easier for all of us too! 

I fought detoxing for years. It was like hearing a dirty, threatening word. I'd hear the word and go "NO", I don't want to detox. This is what the ego does... it automatically and unconsciously resists all that will assist with coming into full consciousness... it's like a built-in "safety" mechanism that "protects each" into staying unconscious....  At the time, I was taking like 30 pills a day to "escape" and control all of the physical pain, conditions, fears.... All of my "ascension" "symptoms" (I don't use that word, because of the mentality it carries, yet I am doing so intentionally here), were "diagnosed" as a "condition, because if we look hard enough, we can fit all of "this" into various boxes, none of which are actually true.... Everytime I had one little thing pop up, I'd run to the doctor, "please figure out what's wrong with me", and of course they would... after barrages of tests, often "not making any sense, if we looked hard enough and "guessed", we could medicate it and "try" something, to see if it worked. I was so "desparate" to not experience "pain" or "discomfort", I'd do anything to "not feel" THAT.... and every time I "took" something to "fix" it... I suppressed even more.

Neural inhibitors is what I call all... if it "shuts us down" and "suppresses" what needs to surface/come up.... and boy, did I have infinity to clear from within me.... which was a "treacherous" journey within itself.... The one thing that "turned all around", was when I actually got excited to clean my body, raise my vibration and bring my body into consciousness.... not fully conscious of what I was doing, because we have to "do it", before we truly understand (which comes after, much later sometimes), because my PERCEPTION changed and I was a part of the process.... I invited change, I invited the pain, if need-be... not that I wanted pain, but I finally understood what it was.... and I was so happy to clear it from my body, my new vibration overrode the fear that I had before.

At the time, I was into Oracle Cards, as they helped me "connect" with higher knowledge, where I lacked faith/connection within myself. As did my pendulums... they were tools that helped me open up to ask and listen to "invisible guidance" that confirmed what I felt/knew inside.... eventually I got to the point that I could "tell the cards" what to show me, tell the pendulum what to say... at which point, I no longer "needed" them. I'd come into my own power by creating a trust in what "I knew", so that I would no longer second guess myself.... my multi-dimensional higher self me. :) When it was "time" to detox, I kept pulling the "detox card". I'd put it back and pull again, same card... I'd still say "no"... I don't want to... and then a "random" conversation would begin by someone I didn't know, "educating me" on detoxing... eating live, raw.... Yes, Universe... I'm finally going to listen now.... (especially since I kept getting the Flu/Bronchitis (whole body detox and heart/brain/body clearing process after a massive blast of LIGHT).  Years later, I "asked" to know what the flu was, and it came forth....

(F)requency (L)ight (U)pgrades Seriously. Wow.

We really have no clue as unconscious humans... 

I immediately started detoxing, and wow...... there was SO much to detox and for SO long too. Because my body was so shut down, so asleep, so dense, holding so much (chronic), I ended up detoxing for a solid year and 1/2 to get my body clean...  I remember the first week, then 2... at how amazing I felt! More energy, more clarity... THIS IS WHAT I'D BEEN FIGHTING. MYSELF. 

When it's "time" (vibrationally) for our body to awaken, we are unaware that it's actual LIGHT and CRYSTALS FORMING in our bodies through immense heat, cold, weakness and bio-electrical energy moving inside of us... or "trying to".....  At first, our bodies are beyond dense and our LIGHT, literally.... cannot move.... cannot breathe... cannot communicate... cannot "do" what it needs to do....

All of our unconscious human (ego) ways inner-fear in this process.... of our actual LIGHTBODY and Crystalline Structures coming ONLINE with the grids/gridwork/networking systems of our NEW EARTH here... our Multi-Dimensional Bodies.... which make no linear, logical sense .... We have to really open our hearts and minds to "all new" everything, to even minimally understand.... this is a WORLD OF ENERGY... QUANTUM ENERGY.... where our bodies HOUSE OUR SOULS, yet not at first.... at first, it houses our human ego, and our Soul Light is suppressed... yet now, all must awaken... As our Light activates, there is heat, immense heat, as well as physical pain too. Emotional "pain" is a part of this as well.... and our perceptions of REALity ARE BEYOND DISTORTED... yet, because "that is our reality", we don't want to "hear it" ... until something opens our hearts (and minds enough) to want to listen and actually know.... It means "putting aside" our egos.... and opening up to that which does not fit into our linear boxes at all. This is a continual TUNING PROCESS, where more LIGHT is constantly being activated 24/7 now.

This "Light" is our Soul, it's Phontonic Light, it's Quantum Consciousness, it's PURE SOURCE LIGHT, it's all things as ONE.  This LIGHT is US, in our purest form.... ENERGY. 

JUST PURE ENERGY.... and a bio-suit that's continually EVOLVING on a molecular level, an atomic level, a DNA level... a living, breathing, organic body that lives on LIGHT.... inside of our bodies... and constantly merges/integrates to recode, re-calibrate, re-DO everything FOR us.... Our Light won't be dimmed or suppressed any longer. Our SOUL won't be silent anymore... yet it emerges in the silence, often in the depths of devastation or deep inner pain/hurt, or in the beauty of a moment, where bliss and magic exist.... the EXPERIENCE WE HAVE is the one relative to how easily/much we EMBRACE all of this and get on-board.... instead of trying to "go against" it.... 

All of this was "set forth" (by US as a SOUL), long before incarnating/walking in here. Only our ego "thinks" it can over-ride, ignore, escape waking up and dissolving separation held deep within.....  Hence the need for re-educating all through highest consciousness, because the ride can be as easy as we allow it to be.... or as rough as we need it to be... to break through all of that resistance/fear that we hold inside..... 

All of THIS is about fully opening our hearts and minds.... and CHOOSING TO SHIFT out of the old realities and into our new.... Our whole body becomes a heart, every cell awake and alive, communicating and connected on an energetic level with all as LOVE again. Our entire existence EVOLVES.... as our DNA does... as we EMBODY our highest everything here and become MULTI-DIMENSIONAL LIGHT BEINGS in physical form.... living from our PUREST PLACE and transmitting out Love with every breath.... touching the lives of all others... as the EXAMPLE of what highest consciousness existence is..... 

This is the deep asleep, deeply unconscious, deeply suppressed physical body, where we have completely disconnected with our own PURE SOURCE LIGHT inside... and our body can't function, live.... and starts to mis-fire and "get by" anyway it can.... until it "shuts down" and "stops working" the way "we think/want it to".... For those of us who ran our bodies in the ground, we didn't love and respect our bodies, we didn't listen to our bodies, we didn't honor our bodies... they were a "thing" we "told what to do, that we tried to control.... which only works until our SOUL BODY says no more.....  at that point, we have two options, neither our human choice. One is to depart, leave the body and let the body die, because we (on a SOUL LEVEL) did not choose to fully integrate our Light in this human existence.... the other is to start the integration process, beginning the journey of our physical body awakening, which is unparalleled to anything we've ever experienced here.... and can only be "explained" by ENERGY and Quantum Understandings that step outside of human perceptions and limits once held.... 

For me, I had to start with the most "detrimental" first, and work through each thing, using natural "remedies" and vibrational tuning/support that assisted my body with clearing deep seeded programming held. I had "so many issues" that my whole body was shutting down and dying.

One "issue" at a time, I worked my way back.... vibrationally..... through all of the pain, through all of my fears, through all of my ego constructs.... It took all of my money, all of my energy, all of my "time".... to reverse all I'd done on a human level, unaware it was all of my existences that I was clearing on a cellular level.... Yet it also brought a new sense of renewal and power from within me. If I could overcome all of this, I could overcome anything! Sitting at "deaths door" many times, wanting to leave this planet, the pain, the suffering... yet "never my time".... I actually started wanting to "be here", which made me "work" for "staying alive". Condition after condition, began to "fall away", as I restored my "health", I "healed" (became WHOLE) on a SOUL Level, because I was "reclaiming" myself.... my pure me, my whole me and I learned the "cost" of compromise... no longer willing to do this (vibrationally/energetically), my own vibration became my priority.... which also changed everything....  At first, I "tackled" GOUT... not "just gout", but Tophy Gout, where it gets into our bloodstream.... and is "untreatable", where our blood goes toxic.... I also had renal failure, edema and every other issue too.... liver issues, kidney issues, continual infections, migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, anemia... or "so I thought". And all to the EXTREME, because I don't do anything "small".... lol I finally stopped fighting, and surrendered to the fact that "I didn't know anything" and had to be "willing" to try alternatives, because I'd tried everything else (escape/avoidance) and had run out of options.... again at "death's door", the only option was "alternatives"... which led me into "Vibrational Healing" and "Energy".... the place that held all of the ANSWERS... that I didn't want to hear before (as my ego)..... and the place I had to go.... to awaken fully and bring my own body into full consciousness too.  It was not going to be an "easy ride", yet a beyond rewarding one, that would eventually bring me to such ease, beauty, vibrancy and joy.... that nothing can compare... I just had to reach a point where I'd open up and listen and then "do" what vibrationally aligned my body on a SOUL Level here. 

p.s. At one point, my body and everything were so toxic, that even bathwater would make my body go haywire... I had to go to every extreme to reclaim my body and bring it back to life, clear the heavy duty distortions and elevate my own consciousness to hold a higher vibration while my body "repaired" and detoxified on every level. Every organ. Every body part. Flesh, blood, bones... skin....   

p.p.s. I had "convinced myself" of many things that were not vibrationally true... I had to really go deep inside of me to understand and start to CHOOSE on a SOUL Level, instead of letting my own separation/unconscious programs (ego) run the show anymore.... 

I ate "unconsciously", feeding a carbon-based body, an unconscious body, holding so many stored, unresolved emotions, that food just continued to suppress and feed those programs. Food was my happy place, it's what I did for social activity, comfort and to relax. Food, food food... I loved me some food.... and all the "wrong" foods at that.  I was a "Southern girl", growing up on mashed potatoes, biscuits, pancakes, carbs and meat. I didn't know any better, as it's how I was raised.  The "white foods", some of the "worst", were where I took solace. Addicted to the taste and carbs... my body happy.... or at least "I thought".... technically it was my ego that was happy... my body... NOT.

Green foods and live foods... oh no. I didn't "like" those. The occasional salad, sure... yet I was so unconscious that my foods mimicked just how much. I'd never been introduced to any teachings or information on "How to feed the body Light"... if I had, I wouldn't have listened. I was too stubborn. I wanted what I wanted and wasn't going to be "told" any differently. Don't mess with my "reality". I'll fight you over that. Little did I know, I was creating more suffering to eventually endure.... 

ONCE I STARTED TO AWAKEN TO CONSCIOUSNESS, I actually started to listen to my body, care for my body, respect my body and communicate with my body.... something I'd never considered or done before. No longer ignoring it, no longer fighting it, trying to control it, I was creating a NEW RELATIONSHIP with my body. One that emanated from LOVE.  I could see all that I had "done" when I was unconscious and didn't understand/realize/know. I had to let go of the guilt or need to beat myself up and take charge of my self-care, as my higher self, from deep within me, where my SOUL was... and stop fighting all as my ego aspect, which meant doing many things I would never have considered before. All of those "weird things", those "alternatives" that were too "froo-fruey" or "woo-woo" before, became my "saving grace".... and allowed my Light to emerge.... 

I went and got pH alkaline strips and started testing my urine every 2 hours, to find that my whole body was so acidic.... no wonder I had "issues"....  I got rid of plastic and containers that were not BPA free, switched to pure/clean water and change my whole food lifestyle. I started eating for the chakra system (Rainbow LightBody), cutting out all things processed and not live. I chose to go to the EXTREME, as it was the fast way to bring balance into my own Body/Life...  I cut out everything that did not support my LIVING BODY.... which meant all "dead foods" too. It was a drastic change, one my ego had issues with at first, so I "learned" to shift my perspective "off" of what I was "losing" (ego's perception) to how I felt and what I was gaining and I did it naturally, by introducing more live, happy, loving foods in, so that the other stuff "going" was a natural process that I wanted to do .... because my body was happy, therefore I was happy too. I found "new joy" and excitement in CREATION with foods..... exploring all new possibilities and seeing all I'd "missed out on" when I was "unconscious". Newly "driven" to understand more... I kept learning and observing and paying attention vibrationally and energetically to "how all worked".... nothing my little human ego aspect would have ever done before.....

Before, I was "so fixed" in how things "were", I would not entertain anything else.... which is how we live in limited dimensions, fixed, rigid and asleep beneath the veils of amnesia still...

Exploring foods was so much fun! Because I "teach"/share everything I know, I started "teaching others" about food, from a vibrational standpoint, from a LightBody perspective.... and more. The classes I taught, all centered around "high vibe" food, all prepared with LOVE (Light)... with flavors so immense, that our hearts were happy, therefore our bodies were happy too. It became the norm, for us to eat all day, while we taught/learned... soon we realized the higher the vibration our events, the hungrier we were. Our bodies were famished, starving and needed this food for fuel.... I first started to realize this for myself when I started eating live/green, how hungry I was, all of the time, and how much I could eat... yet I was dropping weight.... my body was "malnourished" in a way that didn't make logical sense. It was starving for LIGHT... for natural, organic sustenance... for nutrients and support, something I never considered before. I ate and I ate and I ate LIVE... just to get my vibration up.  Once I was able to do this, I was able to see/understand more vibrationally, feel more vibrationally and raise the vibration of all myself. ♥

My human aspect (ego) would make every excuse for "why" I couldn't get out in nature.... I didn't have the time, it was too far of a drive (2 miles), I didn't "feel" like it, other "things" were more important...  Yet, all of a sudden, I found myself "needing nature"... because it was a part of the tuning/vibrational process of getting my vibration up. Everything was... I just didn't understand.... To shed "some light" on "how some of this works", for 2 years my higher self kept urging/nudging me to drive 2 miles to a nearby lake to walk. I kept making excuses... until one day, all of my money was gone and I didn't have a choice, but to put in my notice and move... guess where I ended up moving... to the lake.

The "voice/messages"/urgings kept getting louder "get up and go to the lake".... until I couldn't "ignore" anymore... so I did. An wow, what a wonder... what brilliance, magic, peace and pristine purity there was there.... I began to crave it, need it and make it more of a part of my life, every day. I even started taking my clients to walk the lake with me. They used to ask me "can we go walk and do our session"? And of course we did..... I took my classes and we had the most amazing realizations, connections, experiences and I started "teaching" all of this... Doing the deep Soul work with each, to assist with their own awakening here... I started to open, see and walk through portals, sense "things" that were not visible yet (higher dimensional access) and "then they would happen", which was so much fun! I started exploring, playing and remembering our innocence and the frequencies of the entire Universe got louder, so that I could start to listen/communicate/decipher/understand....  I brought nature indoors, colorful plants throughout the apartment... raising the vibration.... adding crystals and more... to make my home a Sacred Sanctuary, just like my body had become. 


I did not know that WE were crystals.... I actually had never had a desire to work with crystals at all, until "one day".... I was fascinated and they spoke to me, spoke to my Soul aspect of me...  Even though I didn't really understand, because my vibration was still quite low, I was starting to open up, to explore the "spiritual/metaphysical/etheric" world/realms, as well as the world of Energy in all new ways too.  I found myself drawn to a local little shop that had crystals, books and occasional small classes and such. I didn't "like" asking others questions, so I'd just go "look around" and see what felt "right" for me.....  Drawn to the little crystals at first, as "money" was not abundant in any way... I still had limits on this (this is what our ego does) and my perception of what was "important" was still way off.... So, I'd purchase a few and take them home and work with them... then a few more and a few more, until I had this huge collection. After working with many of them for years, my Universe told my "little me" to grid my whole bed and bedroom.... and to sleep in the middle of them every night, to get my vibration up.... OMG at the vibrating that started inside... it was off the charts and I "thought" I might sky-rocket right out of here, spontaneously "leave" my body (for good).... It took everything I had just to fully surrender, let go and allow my LightBody to go "full force". Not an easy process, yet "we do know" inside.... and luckily I had learned to "listen" and honor the "weird and bizarre". 

One day, My Universe (my higher dimensional version of me) then showed me that I needed a crystal fountain in my apartment to create flow and so I could write. So I set out on a obsession (this is how our Soul will work when it starts to finally awaken inside)....  to find the "perfect" crystal fountain... I looked online, yet did not "see" the one "I saw".... inside.  It just so happened (of course it did), that the annual Body Mind Spirit Expo was in town. I got up and went "looking for a crystal fountain". Funny part, was I'd never seen one of these there. Didn't matter, as I was in "my reality/illusion" and of course there was going to BE the ONE I "saw" inside.... waiting there just for me. I had to choose to "part with my money" and do what was highest aligned. This would become a huge part of the process that I'd come to understand as my ego dissolved and I unified fully as love from within. ♥

My Universe kept telling my "little me" to get out in the sun. Sun, sun, sun and more sun.... Suncharge.... activate my LightBody.... activate my pineal gland... I couldn't totally understand all... it was a process, just like everything else. I needed to get my physical body's vibration up for my LightBody to activate and SUN CHARGING is a part of this process as well....  Eventually, I craved the Sun (which is our Universal us too).... and I also learned to supplement daily with Vitamin D to support my physical body with integrating and maintaining balance/stability inside as well.... 

Were PIVOTAL in my own expansion of consciousness, because WE ARE PURE ENERGY.... yet our human aspect cannot understand this to the magnitude that all is. It doesn't understand ENERGY in the way that's necessary for us to EVOLVE AS ENERGY here....

My linear me/ego still struggling ....  I found myself "being called" to take an energy class (for the certification for my ego aspect, yet it went deeper than that). I didn't realize that "Reiki" is a Soul Activator and it calls each one of us, when/if it is our path.... because it's a "certification course", it will speak to our linear ego aspect too. Kind of "makes it worth it" and gives us an "excuse" to take an energy class, when it otherwise wouldn't even come into consideration.....  For me, I was "lost", deep in the middle of my "dark night of my ego death", and it was a last ditch effort to find "something".... that would help me out of the "depths of my own abyss/inner hell".... It was also what catapulted my own awakening, on so many levels. It still took me months/a year or so... yet, the heaviness was starting to lift and there was finally a "Light at the end of the tunnel".... of that which I called "my self". 

p.s. I also "stumbled" into biofeedback, at the same time, which was also pivotal in balancing the left/right hemispheres of my brain out. This made "higher mind consciousness" so much easier as it opened up new neural pathways and gave me "back" abilities that I'd lost connections to from within myself, by maintaining a "State of Separation" with me... and through merging all back into love, I was able to shift all exponentially.... 
Y/our Light Body is our Soul Body, our Energy Body...

... continually awakens inside, ignites and integrates with our physical body, every moment of every day, for NEW EARTH to be the VERSION OF EARTH that each lives on fully, yet that means that EACH must evolve themselves and their bodies... through the LIGHT CODES that have to re-work, re-code, re-calibrate, re-everything ... the physical body, which is why so much sleep/rest/laying down is necessary.... to break down/dissolve those linear constructs on a cellular level, for Quantum Sacred Geometrics to take shape/form (Crystalline) in every cell. This is a process, as each code holds new coordinates, new schematics, new equational codes, that complete re-construct and build over "time". 

The entire foundation of our realities changes, how they are constructed/built, what they function on/from (LOVE) is completely re-worked, so that all can constantly and easily align/stay aligned. This is not something that our linear human aspect can understand, because linear and Quantum are "opposites".... we have to BE COMPLETELY OPEN to learning all new ways.... for everything, which means surrendering our resistance/protection mechanisms AGAINST HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS ... because the human ego sees all of this as a "threat" against it's whole existence, because in one way it is.... it's the "death" of the ego, so it will protect itself "against" PURITY, LOVE, JOY, PEACE, MAGIC, MAGNIFICENCE, SHARING AND TRULY CARING on a Soul Level, because the EGO lives and exists AS SEPARATION... it's the epitome of what it fears... it is fear, it is lack, it is "without"... it is disconnected... and it is the THING it fears the most.... which is why it protects itself... because it can't handle this.... PURE LOVE EXISTENCES where no fear, lack or selfishness/self-serving-ness exists... where that hurt little child, that wounded aspect has to love itself fully, where that hurt teenager fearing growing up to go out into the world, resists having to get a job or take responsibility for their actions, because they are playing out juvenile realities of what they want reality to be like, instead of what it actually is.... 

This is a "growing up" as LOVE, a maturation process, as we re-birth our innocent selves as pure aspects learning to play, have fun and explore our new world of wonder.... through the Magic we find inside and share with the rest of HUmaNITY as PURE SOURCE LIGHT. ♥
Now, obviously, I could go on and on forever, story after story about all that made a difference, all that I did.... as every bit of it is important (and not).... every thing a "part of this", yet we (as human aspects) cannot see or truly/fully understand... What's important is that we OPEN UP FULLY and EMBRACE with everything that we ARE.... and reprioritize our lives, get pro-active with consciousness, instead of "waiting" until our lives have collapsed/gone sideways to "wake us up".  Limits and conditions are something that we as humans have imposed and allowed/placed upon ourselves..... to "stop us" from REMEMBERING FULLY and BEing our most INFINITE AND MAGNIFICENT SELVES...... and from LIVING our highest vibrational/dimensional existence... that is available to each one of us as we "transition over" and emerge from deep beneath the Veils....

p.s. I will share a bit more later, non-linearly, as that couple of years was a huge, pivotal acceleration process for me. All that I did was a huge "stepping stone/Quantum Leap". I'll share more of these along the way, as is appropriate. ♥
Plasma Crystalline LightBody Support Page

Last year I sat down and put together a page dedicated to breaking down various processes (from my own experiences), as we continue our DNA Evolution here. I put up examples of some of the products, support, supplements and things I found to be helpful along the way. We have to get creative, explore and go inside to get our answers... yet externally, those of us who share, everything we share is an activation of what you already know.... Some is just to get started, pointed in a direction, so that you will EXPLORE too.... Learning to hear/see/feel what's aligned for us, is a part of the process for us all here.

Feel free to utilize this page, understanding it's just a tool to assist. It's not to get you in your head (linear/comparison)... it's a guide through this vast process of our multi-dimensional evolution... a very non-linear process...  ♥ 

There still is so very much to add. I do this as my own service schedule permits. ♥

Look at you/your reality and see where you can get "pro-active" where it comes to becoming/BEing more conscious in your own reality too.

How can you further support your Physical LightBody?
How can you introduce "more high vibe" support into your own home/life?
What have you resisted, made excuses for? 
How can you get "more creative and explore"?
What is something "new" that you can take/do, to support expanding your own "Higher Consciousness Knowledge Database within you?

Get excited! Have some fun!
Get some crystals to start working with (if you haven't already).
Add new life, vibrancy, color to your life!

The more you can come up with, the more you'll start to SEE.... how easy it is to raise your vibration and the vibration of all as LOVE too!
See you next week!
Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

               ♥ Lisa
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