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New Earth Transitions Email Series: Week #14
Higher Consciousness Activating Pictorial Flow
This week is going to be a bit different. I'm going to let the pictorial quotes activate, with less writing and more absorbing the activation to expand and see what you get/see/feel/connect to inside. NEW Realization and REMEMBERING is important to experience the awareness where you feel it/know it.... so that you can see new things, more than just what I share/write.... which is how all of this works for each one of us here. ♥ 
♥ With every breath ♥
Share share share your Light! It's just one way to make a difference here! ♥
Programming is deeeeeeeeeeply embedded in every cell/molecule of our bodies. It's not that we don't always have programs, it's that the POWER they hold, the amount of them, the constructs are different the "higher we go"..... The more crystals, the more our bodies process these out for us.... while we work on a multi-dimensional level, where programming doesn't dictate or "have hold" anymore... it's just a program and it only arises when there is a massive collective clearing (where that's still located in our own physical body structures to clear) or when we've had a massive Light Blast that works through our bodies to clear. Whether it shows up in our physical reality to actually experience, will be determined by how much we are able to function holographically, vibrationally and in-tune/fully aligned, how much karma/unconscious programming we still hold and how conscious we are when the program presents (inside). Our vibrational/energetic response dictates our dimensional experiences here. ♥
Let go of the judgment and be kind to yourself, be patient and honor how you feel.... if it's not awesome, it's a cellular cleansing of an old program.... once the process is complete and you've slept to clear timelines/energies and integrated/unified fully, your heart will open more/you'll awaken with fresh new awareness and peace.... and be ready to embrace more "new". ♥ 
EVERY THING is this. It's up to you to connect vibrationally/energetically and observe/feel/connect/see through your heart/higher mind consciousness, so that you can understand "what" all is....  This is your journey, your awakening experience, your evolution out of the unconscious realms... a RETURNING TO full Love Consciousness, Unity and becoming Pure Source Light.... literally.... it's Your REALity to tune-into and shift yourself.... ♥ and yes you can, as you already have..... it's up to you to remind yourself of this and REMEMBER fully here. ♥
Heart Consciousness is SIMPLE and PURE 
Ego Unconsciousness complicates everything with stories and old programming/limits and beliefs.... 
Where's your focus? What are you INVESTING your energy in? What are you creating, supporting, contributing to? This is what you are CREATING to experience here. ♥
How awesome is this? Oh yeah baby! Get inspired and excited! You've got some awesome creating to "do". Open up and feel and listen and then "do". ♥ As Love ♥
Access to all dimensions are deep inside of you. Your heart must be fully open for your mind to relax and open up to higher consciousness in order to actually understand .... 
To the Ego, this sounds like a judgment, yet in essence, it's quite the opposite. It's recognizing what judgment stops us from..... and that there's SO MUCH MORE AVAILABLE once we move beyond all the judgment that our Ego aspect holds/held. 

Judgment is an unconscious program that "drops you" back into 3D realities again. It keeps drama and victim, blame and excuse mentalities going, which is a distraction of taking responsibility for your own self/energy/reality.....  and it "spreads" the vibration of lack, energy of a closed heart.... which means that you will face more judgment, because this is what you transmit out..... until you choose to stop assuming, creating stories and judging "others".... as it's all your judgment... until you move on and come to Unity/Love inside of you...... Observe ALL OF THE JUDGMENTS that you have... and ask yourself where that comes from.... what energy is this. What is my mindset, what am I holding on to, avoiding within me..... not holding myself accountable for my own energy here.

LOVE is LOVE. Judgment is not love. It's separation/duality/unconscious programming of Old Earth.... It's unkind and it no longer serves a purpose, other than to remain unconscious still. ♥
When you realize that you are/your energy is - your responsibility.... you start to cut all of those cords, cut all that "need" and stop taking everyone else's stuff on as your own. You will gift all with standing in their own power here. Inspire them, believe in them, see where they hold the capability to choose... just like you do/did. It's another way to love others into Sovereignty, is to REMEMBER and connect with their higher aspects and stop identifying with their lower/lack aspects.... as they are just a reflection of what you hold within you..... LOVE Uplifts.... Love Inspires.... Love Empowers.... Love is kind, respectful and steps back to allow each "free will"/choice..... and to experience exactly what their actions/energy/choices are, so they can awaken inside too... and shift to love for themselves/all others too! ♥ It's only "yours" if you make it yours.... and this will be really "heavy" (density) and you'll have to clear it all from your own cellular body.... so observe what you agree to take on and see if it's highest aligned or if it's "your need" still... ♥
When you are fully present, fully in-tune, open, receptive, connected and LISTENING, observing, BEing.... your own Higher Consciousness Wisdom is able to "come through" (be heard) inside....

From deep within your inner-dimensions/subtle realms, energetically, vibrationally... by way of "thoughts" that are a much higher vibration than your human ego aspect is..... 

Whether during meditation, sitting under a tree, in the shower, on the toilet, resting, cleaning, driving/riding, walking in nature.... in "that silence" there are words, guidance, information.... "of other dimensions" (at first) that you can hear/see/feel.....  if you are truly listening.... At first we hear our human thoughts, so our higher guidance is "quieter", harder to hear... unless "it" (our higher self aspects of us) need to get our attention.... 

When our hearts have opened enough, we can start to hear the frequencies of the Universe/Cosmos/Gaia/Solar Sun.... and more....  At first just a tone or two, oscillating in different ears, because it's easier to distinguish and "understand".... yet eventually everything becomes frequencies and tones....

These tune our LightBodies, accelerating our Light Encoded DNA (and so very much more). Learning to decipher and understand these, takes our total presence, listening and matching the different frequencies up to many things. Eventually, everything makes sense, in a whole new way, as we decode matrix programs easier and re-code/reprogram in all new ways.... 

What higher consciousness wisdom do you hear as you experience your day or lay down to rest/relax or while you are meditating/connecting in your sacred space?

What little Epiphanies come to you that you could write up/share with others to assist with higher understanding in your own reality and those you touch as Light too? 

What little simple quotes inspire or bring new awareness forth for you?

What do you discount or dismiss that you could share to inspire others and bring more consciousness forth here?

Get your pen/colored markers and (no-lined) journal/paper out. Write them down and then put them to photos or art and share them for others.

It's a part of the "sharing" we agreed to, as a part of our own service here. 

p.s. It's super inspirational, fun and creative... which activates more light inside of you. When you are inspiring others, you will be more inspired. It's a vibrational thing that incites us to do more, which uplifts the whole planet, our communities, each other.... as we DO. ♥ 
Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

               ♥ Lisa
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