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New Earth Transitions Email Series: Week #4
Sleeping to Awaken from Old Illusions, While Activating HD LightBodies for Accessing and Anchoring Our REAL HD NEW Earth REALities & Dreams into OUR/THIS Physical here
We Literally are Constantly Anchoring our Highest Dimensional Dreams into our Physical Realities Here - Through our Bodies
It's challenging at first, and here and there along the way. The amount of photonic light (our Galactic Soul Source Consciousness), that bombards our systems for integrating fully, well... takes immense patience, understanding and fully surrendering our entire ego to honor a process that will literally open up PORTALS to other dimensional realities, so that we can see (and Experience) how REAL all is and that REALLY DOES EXIST.... 

It doesn't make "logical" sense to go to sleep, and sleep all day (or much of the week or a month or constantly on and off for a year or a few years), when we have "responsibilities" and "important things"..... (all a 3D and partially a 4D Level of Consciousness)...

Our human aspect does not fully comprehend the IMPORTANCE of sun-charging, sleeping, relaxing, alone time, nature and rest for our bodies, in order to wake up fully, clear the immense programming held on a cellular level and access our higher dimensional realities/states. 

Each dimension/dimensional LIGHTbody (human body, LightBody, Crystalline LightBody, Plasma Crystalline LightBody, Avatar LightBody.... requires and utilizes the sleep state differently.... 

There are phases where our LightBody kicks in and we don't need much sleep at all. We are creating, creating, creating... all of our NEW realities, which will be this way for awhile. As we enter other LightBody Phases, those linear capabilities will go, as we learn a whole new way of functioning, "higher levels" of Quantum States of Consciousness, where our LightBodies process Light Data differently, and function very differently than before. 

Sleep, rest, alone time and uniting with others truly ready to fulfill highest everything through their own committed, dedicated and invested energy too... these are always at the top of our list.

Patience, full presence, honoring, allowing and observing.... creating, accomplishing, being productive, contributing, sharing, uplifting, inspiring, igniting, catalyzing... these are are too.

Through the years and different phases, I've written continuously about sleeping, foggy groggy, memories going and how our NEW Earth LightBodies work, as well as how our realities work too. Feel free to explore these, as they always apply.... they are Quantum (not linear). ♥
Without a friggin clue. Working hard, playing hard, raising children, making money, being broke, various relationships, jobs... whatever "human life" we chose..... We lived in a veiled state of amnesia in what "appeared" to be an awake state... yet totally asleep.  Yep, exactly, appears to be kind of "messed up", right? Yet, that's only one fractal/version of the "picture". 
I had NO IDEA that we slept to wake up! Not only that, I had no idea HOW MUCH! At first, it was a challenge, because I was a work-aholic and didn't allow myself to slow down or sleep. Sleep was to recuperate from being exhausted from overworking myself, so I could get back up and overwork myself more. It wasn't until "my Universe" removed my job (making me a full-time job for awhile), so that I'd have no choice but to go inward and learn to pay attention to my body, which was craving and begging for rest/sleep. My body was exhausted, run in the ground and yet I still didn't know how to "listen" or "honor". My body was something I "overrode" and controlled, which resulted in unconscious neglect and abuse. All of those "conditions", were my suppression, ignoring and unconscious behaviors. It wasn't until my body shut down (again), that I was "forced" to listen, simply because I couldn't physically do anything else. It also "forced" me to find "alternative", since all conventional methods no longer worked. (Because they are not supposed to/won't anymore). 

It was here that I would open those "spiritual" books, watch those YouTube Videos, take those courses and studying Metaphysics. Taking energy classes and receiving "atTUNEments", doing neuro-feedback, exploring crystals, vibrational "healing" and natural support. I also learned how to intentionally "Lucid Dream", as well as many other topics important to elevating my own consciousness. Every day I'd run and get in the bed and go to sleep, following the coursework for "how" and every time I'd have the most amazing and bizarre experiences, that just made me want to do this more!

I cleaned my room, got fresh plants, some crystals, new sheets and a comforter, new pillows and ohhhhhh it was PURE HEAVEN.... my new "favorite" place in the world. It would be this way for awhile, as I cleared old programs/timelines/density and activated my LightBody too. I'd get up, do what work I needed to do, in order to make sure my life/agreements ran smoothly and that I took care of the daily things and the rest of the time I explored, slept, opened portals and entered a whole new dimensional reality too! 
Our human bodies are the KEY to all of this, yet that's the "last place" most of us "go". It's not a "one time thing" or a "surface" thing. We have to go deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep inside, beneath what's comfortable at first, to reconnect with our Soul, deep inside to listen or see.... our bodies have to evolve. Consciousness is buried in our DNA, all en-coded in geometrics that "awaken" by way of certain "activators", which are vibrational and occur in INFINITE  ways. 
Little did I understand how true this actually was. As my heart got jolted/shocked awake,  sometimes just like a defibrillator, electricity started to run through me (my LightBody activating through Gamma Frequencies). Every "jolt" in my physical reality, every shock, every thing that scared the hell out of me or shook me... all a part of opening my heart, blowing my mind and releasing the hold that my "tight brain" had on things. I didn't realize, for a long time, how there are "soft ways" to wake up, and "harsh".  

Each phase was different, of course, yet as an unconscious human, I was walking in frequency bandwidths with my heart closed, which meant my fixed mind/sets were "closed"/limited too. Without that deep SOUL connection inside, my body/spirit/soul, in essence was "dead", because I was not living a vibrant, in-tune, harmonic existence, by way of embracing, nurturing and activating my own Light. I was unaware and functioning day to day, just trying to "make it through" and achieve something that "I thought" was happiness ... until I "got there" and it was empty. The "black hole" that was never filled. The never-ending cycle of "chasing more", to always never have enough... 

As my reality resembled a "house of cards" and I understood less and less with every success and all of my "hard work", my nervous system reached "maximum capacity", it seemed like the harder I worked to maintain control, the less control I had. I didn't know I was seeking validation through others, or that the stronger I was, the more walls I built to protect myself, the harder I was going to "fall" to wake up. I didn't realize that I was so strong that I was actually hiding my own weaknesses. I didn't realize that I'd given my power away in every way, because that not what I told myself or how I saw things. I didn't realize that I was carrying sooooo much, that I didn't know how to love or accept myself. My whole world/reality had to turn upside down for this. I was living in a 'fake' reality... and didn't have a clue. 

My body got heavier, weighted, more dense... I felt like the walking dead... barely able to function, often dragging my body around and trying to do the best I could. Living and aging in a body that didn't "fit" or make any logical sense at all. Always some "condition" and some kind of struggle. I had no idea what true peace was. I don't think I had ever experienced it, so I didn't know I was missing it. Same for all of the amazingness that comes through deep inner sacred connections. These were foreign to me "here".

I had controlled and suppressed my feelings so much, as I didn't "like" the discomfort or pain. I had "learned" to "take something" to stop the pain... not realizing it wasn't stopping the pain, it was suppressing it... to emerge with a vengeance, like the wrath of hell unleashed.  I didn't know all of those emotions created physical pain and represented my own separation. I didn't know that I was unconscious and asleep. I would have argued forever on this. No way was this "true". Little did I know... 

I looked happy, thought I was happy, was having fun and successful and then kaboom kerplunk. I didn't know that it was "time to wake up" and that I had entered a "quickening phase", where all accelerated my body to "age" really fast, as my own 3D/4D timelines/realities began to dissolve and collapse, which would force my heart open beyond "fast"....

I didn't know that lethargy and heaviness and being sluggish were all a part of the waking up process of exiting an unconscious Matrix Program where I'd been deep asleep. We always think it's "others" that are asleep. It took me awhile to "get it", that I could access the "other dimensions" easier through my sleep & dream states, as well as alone time, and by going deep inside of myself to connect, tune-in and open portals my self.

 That just seems backwards right? Tis how all is for awhile.... as we start to anchor the higher realms into/through our physical body/realities our selves. 
I see others without a clue that there are infinite dimensions all around them that they can't see, feel or experience, until their hearts and minds open fully, by way of their own vibration raising high enough for their own LightBody to activate inside. I see them "thinking" they are living life, and in a way they are, the human reality/life, yet there is soooo very much more, vibrationally available... real ALIVE alternate physical realities, much higher dimensional ones... that can only be experienced by way of each's bodies and energy field vibrating and spinning at a higher oscillatory rate to be able to shift to a completely different dimension.

Our focus and priorities "give us" the physical reality aligned with our current overall vibration/level of consciousness. We all walk around vibrating/transmitting and experiencing our own realities... with our Universes/realities/dimensions only criss-crossing long enough for energy to be activated and exchanged. In order to exist in the same vibrational timeline/reality/dimension... we each/all have to vibrate similarly, which aligns by way of synchronized harmonics.

When we were unconscious, everything was very different. Our physical realities were very different. Our perceptions were too. What we were seeking is what fueled realities, which created all from "need".

As we awaken, we start out on a "Seeker's Path", to try to understand all. Yet eventually we stop seeking, therefore our realities and relationships change too. No longer seeking, why we come together changes. We are no longer filling a black hole/void space/need within ourselves. Our whole existence shifts to "fulfilling" higher purposes, which give us purpose, a sense of new worth and ignites our Soul from inside.

As we awaken, our heart opens and we find what makes us happy is simple. It's not complicated like before. Yes, all of our "stuff" starts coming up, we start feeling everything, yet as our bodies all tune to higher frequencies easier, the lower frequency programming is allowed to clear our bodies, finally. Becoming fully conscious occurs in stages, LightBody stages actually. Our DNA constantly rewriting itself, our bodies completely reconfigure themselves, clearing the density and veils of amnesia from within. Sleep and alone time is a necessary part of this process, that can only be understood once each has surrendered fully and come to REMEMBER fully from within. 

As our mind relaxes, our heart is able to open more. This triggers a cellular awakening to occur. This is our LightBody, yet not understood at first, because it's an immense tuning process, clearing distortions, dualistic programming and releasing all of that discordant energy held/hidden within. At first, it's fears, limiting mindsets, judgment, blame, shame, guilt and "not enough" that we really had no clue was there, because it's not just "this existence", it's all of them, held deep within each cell. Our human called this our subconscious, others call it "dark". In essence, it's our unconscious programming, it's our separation from our self as PURE SOURCE LIGHT, it's everything "not pure/not love"... which is what held the body in the unconscious realms of amnesia before... sleeping is one way for our bodies to do immense work, as our ego gets out of the way.... 
No matter how "hard I tried", my brain was too busy, noisy, talkative, strong... or I'd fall asleep if I tried. I didn't realize that falling asleep was the masculine's way of "meditating". That and working, driving, cleaning, building stuff, exercising, weeding the garden... anything where our bodies move and we can listen to our thoughts. I bought books, read one meditation and I was out. I'd wake up "disappointed in myself", that I couldn't stay awake and "accomplish this simple thing", not realizing I was raising my vibration from a beta brainwave state to another one, then another one, then another one (to eventually Gamma), so that I could be present and not "off everywhere else" or so chaotic in my head, that my body couldn't settle down. I couldn't focus, my thoughts were everywhere else. 

One day, I heard "get up and clean, go do laundry". What? Okay fine. So while I'm hanging clothes up, my brain slowed down enough (technically I raised my conscious vibration/presence enough through movement), so that I could actual "talk" with my universe and listen to my head. Way cool! Then I started to realize I was able to "observe my thoughts" while I washed dishes in silence. The running water helped with creating a synchronized flow... that allowed my biometrics to slow down to a point where I could hear inside.... 

Then I started to realize that I could do this while I drove. I started to love 45 minute drives. So much fun inside my head now! Then I started to realize I could do this while journaling or walking out in nature.... and then everywhere.... so way cool how easy it was, when I wasn't trying so hard and just let go.  Learning how to be present was Mastery within itself. Yet once "here", I never wanted to leave, as this is where all my answers were. Inside and deeply connected with all. ♥
I became fascinated when I did a neuro-feedback session and was able to watch my brain as it responded to different stimuli. The more I did this, the more I was able to "dictate" my own brain and how it responded with various "tests" that I created to "learn". I found that I could change my brainwave state into a much higher state of consciousness, willingly and with my eyes closed, and with immense focus, expand this ability when my eyes were open too. I was newly fascinated, hearing the frequencies in my brain too, which started me down a path of testing different frequencies and tones and how my brain/body reacted, my own perception, which quickly shifted to immense ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) in a multitude of ways. I found that my "intuition" was enhanced, that my abilities to hear/see/understand things were "off the charts" too. 

I started doing Solfeggio Tones, listening to ultra high pitched frequencies, trying to "match up" all the frequencies that I heard. I started "playing" with the frequencies, which became inner-active, finding that I could "read" the frequencies, which were like "embedded messages" of brilliance and knowledge, advanced "notifications" of "the perceived future", knowledge that my human didn't have (Einstein's stuff, Tesla's Stuff, Quantum Physics, Sacred Geometry and more). I could differentiate the different tones (and energies), to hear angels, arch-angels, my higher selves, the Sun, Moon, Planets, Cosmic everything and more. This, along with many other things I explored, "triggered" new hearing & seeing abilities, as well as so much more. I had "opened up" a whole new world, invisible and inaudible before. I also learned how to "train my brain" and open up neural pathways through the expansion of photonic light in my brain. Eventually my whole body did this, naturally, as my LightBody activated fully through gamma charges to awaken and resuscitate me to a whole "new life".  I started to wear earplugs to increase audibility, starting to hear my cellular DNA and light intelligence in every way. 

The more I slept, the more in-tune my consciousness was, the easier all became. I was able to focus my consciousness in ways beyond my human comprehension. I was able to tune into other dimensions and see all around me. Then the outside started to change... because those frequencies became bandwidths, new colors and eventually a whole NEW EARTH Experience. 
It was frivolous and not possible, not real, because I had to work, and work hard, for everything... The more I worked, the more I gained, the harder I worked for more and more and more, the cycle never ended.  I could never "get enough", never have enough, as I was always "chasing that dream", yet it was a fabricated plastic one, if you will. It was built on constructs of "never enough", instead of gratitude, appreciation, sharing and caring on a Soul Level, like we do here.  I couldn't allow myself to actually relax and dream, as who was going to do the work, pay the bills?

Dreams don't pay the bills... or do they? Little did I know... how backwards my whole everything was. ♥ Yet once my heart opened and I started to dream, there was no stopping me, because portals opened up and offered the most amazing realities, if I was willing to do the "inner work" and transcend my own separation, my own duality, my own unconscious programming that I held deep within. And oh boy... it was GAME ON! 

P.S. Yes, I was a red-head, a fairy, a mermaid... and then when I entered my Angel Energy/Aspect, I went blonde. Every time I went to change it back, it just didn't "fit" me anymore. Even when I was dark caramel, that represented a different aspect of me too (I was in my heavy clearing phase during that time too). So, blonde it is... until my hair/body/universe decides differently. Actually "bald" might be in, if we stay in these massive Galactic Frequencies and our bodies don't magically generate a new head of hair, before all my hair falls out with integrating these immense Cosmic Rays (radiation). lol but seriously! oh well...

I'd LOVE for YOU to "LET GO" and CREATE a Vision Board (either on poster-board or on the computer, doesn't matter), or a Dream Journal, where you can start ANCHORING those dreams from "the higher dimensional realms" in your physical here. First we dream it, then we start to "do" what we see will "call it forth faster", while we get our vibration up and integrate enough LIGHT for our bodies to vibrate into that reality.... so... DREAM BABY... and I'll see you next week! 
Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

               ♥ Lisa
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