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New Earth Transitions Email Series: Week #15
Activating Pictorial Flow: Portals, Magic, Passageways BEyond Your Ego Constructs & Linear Mentalities/BeLIEfs
♥ NEW Earth becomes visible in the silence, through Pure Presence and a deep Sacred Connection.... it's subtle and surreal at first.... so much that we "miss it", because we don't know how to SEE or EXPERIENCE fully yet. ♥
Some weeks will be pictoral flows.... which are an activation of higher dimensional awareness within themselves.... I've decided to do this again this week, because so many loved last week's done this way.... ♥  Get into the ENERGY of these.... open up to imagine and feel.... expand and embrace new awareness and how much your ego "got in the way" before.... YOU HAVE THE POWER to completely SURRENDER.... YES, I know that sounds "backwards", yet this is how all works.... our ego is so strong, as we truly awaken to LOVE AND DEEP HEART CONNECTED CONSCIOUSNESS.... we start to understand how much our bodies held in resistance, fear, hesitation and protection mechanisms, that we were unaware were there. Relax your body, constantly..... breathe in get IN-TUNE..... open your heart fully, allow your mind to relax.... this is where we function from.... this place/space of silence, simplicity and openness..... so that all can come forth/arrive/materialize easier for us.... ☼
Close your eyes and breathe and allow all to fall away....
allow yourself PRESENCE....
allow yourself to shift....
Open your heart and mind fully..... to allow the unexpected, to allow yourself to be surprised, to allow your heart-vision to become prominent.... ♥
You will FEEL Portals open inside of you..... as your heart opens more.... at first it's subtle, so your presence is "required" to EXPERIENCE and not discount or try to explain all away as "something else". The more you feel this, the more you will understand. Staying in-tune and fully connected is KEY (KEYCODE) TO YOUR OWN NEW EARTH EXPERIENCE HERE. ♥
Pure LOVE.... Divine Love... beautiful and caring, respectful and sharing LOVE ♥ Your presence shared, your heart shared, your openness and caring shared, your Divinity shared, your brilliance shared, your Light shared, your own Consciousness shared... your abundance shared.... your most exquisite, magical and amazing... innocent you shared..... ♥ Your Purity Shared.... ♥
Open up to new opportunities, ideas and alternatives that you could not previously see or that you made excuses for before, turned away (because it didn't fit into your "box" of what "real-ity" is..... Open up to wonder, exploration and all anew.... open up to expect the unexpected and constantly "brave" that which you would not have even considered before, because of a story (inner-dialogue) you had going.... that which you had convinced yourself of.... be ready for amazing.... transmit this vibration out and then JUMP energetically.... embrace the wonders of our NEW EARTH... and bring that magic from inside of you..... and share it with all who are ready to feel and experience our magic too! ♥ 
Let's do this baby! Yes yes and yes! Yes, we are ready for "new". We don't need the old.... we are so done with "all of that". Let's do our NEW AS LOVE! ♥
Sometimes we can't see, especially in the beginning, when we first start to awaken/wake up inside. There are soooooooo many distractions and distortions, we have to clear our field completely and allow ourselves enough alone time/space for our own body's vibration to re-set/clear, so that we can get in-tune inside, so that we can connect and hear.... and see..... Clarity comes when we are alone, walking in nature or just BEing, conversing with ourselves/our Universe/all.... alone, silent and listening to our Universe/higher selves..... That external noise was so loud before, we have to pull away, so that we can get clear inside and really really really hear/listen/see what we could not before.... and learn to shift/tune our own physical LightBody to much higher vibrational frequencies, easier than before. This is an important process for us all. ♥
It can be challenging at first... because 3D was so external focused and it was easier to blame everyone else for everything.... because it meant we didn't have to do the (perceived) hard things and stand in our power as Love. ♥ We didn't know how to "say no", and we didn't realize that we could.... We didn't realize how complacent we'd become, how convoluted all was, how compliant we were with everything we'd been told/learned (which was a part of our chosen 3D reality on a Soul Level before). When it's "time" for us to awaken that a 3D even exists, it means opening our hearts more and grabbing our courage, being bold and bringing our inner power out..... and holding this new energy fully, which is as our Higher Self. 

Your higher self/selves/Universe will guide your human aspect and "tell it what to do", if you will listen. When you are DOing from this highest place, you are your higher self. ♥
Make nature a priority.... There are no words I can write to express the importance of this. ♥ The/your human ego will make excuses and resist.... override it and make it happen. It's beyond important for us all. ♥
When I first started to experience Rainbows... I didn't realize all that they activate and represent. The Rainbow Bridge to/of NEW Earth.... the magical realms and so much more. As I was able to awaken "the magic" again inside.... everything became rainbows..... literally, metaphorically, all. ♥
Bliss is just one of the many euphoric states we hit at first. Magic can be felt and heard through various songs, as well as experiences.... Yet our hearts and minds must be fully open for this to occur for/within us. At first, I had sooooooo much heavy-duty energy, so much separation and unconscious programming that I didn't have access to either one of these.

Yet with every tear I released (or buckets/floods of them), every angry fit, every ego stubborn child behavior, the power of those victim/fear/control energies finally went and my heart finally opened, through feeling vulnerable at first. We don't understand how many walls of protection we had up, so when they start coming down (come crashing down or get "ripped" down), we feel naked, raw, vulnerable and it's a bit scary at first. We have so much judgment and perception of "how we are supposed to be", when in essence, none of that is true..... so shifting to a soft place, where we are not in survival/protection mode all of the time, is a process a learning to trust within itself. Yet as we do, newness is birthed/starts to come forth, from within us. This little baby, if you will.... being born.... and with this "birth", our NEW EARTH is also born/birthed.... the rest is a whole new process of learning everything all over again.... which is us just REMEMBERING what we forgot when we incarnated/walked into the physical reality/3D Realms of Amnesia/Unconsciousness to wake up through here. ♥
Universal Consciousness, Cosmic Consciousness, Ascended States of Consciousness.... all much higher than our human-ego consciousness (which is our unconscious aspect). As our heart opens, our Consciousness awakens/activates through Photonic Light inside of our bodies, which hold light codes that activate in our DNA and transmit data and give us the ability to "travel" multi-dimensionally, both in the etheric realms and physical eventually too. Part of our LightBody's ability is to transverse multiple dimensions simultaneously, so we can BE in more than one dimension at a time.

The more our bodies templates are allowed to easily re-write themselves through various higher self codes, the more abilities/capabilities we have naturally here. Every moment is a "test" to see which aspect you will BE, where you will come from (higher self or ego) and an initiation process to hold the higher dimensional realms/aspects fully from within. The more you/we all do this, the more we have access to, the more our body clears old programs, density, distortions on a cellular level, which means the more Light We Hold, the more Quantum we are, the more we can span infinite dimensions, timelines, realities, existences simultaneously and with great ease here. ♥
24/7 Increases, Accelerations on a Cosmic Level ♥
It takes many linear "years" of "tuning in" vibrationally/energetically and listening to hear, understand and match up the infinite/various frequencies as they activate and reconfigure all on a DNA Level here. All things hold energy..... all things are vibrational, no matter how dense in physical matter.... all things are a part of this massive EVOLUTION PROCESS..... 

Now, it doesn't take this long to connect/listen/receive...this can be as instant as you are open/ready and totally go inward to do this intentionally and consciously through your own presence here. It's through this connected state that you start to hear/receive and understand.... So start now and keep doing it. It's beyond important for you/us all.  p.s. It's beyond important to get away from all of the fear, "conditions", "symptoms" and drama of all that occurs..... The ego aspect loves to be a "victim" to this whole process or associate all back to a 3D mindset/mentality/condition/cause. That will keep you in a loop cycle....

Open up completely to "all new"...  as nothing you once "thought" you knew will apply here (Multi-Dimensional LightBodies/physical reality). ♥
Every moment is a-new. Every moment is being CREATED from 'THIS MOMENT' right here. This vibration.... this energy.... this transmission.... conscious or unconscious...  On a cellular level, as your heart opens fully, your 'NEW' come forth as you are ready, paying attention and holding your highest level of consciousness.... instead of going back to/playing in the "old". The entire Cosmos is literally birthed from within you. This is one reason why our bodies go through so much. Star particles and crystals activating inside and re-configuring, re-calibrating, re-coding continually. Your presence gives you the ability to be IN-FLOW.... to maintain being in-tune and shifting your own vibration/transmission/energy yourself.... to return a whole new vibrational reality to you! ♥
Get ready, get excited and embrace all that you've waited for (on a Soul Level) to come forth here. That excitement transmits a much higher dimensional frequency ..... your fear, transmits the old to "appear". Do a happy dance and focus your energy on creation and affecting all as LOVE. Focus your energy on NEW EARTH..... utilize your physical to support all NEW EARTH.... as NEW Earth is our INVESTED ENERGY and our LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS ... united as ONE. REMEMBERING what's truly possible when your heart is truly open and your fully on-board this LIGHT SHIP TOO! ♥

Take these activation quotes this week and see how you can apply the frequency to your own presence, energy and life. See where your heart/mind are still playing in conditions, excuses, limits, judgments and where you still shut doors (portals) that you can open easily if you will just shift your energy and mindset yourself. Call forth something that will support your own journey. Designate that which you receive to support your service/the service of others.... and watch how all comes forth!
Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

               ♥ Lisa
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