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New Earth Transitions Email Series: Week #2
Ascending Consciously & Still Somewhat Without a Clue
Quantum is all of the vibrational (geometric) pieces & parts
Our higher/highest consciousness KNOWLEDGE is vibrational. It comes through/forth as we hit the vibration inside. A portal opens up, light codes release and "poof", new information to utilize, share and apply to our lives here. 

In my early days, I called these the "Pieces of the Puzzle" or "bread crumbs", because I only got "a little bit" a time. It took years of activating light codes within me and holding the vibration (through Purity), sleeping to integrate and awaken to "new" to birth from within me here. 

For me to create a "whole picture", I have to move all over/through "time" (vibrations), and bring forth different parts of my own journey, which creates the GEOMETRICS for each to start to fully see. Use your inner-vision ... instead of your linear human logic... otherwise you might "miss" the whole point, by fixating on what you don't understand, instead of what you truly do. :)

So, I'm going to take you on a VIBRATIONAL JOURNEY - through the SEPARATION OF TIME.... and how all is not as we "thought" anything was before.... In order to do so, I'm going to reference "Heaven", "Hell" and "Purgatory/Bardo... as well as many other relative words/topics, so all can SEE how all comes to BE.... and for each one of you to further come into your own REAL-EYE-SATIONS... for easier awakenings, death and rebirth processes, for easier transitioning to all of our "new". ♥
This was a whole new "love", like nothing I'd ever felt or experienced in this lifetime here. It was pure, innocent, fresh, beautiful and couldn't be explained with "words". Everything was soft, beautiful and vibrant, all new colors and feelings, all stimulated by my senses... hearing, feeling, touch... visual stimulation, visual feeling. I could not get enough of this new "stimulation" that awakened every particle of me, the more I exposed myself to "it". Beauty, purity, color, music, peaceful nature, beautiful exchanges and my new "magical and mystical realms" that had opened up inside of me to explore, play and bring forth into my waking/walking world that I lived in here. Fairies, butterflies, waterfalls, water, trees, bees, Light glistening and reflecting off of everything and emanating out of everything too. Mermaids, Wizards, Dragons, Crystals, flowers, everything nature... children, animals.... all things PURE. The list just grew and grew... as my new world did too. 

Up until this time, if I could not touch it, I didn't believe it, which is where my own "inner suffering" and "physical suffering" came in. It was "too weird" and "out there".

As humans, we are creatures of not believing in what we can't see yet, well... the "proof" we often get to wake us up, is not always awesome or comfortable and to our unconscious human aspect, quite messed up and even seems mean! I used to call these "twisted cruel sick jokes".... once I realized how twisted everything was.

There are soooooo many "levels" of Awakening that we all go through. Because the journey is not linear, it's vibrational, we don't understand that we've ALWAYS been "trying" to wake up. We actually came here for this, the human experience (experiment is our Galactic reference), was just the "first part" of all.
I didn't logically understand, yet there was this DRIVE INSIDE... one that kind of "led me" down these paths that were the complete opposite of the life I'd built and worked so hard for.... to achieve... yet all of a sudden, it seemed... my interests were changing, my desires were too.... I was starting not to understand me, or recognize me... I was changing.... INSIDE... and it was not something that I could "control".... I didn't realize it at the time, yet I had awoken in the 4th Dimension, where my human me was not the only "me" inside, yet this "other me" was still "foreign" in a way.... and it challenged me, because the more "it" emerged, the less my "other me" (and that which I had called "REALity") had any appeal at all. 

We have "markers" in "time" that we look at to make reference to and in order to bring the Quantum Puzzle Pieces together... which are Geometric, Vibrational, Energetic... anything but linear.... yet in the 3rd & 4th Dimension, Linear/Time/Separation is how we understand and see.

Now, I don't "do" religion, as this is not what Ascension is technically about. It's about RETURNING TO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS and UNIFYING all of our Existences, awakening all of our aspects, both "lower" (ego) and "Higher" Selves.... Some will have biblical references, some Egyptian, some Galactic, some LeMUrian/Atlantean, mystical and Mythological too, with scientific and Quantum Physics at the CORE of our EXISTENCES. It's also our new language, as Light, and explains "HOW" everything works/truly is. As our DNA awakens, our "new genius"/higher consciousness intelligence replaces our human intelligence.

The JOURNEY OF MULTI-DIMENSIONALITY is Awakening to ALL of these existences and aspects, and even more than that, the ENERGY OF EACH activating INSIDE OF US... instead of a "concept" or "phenomena" or "theory"....

Multi-Dimensionality is our NEW EARTH EXISTENCE... and it's what each is here to awaken to/through and "learn" how to maneuver, navigate and Master... until the "Higher Dimensional Realms" of what starts as "just Consciousness", becomes our actual PHYSICAL REALITY EXPERIENCE in every way. Naturally and organically... it's not a "trying" or "practice" anymore... it's HOW WE LIVE OUR LIVES... in absolutely EVERY WAY.... here/now.

p.s. I'll cover more Sacred Geometry/Quantum Geometrics as we continue through this series together!

Nothing else mattered... (not really, but making a point with words).... which then activated NEW Earth to start to become visible, for me to re-work my own reality to start to experience NEW EARTH too.

All of a sudden, I mattered, my body mattered, those in my life mattered, my relationships mattered and 'things' no longer mattered... as I gained a new "respect" for all.... the complete opposite of "before". All of a sudden, my toughness started to go and I was faced with having to choose to allow myself to be vulnerable and open completely up, moving beyond all of the judgment, because the next phases were going to require that my heart was wide open, so that my Merkaba could activate.... and I could start to further fulfill my higher purpose roles.

I started acting from a semi-conscious place. I say semi, because full consciousness didn't come until later, once I no longer played in the ego games and ascended my own consciousness to begin the "physical body ascension process", which took about another year.

I actually started CARING about myself and others and started working through my own perceived limits and fears, stepping up to be visible and to make a difference here.  I started teaching, sharing,  doing sessions, speaking and doing media events, attending local meetings to connect with others, even holding local commUNITY events to assist others seeking solace in kindness and wanting to tune their own ENERGY to a higher vibration too. 

I still did not understand everything... yet deep inside of me I knew how important "this new information was", yet I had to take it all and re-package it in all new ways, because all I'd learned, still was "the old ways/belief systems" and there was "new information" that changed the dynamics of all.

I had started taking Energy Classes and experimenting with "everything energy", metaphysical and spiritual too. Crystals, oracle cards, pendulums, books to s-t-r-e-t-c-h my mind (consciousness), meetings/gatherings with others, you name it... I was in it "full blown". Now, I didn't quite understand it all at first, which is the point. It's an "act of Congress" to get us out of our heads and to start to "believe" in "this weird stuff". Yet, this weird fascination, was like a tractor beam that just got stronger every day. Before I knew it, my every moment was "this" and my old life... welp... lets just say, I can't remember it. lol
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As we let completely go, our body density changes. All of that "heavy" stuff we used to believe, hang on to and allow, was weighing us down. Yet until our bodies get so heavy we can't hardly move, often barely unable to function or walk, we don't realize this. All that was "compressed/compacted" in these bodies, which created dense matter that weighted us/anchored us in the "lower dimensional/density realms".  As photonic Light activates inside, gravity changes and we start to FEEL heaviness and LIGHT. Sometimes just an emotion, others physically, other times in our FIELD, this is an immense process, so we go back and forth and shift vibrationally more as we consciously release those old programs and dissolve/resolve where they are located inside.  Constant body-field magnetics re-calibration is a continual part of our higher dimensional processes here. 
... whatever words you identify with, they all end up being the same. There are other words to describe, like separating off from Source/Light. They are all true... as well as many others too. We birthed in a pod, were dropped of by a ship... yep... get as creative as you want. It can actually be quite fun!

Our "Return to Consciousness" means that we have to constantly elevate and expand our consciousness to REMEMBER FULLY here. Our bodies are included in this, they come with us this time. ♥ 
We expand and elevate our consciousness "back" to that dimension, that Universe, that Galaxy, that Existence... and as we do, WE REMEMBER.... and we bring that knowledge, those aspects, that information, those realities here.... and as we do, our bodies evolve, therefore our physical realities do too.

Observe your boxes, your limits, your conditions... all the things you "think" you "need" to be a certain way. Now, look at your "go-to's", your habits, what you "fall back on" as "safe". Look at where you allow yourself to venture off, explore, play... Observe your current priorities. What would you "do", if you woke up tomorrow and everything you "depend on" is "gone"? Would you "break" down inside? Would you lose hope? OR, would you KNOW that something more aligned, more awesome needs to come forth, that you have NEW REALITIES that are much higher aligned? Do you explore, get creative, play? Do you let yourself get dirty and jump around in the rain? What would you LOVE to do, if the limits were removed? Who's the one enforcing those limits? Who's allowing them to dictate? Are you feeding your Spirit/your Soul, nurturing your body and truly happy inside? These are the questions we ask ourselves, so that we can see, what we've made a priority, where we waste/spend/focus our energy and how open we are to exploring, sharing, getting adventurous, courageous and allowing ourself to get a little bit crazy, let go and just BE whatever WE FEEL LIKE.... now. ♥ Follow the energetic "trails" and see where they lead you. You might be quite surprised!!!
Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

               ♥ Lisa
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