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New Earth Transitions Email Series: Week #1
Traveling LIGHT
Walking Across that Rainbow Bridge to LIVE ON NEW Earth...
2 Pieces of Luggage and a Backpack was all I got to take...
Walking Completely out of the 3rd/4th Dimension into the 5th
No Safety Nets, No Looking Back...
100 million % Trust, Knowing, Inner-Connectedness & Faith
It's all about traveling LIGHT.... 
Into the Light
AS the Light
Returning to and BEcoming Pure Source Light
Untethering ourselves, bit by bit, every time something comes up for release...

Leaving all that "baggage/density" behind... by TRANSCENDING all fully from within.

For some, you will/we physically pack and move. Sometimes many times, like a nomad or a gypsy, embarking on a continuous new adventure... while for others it's only metaphoric. This is about all of us, literally moving out the old frequency bandwidths and various levels of unconsciousness with our bodies.

Moving physically is often moving us into all new realities, where the "old ones" have completed playing out and we are stepping into all new service roles, and in order to do this, physical location change is a part of being a Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper/Anchor Point for NEW Earth. Because we are literally, anchor points for a whole NEW Earth, and where our bodies are located, are not only important "for the bigger picture", each "move" activates new codes within us, for the area and assists with the clearing of distortions carried/held within each too.

Some are very aware that they have certain purposes/roles/agreements with "areas" to fulfill, on a much higher level, where remaining in those areas are still KEY. For each one of us, we do start "knowing" when these Galactic/Soul Agreements and contracts are starting to conclude. As long as we honor this, the transition can be much easier. 

In my "early stages" of awakening, I didn't fully understand, and I "fought/resisted" and tried to ignore the feelings, knowings and signs, because I still had "FEAR of the Unknown", which is perceived as metaphoric "death sentence" to those of us who "knew everything (ego) and attempted to control everything too. Therefore, my own journey was beyond bumpy (even excruciating for my little human ego me), yet even that served really important purposes in clearing that separation (lack/doubt programs) that I was still holding... so that I could shift, tune, glide and jump easier too!

As I started to "see" how placement works, it was beyond cool indeed! 
I was driving back from Pennsylvania in like 2010... having just gone through the depths of my unconscious "Dark Night of Dissolving my own Ego Separation" process, for like a solid year 1/2, and completing a basic and important initiatory passageway of "choosing my inner me" by no longer giving my power away to others outside that I "perceived" as "more" anything... 

The "more or less" than game is one the ego plays.... As we start to REALize that that's all perception too, we also start to understand that we are all special, no one is more special than the next and that as SOULS/Higher Selves, we all have importance, ways to contribute and our mentalities start to shift. We start to give our self credit, see our selves as perfect, just as we are, and we start to accept ourselves, so that we can EMBRACE being/becoming more of this beauty, perfection, magnificence (our LIGHT) and share it with all! ♥

My heart was becoming Lighter, and the air was "thinner"/Lighter too, mostly because I was starting to respect and love me, probably for the very first time since "walking in" to my really "messed up" (Soul-chosen) human matrix experience here. It was still going to be a journey, yet one that I was actually ready for, excited for, even though I still "had no clue" what came next. :) 

The sky filled with the biggest rainbow I'd ever experienced. I jumped out of the car to just BE in it, breathe it, feel it, dance and play with it.... to experience the JOY of MAGIC that it activated within me. This started the "next leg" of my journey, one where actually inner-happiness became visible/existed and the phase where I "learned how" to "make this my new reality", which still took awhile, because we still have so much programming/conditioning within to overcome ....

Once I physically ascended, rainbows became my "marker" for opening portals, activating new passageways, and playing in the "magical realms". I'd get up and say "okay, bring me the magic!" and I'd commence to playing with(in) my own Universe, a skip in my step, expanding expanding expanding and calling forth rainbows... and wha-la!

So much fun! ♥ 
With pure presence, with the feelings I felt when I was in nature and alone with my own Universe/Soul, experiencing the BEAUTY available when my heart was truly open and I let everything else fall away.... 

I went from the "strongest" survivor of each one of my human experiences (stories), to feeling so overwhelmed, weak, broken and lost. The world that I had worked so hard to achieve, didn't make sense anymore.

I'd worked  so hard relentlessly for a "dream" that had me in this "cycle" of never getting ahead. It seemed like every time I got "close", something would happen... which was the point... because all of those realities had been based on my own unconsciousness and Separation from my own deep inner-connection with myself as PURE SOURCE LIGHT and had absolutely no idea at all.... 

"Survival" was my only mode, yet I had justified myself into a boxes, mentalities and beliefs that explained everything away. I didn't even know I was in separation/survival mode. Even when I did exercises or metaphysical "tests" to see "more about me", when "fear" was listed as the "root"energy, I refuted this.... yet time after time, every little "test" I took, every exercise... pointed to "fear".... which finally, made me go deeper, made me look deeper into myself and start to take the "blinders off" and really start to pay attention and desire to "know/understand" more, without judging anymore. 
I just wanted to surround myself with this beauty, this happiness, this magic, this bliss.... yet I still had immense programming to work through within myself.... I started on this massive exploration (seeking) journey, to understand more. Starving for the information that explained the unexplainable inside.  The more I found, the more questions I had... the more I desired to know and understand... and none of it conformed to "normal" anything, as normal was perceived, which I came to finally realize and see, that what I'd tried to fit into wasn't our highest vibrational realities... it was "the opposite".... so I decided to delve into the depths of "opposites", so that I could understand "duality" and how it came to be, for all of us here. Meanwhile, to FEEL the happiness, the beauty, the visual and sensory stimulation I now sought was very different than before. My "heart" had to be happy, which was the opposite of "need". It took me much to come to understand how "in reverse" everything was.  All of those feelings that came to be over-stimulation and over-whelming before, those were going, as I pulled away from that which didn't support or inspire my own BEing.... and filled my "new reality" with that which activating these very pure feelings of beauty, appreciation, oneness, gratitude and magical dreams inside.... I had no clue, yet it didn't matter.... I knew. ♥
Talk about messing with my reality... The boxes and "straight lines" or "clear lines" were blurring, as was my actual vision and mind too. As my heart opened, my brain got fuzzier, everything "got softer" too. The walls of protection were coming down and that scared the hell out of me. Now what I was going to do? My strength had "protected me"... into a prison... inside. Now it was "time" to break free from my own prison, from the stories, from the mindsets, from the limits that I was holding in place through my own conditions that I still held.... for love, for everything I did, for letting go, for "how" all was.... it all was going out the window, because I didn't "need them anymore". I was breaking FREE! Scary and exciting all at the same time, I chose to be excited, instead of habit(ually) choosing fear, like before. It did mean choosing to let go, choosing to be free, choosing to "listen" to my "invisible higher self me". Yep, I had entered a whole new phase of multi-dimensionality. One where the "invisible" became more "real" than the physical was.... and off we went exploring!

Higher and higher and higher and deeper and deeper and deeper into the perceived unknown... It's only our "ego" that doesn't have the capability to see/understand. To us, on a SOUL Level, everything makes sense, is visible and is soooo much easier than our ego made everything out to be. It so loves to complicate everything. This is a useful KEYCODE that would change my everything! ♥
Little did I know, that there were Light Codes in every thing, if I truly cared to open up to feel and see. If I was able to become fully present and shut out all of the distractions that used to keep my ego occupied, I could re-connect with "me". My Soul me. My higher selves.

New clarity came, the more I pulled away, the more I shut the "old outside world out", a whole new world became available, from within me. It had been "hidden away", deep beneath all the toughness, the dis-empowering victim stories, the hurt, the loathing/hate and pain, that I didn't even know was there. I had suppressed and repressed so much, just to "survive" and get by/through... just to "stay alive" and "fight hard for a physical reality" that had nothing to do with who I truly was.... which meant that I had to peel those layers back, I had to open up, I had to learn that vulnerability was not weakness, it actually was the opposite. That vulnerability, that I would never allow myself to "feel", became my compassion, my understanding, my caring and my connection with my own self, therefore others, here. My Universal me had to nudge, push and force me to get out in nature, and because I refused to listen, started removing the "obstacles" (excuses) for me, until I listened.... in order to honor the guidance that "didn't fit into my current reality", because it didn't make "logical sense".

Once I listened, a whole new UNIVERSE WOKE UP, inside and out. Everything changed and I was on the path to discovering, reconnecting, accessing and REMEMBERING my true/pure self. ♥ Everything I'd avoided became a necessity... who'd'a'thunk'it.... yep... there's that "everything's the opposite" again. ♥
See what resistance you've had, start comparing "opposites" and "duality" of your own human ego and your higher self. Make a list and keep expanding it, keep seeing what you could not see. Make more nature/alone time, to support your own body/spirit/soul vibrationally. Get creative .... explore and allow yourself to DREAM.

Then join me next week, as we travel further, down the rabbit hole, into "oblivion", the abyss and perceived unknown. Kinda of like "TwiLIGHT Zone"... where the most bizarre becomes normal, in weird cool ways though. Mind bending, mind expanding, mind-blowing is an understatement.... understanding this is KEY. ♥
Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

               ♥ Lisa
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