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New Earth Transitions Email Series: Week #17
EM-BODY'ing NEW Earth

WE BEcome the Embodiment of Pure Source Consciousness/Light
HOW WE LIVE our Lives Completely Changes...

It's a BALANCE of Living as Your Highest Dimensional Aspects/Selves, Creating, Playing, Exploring, Staying Wide Open for all "NEW", Allowing all to Vibrationally Align while Seeing what Requires Vibrational Alignment by YOU

It's Each ONE of US... living AS Pure LOVE, making a Difference and No Longer Accepting the "Old Ways" as REALity anymore...

It's YOU/US BEING LIGHT... we don't "look for it out there". It's INSIDE and we embrace, nurture, grow, expand and HOLD THIS... NO MATTER WHAT.... we do not COMPROMISE our LIGHT ever again....

This LIGHT is the Light of our SOUL (LightBody) and it ignites, inspires, uplifts and awakens all as LOVE...


One cannot just "say the words"

Awakening from old illusions of what all PERCEIVED "REAL"ity to BE, is just the "beginning" of this whole process that entails every aspect of our BEing, Bodies and Lives...

We Literally DREAM and SLEEP ourselves awake and the processes we all go through are a part of a massive EVOLUTIONARY PROCESS here. There's no way to cover every part of "this", it's just too vast/in-depth. All we can do is share as we go, provide the knowledge and the "how to's" that we've experienced/learned, observed and understand (Remembered) through our own highest states of consciousness.

There are so many aspects of this multi-faceted, multi-dimensional journey of fully returning to BECOME PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS/LIGHT. This is a continual expansion process of opening our hearts, minds and whole BEing to understand/see the much bigger picture, so that we can comprehend the MAGNITUDE of all.... and how our individual roles are so very important for the greater whole.

First, we have to stop believing everything we learned/were told, minimizing ourselves, accepting anything LESS that PURE LOVE and open up to that which is going to challenge our ego aspect in absolutely every way.  Full Surrender of our Ego is absolutely necessary to experience this without resistance, where judgment and suffering are born from/held. We really really really have to get on-board with that which makes no logical sense and accept that our ego aspect hasn't got a clue, yet we, deep inside, on a Soul Level.... we so completely do. 

This week, I'm going to touch on a few topics that have become prevalent through the "Observable Universal/Cosmic View."

For many, this takes our lives in COMPLETELY DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS than we once could have ever perceived. An "entire life change" is not often accepted by the human aspect with grace and ease. Yet, as we all clear the programming and conditioning held, the mis-perceptions of all, the closed-mindedness and the resistance to this, a beautiful Divine Life opens up for us all to EXPERIENCE and LIVE FULLY here.

Along this journey of awakening, ascension/descension, multi-dimensional merging/integration and Higher Self Embodiment... no matter what aspect we are activating, the basis for all is PURE LOVE. Whether we are in the "immense knowledge" sharing phase, or the JUST BEING PURE LIGHT, or strong CREATIVE energy or BEING A TESTAMENT through our Energy/Actions.... the basis for all that we are and do, is PURE DIVINE ESSENCE and a LOVE SO Pure... that those we come into contact with, those who "enter our worlds" are activated to REMEMBER the beauty, our connections, the kindness, the CARE too.


The PURE Love that we are is how we RECOGNIZE each other here. The "form" we are in doesn't matter... what we "have" or "do" doesn't matter... what matters is our ABILITY to live from this PURE PLACE inside of us with every act, with every word, with everything... which is the "challenge" at first, because of all of the programming we all held within our physical form.... and this process of RETURNING, is the "clearing process" of that which is NOT PURE and NOT WHO WE ARE (anymore).


"How long" each takes to get to this place, this space inside, to hold this, to maintain this, to LIVE this fully, will be determined by many things... "how long" is dependent on how long we can "stay awake" and not got back to sleep (unconscious) anymore....

How long is determined by linearity, physical body density (not weight/that's different) "How Long" is not linear. It's quantum and determined by the amount of Light WE HOLD with our whole BEing and in everything WE are and do.

How long/when... is up to each one of us, fully embracing and LIVING "this".

With our ENTIRE BEING and our EVERY BREATH... 

Each phase of awakening/ascension is a process of going inward to connect. What it takes for each one of us to do this (conscious or unconscious), determines how extreme, intense, graceful and challenging this VAST process is. 

It's not "just" "Oh, I woke up". It doesn't work linearly like that. The "waking up" (awakening process) occurs over our whole lives here. There are phases of awakening, phases of ascension, phases of decent/descension, phases of anchoring, phases of remembering, phases of expansion, phases of contraction and phases of going unconscious/in and out of consciousness.... which all correlate to our physical reality, physical bodies, emotional energy and how INTEGRATED we are as PURE SOULS here. 

This is a DNA AWAKENING and EVOLUTIONARY process.... that can't be understood with the old mindsets of "before". Those "parameters"/beliefs/mentalities do not apply when it comes to PHYSICAL BODY ASCENSION and the immensity of the body awakening to actually HOLD the vastness and immensity of SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS/PHOTONIC LIGHT. 

In order to "access" Heaven for anchoring here, we sift through all that "is not heaven", "is not Pure", is not Love, is not sacred, is not of our absolute highest dimensional aspects/versions here. This "sifting" process is an immense clearing process. There is deep purging, deeply embedded conditioning/programming and deep cleansing on a cellular and body template level that must occur so that all CAN find/access/re-connect with HEAVENLY ASPECTS and immense integration processes to actually hold/live as/Embody these aspects within our physical forms here. 

All that is not PURE (Soul/OverSoul Level) represents a phase I named the "dis-disillusionment phase". This is what I refer to as the 4th Dimension, which is where we all live/remain as we work through all of the duality/separation within ourselves, so that we can return to LIVE AS UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS here.  I also refer to this dimension as "the Space In-Between", as well as Purgatory/Bardo... as they all apply to the various stages of the 4th Dimension vibrationally. Activating, accessing and bringing forth HEAVEN as an actual reality to live out fully, means we have to integrate and align fully within ourselves and then honor/allow/re-align our physical to our new vibrational frequency/level of Consciousness, so that the physical is "re-worked" by each one of us. We don't "sit around waiting" for "one day". We see what has to be aligned, what we are to pull completely away from and we ACT accordingly. This ACTION is from our deeply connected and sacred place inside, so that when we ACT, there's no ego/unconscious programming involved. This is what "moves" our realities "faster", because we REMEMBER that WE as PURE CONSCIOUSNESS (on a Soul Level) are the ONES that dictate REALity, and not the other way around.  Every ounce of judgment has to go for this part. 

Accessing/anchoring Heaven within our physical bodies as well as our external reality, has different focal points, different purposes, different things that inspire, different things that make us happy, bring joy and excite us to want to do more, be more, while being releasing all that no longer serves any of our highest everything here. 

There comes a "moment" (Zero Point Reset) in each of our journeys, where we hear/see/feel/know/sense/understand that it's "time" to shift things within ourselves, our own physical realities and start honoring our physical bodies (LightBodies, yet at first, our light is small/dim/appears "non-existent", even "smoldering" ... yet as we start to make our own vibration a priority, then an acceleration process for each's Ascension begins. First it will come by way of seeing things "off", by not being drawn to the things we were before, through a desire for "something more", just wanting to be happy, seeking something "different" (even though we might not know what yet), starting to care for our bodies, starting to change the way we eat or how we spend our "time", who we surround ourselves with, what we do for joy.... needing to be out in nature more... and "these things" mean that we are starting to align inside and disconnect from that which we used to fill our realities with. It can also come by abruptness, perceived devastation or loss, the end of something (job, relationship, living space), or our physical body/"heal"th can start to "go sideways" (which is a whole different topic on DNA repair/re-writes that's way to huge for this sharing here).  Whatever it is, it's all a part of this process. Most are unaware that our entire life has to change. Our ego will fight this process, yet all of this is for us and what we chose/most desire on a Soul Level. The "sooner" we open up, the easier it is on us and "how" all occurs.... this can be as simple or as rough as we created/require.


This is challenging for some for awhile. As WE become the VASTNESS OF THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE, what we "have in our lives" shifts to minimal for awhile. This has many purposes. One of them is so that we can CLEAR OUR FIELD of all that's not highest aligned and star to only "fill it" with that which is vibrationally supportive of our NEW EARTH REALITIES... often that we create/build from scratch from deep inside. That which we "fill our Universal Space" with is different than before.... everyone and everything now have a vibrational PURPOSE and benefit the GREATER WHOLE...

What we in-JOY changes constantly, what our current higher purposes are also changes as we all "grow"/expand/shift/go... and as our RELATIONSHIP to all shifts inside, our relationships to/with all "out there" does as well...  Keeping our fields clear is a huge part of this process... one where all is SIMPLE and PURE. Each phase is different though, as we acclimate and come to re-connect, we will move in and out of various phases, so it's important to HONOR what we feel is most appropriate for us and LISTEN to that inner/higher guidance that shows us what's important for the current phase we are in. Once we complete a certain phase, we move into a whole new one, that has "new" purposes, as a part of the "much bigger picture" too. ♥

Every step, every breath, every act... you/we are all BIRTHING, BUILDING, CREATING AND FORMING A WHOLE NEW EARTH EXISTENCE where the FOUNDATIONS and INFRASTRUCTURES ARE SOLID, because all is BUILT, CONSTRUCTED AND BORN out of the PURE LOVE that we all ARE. ♥

Let's look at some of the words I/WE use to correlate and describe different parts of these processes that we go through along the way.

The word "anchoring", so that we really understand what I mean by this. This word is used in different contexts and mean different things, depending on what we are actually referring to.

Anchoring within our physical body vs. anchoring in our physical reality are a bit different.

When I'm referring to "anchoring" within our physical bodies, I am speaking of when a ridiculous amount of photonic light is activated and our head/pineal gland and/or bodies start to get "heavy" (feeling the gravitational density) and our bodies want to shut down/sleep/rest/lay around and we are unable to really "do" anything at all. This is a SUPER MEGA IMPORTANT PART OF THE PROCESS... that makes no linear sense at all. Immense distortion clearing occurs here, as well as "traveling" through our PHOTONIC DNA, as well as re-working immense CODING, so that our LIVES can become MUCH SIMPLER and we can RETURN to LIVING FROM much higher states of Consciousness here. 

When I'm referring to "anchoring" higher dimensional realities into our physical, then that's kind of completely different.

PICTURE (In-Vision)
being SO floaty, that you don't feel teathered to anything at all

PICTURE (Inner-Vision)
the Heavens/Galaxies opening up to "gift you" access to immense information that will "change everything we call reality" and "the whole world"

PICTURE (See from inside)
"PULLING INFORMATION" from "SPACE", from the HEAVENS, Galaxies and BEyond
and then INCORPORATING THIS into your own own REALITIES here... while sharing that which will assist others with doing the same in their own realities too... 

In one aspect, to anchor in, means to hold on to this "high frequency light"... to utilize this to CREATE stability and to solidify that which "has already occurred" on a "much higher dimensional level".... so that our realities don't collapse, disintegrate or go sideways anymore. When we are anchoring new realities, we are basically "pulling all out of the ethers" (or they are being handed/gifted to us, which is the same, because it's all in our own Light Encoded LightBody DNA).... So in essence we are BECOMING that which we already are... 

We have to learn to decode and read this light encoded data, which we all hold the capability for inside.... by learning to open up fully and embrace, we each are completely re-creating our own LIVES to be HIGHEST ALIGNED...

To live from our deepest inner-connection, to take these "invisible realities/codes" and to CREATE/BUILD/FORM/SHAPE all new realities that are SOUL ALIGNED and PURE.  WE BREATHE CONSCIOUSNESS into EVERYTHING

Our bodies go through a lot when our various LightBodies are activating immense amount of Light for us to integrate/assimilate/hold inside fully. We have to "learn" how to function in all new ways QUANTUM ways. How our bodies "respond to this", changes with each phase.... yet basically, gravity will do, which changes the density of all.... making "density" easier to feel/clear. This can be physical density, emotional density, mental density and external density.... by way of programs, others, situations, mentalities and more. That which is "heavy" can be felt. That which is Light is too. At first we don't comprehend what all is going on and we attribute all to "something else". As we simplify, as we tune in, as we become more conscious, our awareness of what all is shifts and we have a greater capacity to shift all easier, because we can identify density, identify Pure Love, identify Ego programming, identify (hear/see/feel/understand) the ENERGY OF ALL... and how all correlates to what "creates" realities, holds realities in place, clears timelines, opens up portals for all new and assists/supports us all as LOVE and what does not, which is beyond important to "really get". 

I see a lot of people using the word, yet still don't get what this means. To fully INTEGRATE LIGHT is to completely surrender to a PROCESS that requires "shut down" modes so our bodies can "do" this immense process on a DNA/Template building level....

This will shift how we act, live, exist here. It means our value systems completely change, our priorities change, what we allow changes and how we show up changes too. It means that we have the capacity to LIVE AS PURE LOVE easier, because we hold more Light than we did even a nano-second ago....

Integrating means our physical Lightbodies have completed an immense re-write process... some will say "I'm integrating" when they mean they are " absorbing or processing". Integrating and processing are actually different. You look at yourself and see if you can tell the different and I'll move onto the next "word" to observe.... 

This is how easily and "fast" we process Light Encoded Data, Light Intelligence and Information through our entire Electromagnetic BEing.... Yes, it will relate to how long we "think" about things, yet it's actually so much more than that. Our processing speeds are relative to how carbon-based and how Crystalline/Plasma our physical LightBodies are, how linear or Quantum we are,  various levels of density and which upgrade phase we currently are in as well. When we are transitioning over from a linear (head driven) reality to a non-linear (heart-aligned) reality, "how" our bodies process and recalls information changes. How vast our field is will completely dictate this.

This is each's ability to LIVE AS HIGHEST ASPECT BEINGS FULLY, WITHOUT THEIR EGO ASPECT being a part of the EQUATION... The human aspect will "think" that just because it had an expansion to "see", that they "understand" everything (ego)... when in essence, its when we don't "need to claim" how much we embody, how much we know, how much we understand and we JUST LIVE IT and BE IT FULLY...  (there's a vibrational difference in Wayshowing/Teaching vs. "talking"). Embodiment is how the templates for our NEW REALITIES ARE BUILT... first within our bodies, which occurs NATURALLY AND ORGANICALLY - EVERY TIME we come from this Purest place inside, every time we realign our entire lives, every time we no longer accept the old, every time we step up to fulfill and DO that which is HIGHEST ALIGNED... our LightBody Templates are "built". This is a process that takes many linear years, as there is a GESTATION PHASE from the point of inception/conception/Creation to the point where the "whole reality" comes into fruition and materializes into physical form. The more Quantum we are, the less we "live" in linear "time", so we just keep creating, being, doing and when/as we integrate enough PHOTONIC LIGHT for our overall physical body/reality to harmonize/sync up/fully re-calibrate/recode.... the "external" is activated to "materialize" (come forth). Existence is beyond "easy", because we are not "playing in the old" (transmitting this out/allowing it) anymore, therefore our "signals" are not convoluted.... for our realities to be able to vibrationally align in response. EMBODIMENT IS LIVING IT fully, as Christed Light BEings, as Pure Galactics/God Source/Creator Consciousness, so much that we INFLUENCE and affect reality, not the other way around.


I'd held every "responsible" job possible, which all "lent" to the skills I'd bring forth to utilize when it was "time" for me to transition my whole life over from old earth to new and embrace all of my "new" abilities too, which are infinite and expand as we do. 

Business management/running companies, computer programming, building websites (and so much more), I had gotten "really good" at remembering everything, until it came time for me to start clearing my "human" akash (and karmic timelines/realities/whole human experience) for my own Ascension to occur. 

"All of a sudden", I could not remember anything at all. My human brain had been a massive "storage system" for details, passwords, memories and "how to" everything... yet I found myself not able to remember anything at all much of the time. Completely blank. No recall what-so-ever. I couldn't hardly remember my name, my address, any passwords, much less all of that information that I'd worked so hard to retain. Gone.

At first it scared the mess out of me. Losing everything, my balance was off (even falling down, breaking bones and embarrassing myself), losing money, car keys (the most often of all), crystals... once I even got so lost and confused, I lost my car in a parking deck, panicked and had to call for "help"... completely "lost" and confused... I had to learn to slow wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy down, create new ways to maneuver massive dimensional shifts and learn how to adapt to these "new things" that "took over" my life and my ability to control anything at all.....

I started "writing myself notes", so that I could refer to these when I shifted to a different dimension and forgot the previous one. I learned to write everything down, record important stuff so I could refer to my notes, when my linear brain went off line. I called these "multi-dimensional messages in a bottle". lol

I learned to "sit" and honor and allow my body to process at whatever rate it needed to/took. What used to take me 5 minutes would take hours or all day sometimes. Learning "patience" and "presence" was an understatement for awhile. I learned to "pull my consciousness" back to the present moment and stop "wandering off into other times". I learned to expand my consciousness from "this space/moment" across all dimensions/times... so that I could "see" all from my highest vibrational perspective, observe, access the information and then "do" in the physical, without leaving the "present moment".... I could "see" "years" in advance, according to human perception, yet as we merge fully inside on a Soul Level, "time" is different for us.

Time is a perception viewed from a place/space of separation within us and held in our 3rd/4th Dimensional body template. As we raise our body's overall vibration, then "time" will start to wave, move, go backwards/forwards, slow down, speed up and disappear completely.... As we unify inside, as our Soul "drives" and "runs our show", then "time" ceases to exist in every way.... 

Once we "learn" to function from present moment (Pure Presence), which can take years of working through the separation we held within, certain programs that have to clear our physical body vessel/template, then we gain access to "way in the future" and seeing various "timelines" and "realities", so that we can fulfill much higher dimensional roles from a Quantum Level of Consciousness with great ease. Up until then, we are working through our own separation and learning to work/live/exist in Unity, in every reality, contribute and trust/show we can be trusted, not to go unconscious ever again. 

Gaining the ability to maintain an expanded state of consciousness, in every exchange, situation and atmosphere/experience, I was able to "take my consciousness" into any potential reality, see, get the information and then from my current space "do" all that's necessary to "accomplish/achieve" the actual reality "from here".

Our linear human aspect is so scattered and separated within, that it can't "see" all/multi-dimensionally, because we have to be in a totally UNIFIED STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS to be able to do this. The more unified I was inside, the more at peace, the more connected, the more pure/innocent and in-tune, the more became available, so that I could fulfill my own highest versions of realities on a Soul Level here.

What we don't realize at the time, is that while we are fulfilling our highest aligned realities, our own physical Heaven on Earth reality is also being accomplished/anchored in. It's by "doing" our from our highest place, that our physical is actually fully aligned too. So while we are fulfilling our NEW Earth Soul Agreements, we achieve that which serves us all as Pure Love here.  Our highest existences are simple, easy and we exist in so many different dimensions, are working in so many of these too, that the actual "physical reality" we live in is totally Quantum too. 

In my early phases of gaining access to Quantum Consciousness, I'd "flatten" all out in a 360 degree range and look at all available/needing to get done, because these were just vibrational timelines/realities/outcomes that had already been achieved. I learned to get up each day, focus my energy and accomplish the "things" that were available as "future realities"... and to "discard/release" all of the ones that were not highest aligned. 

But first, I had to "learn" to get present, stay present and just BE. This was one of the "hardest things" at first, because of how "busy" my inside/outside was, yet all from a disconnected space, so none of my life was "Conscious/highest aligned". I had to "learn" to let all fall away, to get silent/still and open my heart.... (preferable over "the other ways" of ripping walls down/breaking me down/busting my heart open", like all of the "years (experiences)" before... Beyond "challenging" was an understatement, as we don't "do" this the way "we think". Getting out in nature and just letting everything go, connecting and being really present, talking to myself/my Universe/listening to the "answers" and frequencies, as well as building my own inner Light through sun-charging (and other things) were KEY.

Sitting and "watching" nature... yes, just observing as the wind blew, as flower petals moved, birds, animals, children and people all moved about...  inner-acting in subtle, soft and silent ways... sitting on a park bench journaling my thoughts/feelings/observations/ideas.... whatever felt appropriate, I had to "learn" to "flow" without letting my ego me get in the way. To flow in Unison with the wind, nature and presence.... and then... I was able to start experiencing multi-dimensionality in all new ways. I had to learn to BE SILENT and wide open and in tune. Once I mastered this, I kinda never wanted to BE any other way. So then, the next phase began.

We start SIMPLE, with those in our immediately lives, those we connect with out in public, various commUNITY activities, each exchange that we have and with Gaia too. Sometimes we go to areas and just beam Light out to activate all with our hands, body and entire energy field.

Simple things show us how much of an impact kindness can make, how infectious laughter and pure happiness is, how much fun it is to play and create and inspire others, as well as assisting others (where highest aligned) with breaking through old programming and shifting to higher heart connected states too.

We in-JOY it so much, that we start to do it more, in other ways, because we start to realize how important activating through Pure Love is for us all. Besides, many of us worked ourselves to death as humans, so when we finally breathe this magic and the freedom and ease it brings, we are the ones needing to take a break for awhile, relax and rest, which allows our bodies to do what they need to do, to prepare us for our next phases... in a week, in a month, in a few years... we will know. 


Your human aspect must be open to taking direction, instructions, guidance, without "any proof" up front. You won't get all of the answers at first, because you are working through linear programs inside. You are working on "proving" yourself, that you can be "trusted" and hold the level of integrity/honor as your Higher/Highest Self, and at first,  none of us do.... it takes a while to "learn" how all is and to start to DO all in the physical fully too. 

I was on a "completely different path" in my life, and "thought" I was happy, yet I had no idea what that was, because I'd not EXPERIENCED NEW EARTH yet... so all I had to "go on" was my own human experience thus far. My UNIVERSAL SELF (Higher Self/Soul) had other things in store for me, yet I had to work through all of the resistance that I held and all the linear-limited perceptions to come to "trust" in the "Invisible Realms".... 

I "saw" that I was do write books, teach courses, do interviews and "Lead" for Multi-Dimensionality, yet my human ego aspect "didn't quite believe" and it held immense programming (judgement/doubt/fear/lack), that I had to "overcome" from within me... through a merging process that dissolved the programming, every time I "did an act" that brought hesitation before. I stopped "putting things off" (procrastinating) and making up excuses to NOT BE/DO.... The "words" inside were that this was IMPORTANT FOR HUMANITY and my little human didn't get a say-so or play small anymore. I was shown that I had to step up, into the doubt/judgement/fear and I had to fulfill these roles, as it was important for all of us here... so I "had to listen", because I'd AGREED TO ON A GALACTIC SOUL LEVEL, before every "coming here".... so little by little, every step of the way, I did... I embraced the "crazy" and went all in... and while there are challenging parts, the vastness of the magnificence of our NEW EARTH EXISTENCES... make old earth realities look like "nothing"...

Our "old earth realities" pale in comparison. Literally. In every way. 
I REMEMBER when I started working with Energy through my Hands

At first it was "hard", because I was soooooo linear about everything (in my head) and had so much judgment anything I couldn't logically explain. FEELING realities made no sense at all. Besides, all I'd ever felt was pain, disappointment and hurt, except when I looked out for myself (ego protection mode of not letting anyone in and not trusting anyone but myself). , because I bout any of "this".  Even my ego me took a class (not really, as my Soul was "getting me there, yet my ego reasoning was still a huge part of "why" I actually went (seeking a certificate). Except, I was "broken" and just plain "lost" and "seeking anything" that could maybe "help me" with my messed up me, while occupying all this "time" I had "suddenly", without a job (previous workaholic), I was "lost".  My income dramatically reduced to "minimal" compared to my really well paying previous, now non-existent job... I found a Reiki Class listed on Meetup and the "word" really just "called me". (I realized later this was a light encoded word to start many of us on our path of awakening through working with Energy. Because it was donation based, I went. Little did I know how important this would be for me. (I recommend energy classes for anyone desiring to understand more). 

While Reiki is just an "opener" and a way to activate, expand and for some do energy work, I needed it for me and to assist me with clearing my heavy duty stuff, as well as giving me confidence, activating my own Light and assisting me with bringing forth/Remembering the LightBody Energy that I came to do as a part of my own unification and Energy Technology Abilities here.  I started using my hands to FEEL the vibration of everything, charge everything, tune and create various energy points and more. I could "read" items vibrations to tell what was vibrationally supportive and what was not. I could "read" the energy of supplements, bottles, foods and more to be able to tell if ingredients were pure or had chemicals or just not of the highest vibration.....

Once I learned how to use my hands, then my abilities start to expand/grow. Soon my whole body was the cosmic portal and was what charged/held the field in place. Way cool!

Because I was so deep asleep, stubborn and "fixed" in my realities/mentalities, several things had to occur along the way to SHAKE/SCARE ME into presence. Because our ego functions from survival modes and fear, then usually it was fear, loss or desperation that got my heart open, got me present, got me "serious" enough to listen/focus and open up to "something different" than my little human me kept doing. My ego was so in charge, that something "stronger" had to happen to get my attention and let me know that I was no longer "in charge"... and it took a lot! Sometimes "near death" experiences or "threat of death", sometimes "no money" or fear of losing something/someone.... 

At one point (or many points) (which is a Zero Point, as we have infinite Zero Points that create a "new reset"), I was sooooooo deep into unconscious patterns, where I didn't yet love or respect myself (yet I was totally unaware of this), where my heart was completely closed and I was either just trying to FEEL (dead inside) or ESCAPE FEELING TOO MUCH (I had both extremes), that my higher self/universe HAD TO GET MY ATTENTION, because I was so shut off that I could not see/hear (would not listen). I was deep into the "rabbit hole" of inner-struggle/fight/hell and didn't even know it. A few "threats" shook me into presence, kind of like being shaken/shocked awake, scared awake....

Yes, it's so backwards, as it took being faced with EXTREME FEAR to get me out of my never-ending unconscious loop cycle that I somehow felt secure in. At one point, I knew, if I did not change my ways, that there would be no turning back. It was time to get my "own yard" cleaned up (inside and my life), which was going to be an immense process within itself.

I had to "find love for me", be kind to myself, choose myself for the very first time, in a very different way, and stop allowing myself to enter into/create those unconscious things to start with. This was a total shift in awareness, priorities and focus. I started taking care of me, letting everything not supporting this go and "I" became my new priority, my inner-work and keeping my heart open without shutting it anymore. This would prove to be a full-time job. I was my new full-time job for awhile. Then once I was able to "find" my own light, nurture, grow and hold my own light, I could then step in to other roles, that allowed me to do this for/with others too!

I was in-training for service by honoring me/my physical LightBody, so that I could turn around and then teach/show others "how" to do this too. ♥ I went from no respect to complete respect, because my heart was finally open and LOVE was starting to emerge within me, which meant I could let go of all of that other stuff. It didn't matter anymore. ♥ 

P.S. The 5th Dimension, there's no fear, so all of that "fear programming" must clear our entire body templates and cellular memory, so that we can live FREE, happy and as LOVE! Later, deeper levels of akashic clearings will become visible again, yet it's just a program and "not real", so your LightBody clears this for you and you allow it to leave your entire field. You "don't believe" that anymore. It's just in your cells and your LightBody breaks this down for you and restructures on a cellular level, all new codes, which correlate to all new "realities" that have nothing to do with lack/conditioning/programs/fear. ♥

Get quite, sit and OPEN UP to see the POSSIBILITIES available to YOU
ARE YOU READY TO BE TOTALLY OPEN TO THESE as ACTUAL REALities, without creating stories of lack, fear or doubt?
Can you SEE all that you will TOUCH by LIVING AS PURE LOVE?
ARE YOU READY inside, really truly ready to start IMPLEMENTING WAYS TO CREATE CHANGE in your own life that will activate THOSE OTHER DIMENSIONAL REALITIES to come forth? 
ARE YOU READY to live beautiful DREAMS by letting go of all that no longer supports? ARE YOU READY TO SIMPLIFY and not complicate all from within?
Your "answer" (energy) will determine "how/when".
How = with each little step or Quantum Jump
When = as you Surrender your Ego and allow to be a REALity deep within you NOW The "Inner" creates the "outer"
You are multi-dimensional
The ones you EXPERIENCE are the ones you believe, insist upon, create, call forth, hold the VIBRATIONS FOR and allow... 
Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

               ♥ Lisa
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