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New Earth Transitions Email Series: Week #9
Topic: Living From a State of Pure Gratitude, Pure Love, Pure Connectedness, Pure Everything

Zero Point = Where ALL is Birthed/Created/Emanates from
Jean Baptiste Massieu
through FULL PRESENCE with ALL that IS

As our (Higher) Hearts and Universal Minds start to completely open up, there is this sense, this feeling, the overwhelming feeling of LOVE and "new" (higher) awareness that "was not available" before. From deep within this PRESENCE, there is a LOVE that we "know", this very PURE form of LOVE... which is the Light of our SOUL. "This", this is what matters. "This", this is what all "forgot". "This", this is what we all disconnected from, when we "fell" (entered) the amnesia/disconnected states of UNCONSCIOUSNESS..... "This" is what all are here to REMEMBER and learn to live from fully here.  All of a sudden, all the stories, all of the "lack", all of the programming... "THAT" is not REALity anymore. "This" space, this feeling, this remembrance... this is. 

From within this Sacred Space... this is where our INFINITE US LIVES.... and in order to become INFINITE HERE... we live from this SPACE RIGHT HERE. 
One thing we start to realize, is that our human aspect (ego), never has enough, never is happy, is always looking for "more" or "something else". This deep program keeps one "gone" from full presence and the realization that we DO have ENOUGH.... even if that "appears as nothing", this is just a mindset, a belief, a karmic loop cycle and separation from our INFINITE VAST SELF.

WE FORGOT Everything. How to appreciate and be grateful for what we DO have. How to UTILIZE what we DO have (ourselves, our abilities, our things, everything)... in full alignment on a Soul Level, which is PURE deep sacred connection and an understanding that transcends anything our human aspect can understand.... 

WE FORGOT when we fell from Consciousness that we are INFINITE and we place these "limits" and "conditions" on everything... when we lived beneath the VEILS...

For our human ego aspect, it "appears" to be "easier" to PRETEND to be limited, because the alternative is STANDING UP AS LOVE and fully in our POWER, and we "fear" this more than the stories we tell that keep us small.... until it's "time" to awaken fully and dissolve all of that within ourselves.....  

WE forgot how to be kind, how to truly care, how to share, how to support ourselves and each other, how to live in FULLY UNITY, because we separated off inside and played in the unconscious games of "not enough" until...

"Not Enough" became our conditioning... and we accepted that as "truth", because for most all of us, in various ways, it was all we knew (our Unconscious State)... 


That only our EGO aspect lives from this place, this lack, this fear, this "give our power away"..... this "LIE" that we told ourselves, because THAT was what we chose/agreed to wake up from/through..... That's what we came here to Transcend... so completely, that we never separate off inside... ever again. 

In my early phases of awakening, my Universal me would "tell" my E-GO me....  GET PRESENT and REALIZE what you DO have. Stop focusing all of your energy on what you don't. See what you do and then FOCUS YOUR ENERGY. Bring your consciousness back to "this moment right here". IN THIS MOMENT.... I would sit still and pick a spot on the wall and not allow my mind to wander off to "other times". I would hold my energy present... and it was beyond challenging at first. I didn't realize I'd never been fully present and in command of my own PRESENCE... that my mind was always "off somewhere else"... creating realities not "yet real"... and then I realized THAT was what was CREATING all of those realities to keep occurring for me... all of those thoughts, all of those beliefs, all that I WORRIED INTO REALITY, all of those scenarios that I "pre-created"..... duhhhhh and such a profound realization that changed everything for me. 

IN THIS MOMENT was how I called myself "back". I'd repeat over and over and over until I couldn't "forget". "I have a roof over my head and food in my belly.... I lack for nothing at all. I am so completely abundant".  I'd have to REMIND MYSELF OF THIS in EVERY MOMENT... AND I had to feel it/believe it, not just "say the words", until I reprogrammed myself to "think" a different way (remapping neural pathways & more).  I paid attention to my energy go from fear/worry to peace, ease and appreciation.... a contentment that allowed me to be still. Then the words were "your rent is paid for 30 days. GET up and get busy. You can do one of two things. Worry about it for 30 days and "pull" that reality of lack to you, while "wasting" all of your ENERGY or get up and get busy, every day for 30 days and accomplish and by the "time" that "time" comes to be this moment NOW, you will have been accomplishing for 30 days and have the money you need.... Build momentum... get busy. Stop WASTING YOUR ENERGY.....  What's funny was I learned to focus my ENERGY from within the present moment, stay in-tune with my Universal me, as my little me "ask" what to do each day... then do what I saw ... without making excuses or going unconscious again. 

My Universal me directing my human me: "Get up and do sessions, get your website up and running, go out and volunteer and help others, donate to support others in service, use your gifts/abilities... eventually they will support you....  do videos and prepare to do interviews, start writing Energy Reports on Facebook in real-time (never been done at that time "before" by anyone in that way). Start sharing the weird (multi-dimensional) stuff you see/know/realize/experience/understand (because by the time the collectives start to awaken, the information already has to be out there/for years), start teaching classes, start doing Energy work... the list went on and on.... Little did I know how much there was that I COULD DO.... I just had to "get over myself/get out of my own way" and step through the hesitation/fear/excuses and DO IT.... continually. Every day. And I did. Once I started, I never stopped. Every breath was "service" in all new ways... I didn't know "we had to create" all of our realities ourselves from inside, all fully aligned on a Soul Level/AS PURE SOURCE CREATOR... and that these would REPLACE all of my old realities for me...... 

Many say "we don't work", and in a way, that's true. What we DO .... we absolutely LOVE... it's CREATION, it's supporting HUmaNITY, it's inspiring, uplifting and for us all as LOVE... yet those who have not come to this place/SPACE, within themselves and their own reality, have no clue that we do "work".... linearly... 7 days a week/averaging 12-18 waking hours a day/working in our sleep state too... with virtually "no days off"... because we don't exist within "linear time", every moment is NOW. Once we BEcome our whole Universe, then REALITIES are infinite and there's sooooo very much to accomplish/do.... and we have to do "all jobs" that support the whole reality, not just the "fun ones"... often tedious and not technically "fun", they are a part of the bigger picture, and they have to get done, so we get it and we do it/them.... all of them.... Because we are infinite, we don't have the limits that human ego aspects do. We don't make excuses, we don't slack, we don't procrastinate... and our LightBody doesn't "sleep" like the carbon-based human body did. We exist on Light. We shut down, pull away, replenish, rebuild our light, generate our own Light from inside, through our Universal/Cosmic Bodies that process a ridiculous amount of Light Intelligence and frequencies .... an entire harmonic symphony that feeds our LightBodies.... which is very different than before. We need a lot of alone time for this and our field has to stay clear too. We are always in a relaxed state, fully in-tune, yet we can slam and accomplish on a Quantum Level... which is very different than before...  (Yes, I got sidetracked.... let me come back around. :) )

My human aspect me started saying "thank you Universe", 24 hours a day, and meaning it. Thank you for everything, thank you for the blessings and gifts, thank you for looking out for me...  Every morning I awoke... the first thing I did was stay in bed until I had reached full gratitude for everything and gotten myself "to that place" first... then I'd get up and "do" my day.... I started saying "thank you for everything Universe" before I went to sleep.... my every moment was GRATITUDE... so that I could not forget again.....  I stopped taking things for-granted, expecting anything from "others" that I was not willing to DO myself... I started reciprocating, paying forward, paying back and coming from deep sacred respect on an ENERGETIC LEVEL for the ENERGY OF all, others.... and for years, my every moment is "Thank you" now. Pure gratitude... 

One time I went to a gathering with someone who didn't respect others' energy and "took took took" everything they could get for free. She invited me to ride along to a channeling event nearby. Sure, I'll go. No resonance, but it felt important to go. We drove up to the house, got out and went inside. She immediately started seeing "what she could get" and started "taking advantage of the kindness of the generosity of the people there. She would bat her eyelashes, talk sweet and "manipulate" them into to giving her stuff. I didn't need to be there. I got nothing from it, yet the event was a part of this person's service, how they support themselves and share their gifts/energy for all, and I needed to SHOW HER (TEACH) what it's like to RESPECT others... regardless of "what we get". There was a tip jar at the door asking for $20 donations. I respectfully dropped $20 in. She looked at me and said "why"? You didn't get anything .... My response: "out of respect for their ENERGY". It doesn't matter if I "got anything", that's not the point. The point was these people dedicated their ENERGY and this is about honor, respect, supporting, contributing and so very much more. Later she told me she'd been "watching me" and how I treated others and how I used money to SPEAK and show respect. She could never understand why "money" came "to me" and I didn't "seek" it. It's because of what "money" is.... ENERGY. Respect. Love and a vibrational RESPONSE to what we transmit OUT.... not what humans see it as. One is abundance and the other is lack ENERGY. It's how we LIVE our lives.... ♥
Gratitude is the way you FEEL...(with your whole BEing/body). It's not a word you "try" to believe.... You can't convince yourself that you are grateful if you are not inside. It's a complete VIBRATIONAL SHIFT IN YOUR MINDSET and ENERGY... to dive soooo deep inside of yourself until you re-connect with that place, that space, no matter how "small at first".... just find it and hold onto it with everything you've got. 

We REMIND ourselves how much we do have... INSIDE... it's not an EXTERNAL THING... The external comes (materializes) in RESPONSE TO OUR VIBRATIONAL ENERGY.  When I found myself "challenged" (my ego was back, because my heart had closed again), I had to STOP and shift my own perspective to one of appreciation for what I DID HAVE... instead of FOCUSING on what I perceived I did not. 

I had "health" (and if I was in a rough place at that time, I found something else)
I had a roof over my head... more than many others had. I was so very lucky!
I had food in my belly... more than many others had. I was soooo appreciative!
I had "more" than some/many others. I always had to remember this. 
I had my connection
I had self-love
I had appreciation for myself
I had respect for me and all
I had a huge heart, a kindness, a caring and peace ... so many struggling with this...
I had nature... beautiful, bountiful, magical BE-LOVEd Gaia and our Universe... to play in, to support my LightBody, to explore and it was all FREE! What a HUGE GIFT of ABUNDANCE!
I had ___________________ (make your own list).... watch it grow!

Eventually I came to understand/realize, that I had/was just PURE LOVE.... and from this place/this SPACE inside of me, I held all... that as long as I maintained my own deep connection inside, that I'd never lack again and that I'd always share, abundantly, and I do. Lack Energy had been my own ego-matrix-programming. Only when I disconnected inside, did I shift back into that place/space of lack/not enough inside of me "again". This is because our Ego is pure lack, pure separation... and in order to shift out of that space, we come to understand our E-GO and not let it run the show anymore. 

In my early days, once I awakened to experiencing NEW EARTH (both inside & out), the words were "You are now in the 5th Dimensional fully. The only way you are not, is if YOU forget/go unconscious and "go back". REMIND yourself not to forget. Forgo, my 2nd book, Navigating Dimensions (subtitle Reminders for Remembering), which became an Ascension Guidebook that vibrationally brings one back into our higher states again. That was when I started writing "Reminders" for everyone to utilize, for easier shifting back too. 

Right before that experience, I REMEMBER, "slipping" back into that old programmed belief of "not enough" and that soft inner voice said "You are pretending again".... Wow. That was when I realize how we all "pretended" and "forgot". So I "stopped pretending" and it was the beginning of a whole new phase of everything (Portals) OPENING UP, both inside and out. ♥

Do you just "sit around" each day saying "thank you", without seeing all of the ways that you can share, contribute, give back, pay it forward and express your gratitude by including others in your abundance too? Abundance is meant to be SHARED. It's not just "for you". 

Once I truly realized that I could share my nature walks, share my apartment/space to assist others, share what I had to make a difference, share me/my knowledge... I realized HOW MUCH I had to share.... 

I looked at all of the ways I could reciprocate, all of the ways I could "affect" others lives as love, all of the ways my sharing could assist others, which meant realizing I was doing this for all of us (as ONE).  I remember when I used to walk this island, because I was meant to walk, see, learn, remember, connect.... "MY Universe (me) had told my human me that I didn't get to have a car when I came here. So I rode the bus and I walked. Everywhere. Such beautiful experiences, while showing me so much. I learned how it took me hours to do what would have taken 5 minutes, how people pass by others without a care, how magical it was to BE out and free, how hard it was to carry bags of groceries, a laptop and more for miles... in the rain or heat... and how others took everything for-granted, were/were not fully conscious... I "learned" so much... living simply and humbly with very little. A very humble lifestyle where I didn't "need" anything at all. I saw so very much, that I never would have seen "in a car". 

Then one day, once I "got it", I said "okay", bring me a car please. I promise to pick every person up and use my vehicle in service, to assist/support us all. Not long after.... I was gifted a car, actually two by "car sitting" for months... then later from someone leaving the island as an energetic exchange. I stop and pick every person up that I can (unless my car is loaded down or my inner-guidance is "no"). I drive people all over this island, to the airport or wherever they need to go. I help every person who breaks down. One night sitting with a couple from Belgium for hours, until a tow service could arrive, feeding them pizza and chatting about consciousness (which they'd never heard of, of course).  I said "Universe, bring me a home that I can dedicate to the service work (as is highest aligned), and it (I) did. The words were "pay for it. You have roles to fulfill. Get over the $ amount. You are not limited anymore.)  Just prior to that my little me asked my Universal me why I only ever "just got enough". The reply inside? "Because that's all you ask for... just enough to get by". DUHHHHHHH. Then the words "ask for more, but you have to share more.... " and I finally go this too. And I did.. and all continued to grow/expand/evolve from there..... 

I said "Universe, I'd like an orchard in the yard so that I can share." Guess what? Shopping in the yard and sharing it with others... more abundance received to share. 

My whole life has been about sharing, once I finally woke up. Sharing to assist, sharing to make a difference, sharing the Codes that activate this within all others too........... The moment I realized that I could dedicate myself, my life, all of me to service and receive all that supported my work... I did.... and everything changed... because I was no longer living in survival mode/lack inside of me. I had REVERSED THIS ENERGY. From one of pulling in to one of transmitting out. Game changer is an understatement... once we truly get it and start LIVING IT with our every breath.

INFINITE ABUNDANCE comes through SHARING the abundance of everything that we have access to.... Yet it also means we have to stop catering to the lack mentalities, the lack beliefs, the lack everything anymore... Once we realize that Lack is an energy, we can shift it back into ABUNDANCE by opening our hearts fully, in order to transcend that "belief"...... and open up to RECEIVE fully too. ♥ 

This is never about "things". It's about our own Energy, our own mentalities and beliefs....  and our actions, because "knowledge" isn't enough. We have to apply it through our actions and how we actually live our lives here.  The cycle is REVERSED for us.... share then receive ... yet not in a linear fashion.... a non-linear vibrational one. For the human ego, it "expects something in return" and won't "do" anything unless it knows first what it's going to get in return. Our way is the opposite, we KNOW we will RECEIVE .... and abundantly, because of the vibration/energy we come from is "free". No attachment or cords, no "need first". We do all because we "know" that everything is a VIBRATIONAL MATCH to what we "put out" .... We realize that our abundant sharing creates the same energy to be returned. It doesn't matter "how"or even "when", as this is vibrational too..... ♥
I loved this Quote (Reminder/Activation), because it "speaks" to so many things...

Moaning & groaning/whining/complaining... all victim energy of LACK. Lack of disconnection, giving our Power away to "something", our ego aspect "not liking" what we "see"/know from deep inside, and so very much more.... 

Now granted, it's a part of the TUNING PROCESS at first, to get all of that ENERGY out.... yet we eventually start to understand that the more we complain, the more of a victim we are, the more we've given our power away to something "outside", the more our Universe is trying to assist us, yet we "don't like" what we see/hear/know and we'd rather complain than listen/do..... which wastes/depletes our energy until we "have nothing"....  Once I 'realized' what my complaining was, I was able to "consciously complain" to get the discordant ENERGY out, "knowing" that I was going to "do" what I saw/knew/was higher self guided.... once the victim mentality energy was gone and I could tune fully to a much higher vibration than before. Then, when the entire process was complete, I'd get up and "go do", happily, ready and actually excited! It's allllll just ENERGY! 

We SPIN GOLD (through Light) with ideas and our ENERGY as we CREATE....COMPLAINING creates "more lack".... and once we really, truly, fully REAL-EYES this... we stop complaining and we re-focus our precious SOURCE ENERGY on conscious creation instead of unconscious creation..... 
I started realizing that the more I TRULY appreciated everything that I had.... the more inclined I was to be inspired and excited to share, gift, reciprocate, be generous and use what I had to make a difference in the lives of others too. I started realizing that we didn't "need things" to do this. We had OURSELVES, and our BEAUTIFUL ENERGY and that WE are ENOUGH, JUST AS WE ARE... when our hearts are truly open and we are ready to fully open up to share and make a difference, uplift, inspire others as LOVE too. 

I started realizing that we each forgot (went unconscious) and we each still had to REMEMBER too.... this started me on my "path" of Service through Sharing... KNOWLEDGE.... higher consciousness with all who were ready to receive too. ♥  I would share ME, my ENERGY, my purity, my SOUL, my love, my kindness, my caring, my everything to assist others to awaken to the bliss and magic available too. I would dedicate ME to HUmanity, to all of us, AS LOVE.... and that my gifts, my access, my abilities... if I spent each day doing this... then "my Universe" (my higher aspect me) would always "provide" for me... as it's VIBRATIONAL... not linear... so I could actually "stop" worrying (wasting energy) and focus my energy on producing, accomplishing, reaching, teaching, guiding and infinite ways that I had the cap-ability to DO here.... and I soon found... the "list" was INFINITE... JUST AS I AM. (WE all are).... 
My early phases, the words were...

"What will bring you PEACE"?  hmmmmm I had to sit with this one for a bit. I found it wasn't what I "thought". I found it was simplicity, the simple things and what didn't "seem" important to "others", became a priority for me.... In my early days, I didn't like "silence". There was too much "chatter" and "chaos" and "loneliness" in there.... all these things to keep me "spinning" and distracted from the one thing that would.... SILENCE.... and once I cleared all that clutter out, SILENCE BECAME GOLDEN.... a coveted space that I was not often willing to "share"... because all of the ANSWERS were there.

Until I got through my "heavy duty dark night of my own Ego death",  I had never actually EXPERIENCED PURE PEACE and BLISS....  yet, that first moment that I FELT IT.... it was "home" returned..... it was "magic" and "love" returned.... Funny thing, was I didn't know it was "missing", because I didn't know what IT was... until "then"..... and then, I wasn't willing to "lose" it ever again.....

When I came to Kauai, the "tests" (initiations) started, to resolve my own separation that crept up when all of my "security" was "gone".... Here on an island with almost no $, knowing no one, no place to stay, no vehicle.... that was the "moment of truth".... The moment that I started to "doubt" (go unconscious/separate off), that moment when I was faced with spending 1/2 of all of the $/cash that I had on one weeks' hotel room... the words came through my silence... "How much will you PAY for PEACE"? In "that moment", my response from deep within "apparently 1/2 of all my money"... and my higher self guided me/said "then go spend the $... seriously Universe....  So I walked up to the counter, asked for the weekly room rate ($900) and my quiet voice said "Okay, I'll take it"... and as I went to hand her my $, I felt the hesitation and "wanting to hold onto that $ kick in, yet I let it go.... and the moment I did... the FEELING OF PEACE RUSHED THROUGH ME and filled my EVERY CELL... and the words "now go get busy, you just bought yourself a week to be productive. Get it done."...  The cool part, was I walked back over to my computer where I was sitting in the lobby and a "miracle" of a donation of almost all that I'd just spent had just been RECEIVED from one of my clients with a note: "I just wanted to do something to support you"..... wow. I got it. ♥

Non-linear/vibrational receiving/return.... and every moment has been that since.  Since then, I've found that PEACE is my priority and to not allow anything to "knock me out of alignment" inside.... that mine is to MAINTAIN MY HIGHEST VIBRATIONAL SPACE.... and allow all to "come to me", while "DOing" what I see..... which is all that has already occurred, on a much higher dimensional plane of existence... by anchoring all of those realities through the INTEGRATION of my own SOURCE LIGHT and "doing" each day what "creates" those realities to occur in this physical, by way of opening portals, traveling the passageways and completing all of the initiations (on a human level)...... which is a 24/7 experience... it never stops, which is pretty awesome.... I learned to do kind things constantly, to come from generosity in every way, to share all that I had .... and to "let go of the need to know" how/when.... I just needed to know and "do"..... and stay wide open to allowing all to materialize in my physical NOW. ♥
PRESENCE is KEY to all.... to BEcome SO present within the moment that the "moment" falls away, "time" ceases to exist and we expand into ALL times... (vibrationally) with our CONSCIOUSNESS..... and unify all in "this moment" right here.

In the "beginning", I had the hardest time with this... it took me awhile. I tried watching videos, reading books, yet the concept always was just beyond my grasp... (I was too linear/in my head). Once I learned to open my heart fully and come to silence within me.... presence was watching birds, nature, the wind..... sitting on a beach with my feet in the sand and getting lost in "nothingness".... sitting under a tree in nature, with my journey and writing everything pouring out of me, to create and "outward flow"..... I could sit and watch the dew on a blade of grass and be so totally blissful... nothing like my "old human me", that had to stay busy all of the time...

First I had to "learn" to SLOW DOWN..... slow everything down and start getting out in nature....  where all is magical, in balance and in tune, perfect harmony and where I could connect with "MY" Universe easier... until this became my natural way. I learned to stop "filling my space/time" with others, things.... and to pull completely away, to let all fall away... for my SOUL to emerge from within.....  On a SOUL Level, we function from this Quantum Space.... where all moments become one and are an energetic flow that never ends. Then we learn to "Master Time", or the illusion of "time" that is.... we learn to observe the linear constructs of perceptual time, yet how we "fit into linear time" is very different here. It's not a limit, it doesn't collapse on us... it expands and gets bigger and bigger and spans all dimensions ...... and from "this space", everything is available, easy, simple, clear... and we just "move" within it..... a natural flow not "broken" by the linearity of separation within us anymore.... 

It's BEYOND POWERFUL once we access this "natural ability" (our natural state).... Living from here means maintaining our highest state of consciousness in EVERY MOMENT.... where all is simple and easy too. ♥

Only our human mind (ego) complicates things.... 

Maintaining balance is a "presence thing". It's us OBSERVING all and bringing all into "this space right here". It's seeing the ENERGY OF ALL and where any distortions are. It's letting go of that which no longer serves/supports our highest everything, so that peace and balance can be restored. From this place/this SPACE inside.. everything is clear and simple. At first it's baby steps then Quantum Leaps ....

which brings forth SIMPLICITY
which brings forth NEW AWARENESS
from a deeper CONNECTION
one we LEARN to TRUST
because it holds the KEYS TO ALL
that we DESIRE on a SOUL LEVEL
which transcends all things "human-ego"
WE just have to learn how to constantly COMMUNICATE inside
LEARN how to truly LISTEN
and let our Highest Aspects/Us Guide
and then "DO" what we hear/see/feel/know
OVER what our Little Human Ego wants/says/tries...
Because our highest is in the actual Dimensional REALity that's already occurred
trying to guide us/show us/make it easy for us all
WE are the ones that have to learn/merge/BECome our highest versions of ourselves
You have/are a clean slate
A Blank Canvas with an EMPTY SPACE TO CREATE
Get out your journals and start making your Lists
SEE what you could not see before...
Focus on all that you DO have
From INSIDE of you
and watch it "grow" from there
Every day, keep your Gratitude List Going
Start "seeing" ways to get yourself out there
To Inspire, Contribute and Uplift
To "challenge" the ego matrix without "offense"
To assist others with SEEING and CONNECTING MORE
All of this will shift each's "self worth" Because
WE EACH have SO much to OFFER and Share
Our Ego Aspects will "short-change" ourselves
"Discounting" everything (yes, puns intended)
The more we can SEE and UNDERSTAND
Pick ONE THING and DO it
(Don't let your Ego have power here)
Then another and another and another
and before you know it
you will have created a CYCLONE of love, respect, gratitude and sharing
Your vibration will be higher
Your field more expanded

AS Light Keepers & WayShowers, we get up and "DO" from that deeply connected place/space inside.... WE ACTIVATE REALITIES TO COME FORTH.... with our UNIFIED ACTION AS LOVE ♥

InJOY getting creative.
Explore Explore Explore!
Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

 ♥ Lisa
My work/quotes on Photos: A special acknowledgement for Mary Josephine Hession for her service for all of us as Light by way of conscious creation and contribution and love and for all that she's done through the years on a Soul Level to assist with reaching more too. Her continued sharings touch all of our lives..... ♥
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