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New Earth Transitions Email Series: Week 16
Topic: Relationships

Human/Soul/Cosmic/Sacred/Divine - Contracts/Agreements/Self/ALL
Magnificent photo credit currently unknown, yet if someone emails me the creator, I'll most happily add it in to credit fully, as it's important for us all to do this (through integrity and love). ♥

Your first relationship is with your SELF. Your whole Self, your higher Self, Your Soul Self, Your Light Self... and the recognizing what "everything else" is..... and how all that you "thought" was you, has nothing to do with you... 

WHO you ARE, deep inside... is PURE. Pure LOVE. Pure Light. Pure Consciousness... Pure Energy in form here.

This is about coming to a place, a SPACE deep inside of you .... where YOU REMEMBER FULLY too.

You have infinite aspects, one of only which was/is your human aspect. This human aspect evolves, as you REMEMBER fully here. In order to awaken all of these aspects, you must realize what you are NOT. In order to have a CHOICE in anything, you must remember fully, and no longer identify yourself with anything limited ever again. 

As a Star BEing, an Elemental, an Ascended Light BEing (Master), a Mermaid/Mer-person, an Atlantean, a Galactic, a Christed Light BEing, an Angel(ic)/Celestial Light BEing, as CREATOR SOURCE Incarnate... you have sooooooo many aspects and each one of these have a gazillion existences too. Each one of these carry/activate distortions that we each have to clear here.

These distortions will "show up" here, in everything.... Your feelings, your beliefs, your exchanges, your relationships, your thoughts, your body, your everything.... This process of RETURNING to Purity, RETURNING to PURE LOVE, RETURNING to your highest Level of Consciousness is a DNA Evolution process.... that occurs inside of you as you WAKE UP.  Your human body was asleep/dormant, "held" in the lower dimensional realms of amnesia, by what you hold/held in your CELLULAR BODY....

In order to fully evolve your way back, into your own highest state of consciousness you, your Quantum and intelligent you, your magnificent and brilliant you, your abundant and generous you, your happy, vibrant, productive, excited, contributory you.... you must see what "is not this", so that you can clear the vibrational programs & limits that you hold/held deep within. The energy that created, the beliefs, the conditions, limits.... all inside of you. This "journey of awakening" is one of coming into FULL CONSCIOUSNESS again/here.

We all do this by constantly raising our own vibration, as high as we can, and keeping it there, by opening our hearts so fully, that we never close them out of fear/lack/protection again.

We DO this by establishing a deep Sacred Connection inside of us, with our own PURE SOURCE LIGHT, that we never disconnect ever again.  

The processes of accomplishing this, is the entire journey, the entire experience and every moment... every breath.... every action... every thought....every everything... this HOW WE DO FULL CONSCIOUSNESS.... by owning our experience as important, as our own priority and what we each agreed to, before ever incarnating/walking into physical form here. 
This is a continual "evolving your whole life", evolving your body's DNA, evolving through LIVING AS your higher/highest states of Consciousness and "how" all correlates will constantly shift, morph, collapse and change.

Your relationship with your ego (human) aspect and your programs, your relationship with your purest aspects of you/higher selves/Universe/Cosmos/ALL.... Your relationship with "things", "others" and "life" as you "know it".... all of this changes when it's "time" (vibrationally) to fully awaken on a SOUL Level, from deep deep deep within.....  Full Consciousness is Living Breathing Alive.... and connected with all things as ONE.... we move and flow energetically with all as LOVE.... we UNIFY from deep within ourselves, so that separation (ego/matrix programming) is so visible that we no longer CHOOSE this as our "life".

Unconsciousness is separation, duality, our human ego constructs, beliefs... a linear reality and mentality that lives "separately" from our "whole". It's our own ego aspect, our deep asleep one... where our hearts are still closed, out of some old perception of what "real"ity was.... where our minds are closed and we can connect, feel, see fully... the whole picture.... because we still hold veils of amnesia inside of us.......

The only way to fully dissolve all of these veils is to take the blinders off and be willing to see, willing to hear, willing to know what our ego aspect doesn't want to..... There are many ways to do this consciously, which means we are choosing to shift ourselves.... the unconscious way is to "wait" until it happens, wait until our realities are dismantled/collapse for us, so that all of that resistant energy we hold can dissipate/dissolve, to assist us with shifting, which is quite uncomfortable and not fun .... especially in the early phases of massively waking up.... 

Remember, when our hearts are closed, our minds are too and our ego stories take over "control", which carries on the unconscious programs/programming until we are able to allow it to dissolve. We can do this ourselves, if we can become fully conscious and choose to let all of "that" go.... and "do" what's highest aligned, which in the beginning, is the most uncomfortable thing for our little ego aspect self. 
This entire process, which takes our whole life "up to this point" here... is a de-evolving and re-evoling process that can only be fully understood as we actually experience, transcend and open up to all that is BEYOND our human ego's ability to understand.

This massive Awakening and Remembering process is immense and encompasses every aspect of our lives, every aspect of our BEing, every everything....

This is a RETURNING to FULL Consciousness, a REMEMBERING fully through our wide open and loving, kind, pure hearts (Souls) and Higher Consciousness hearts/minds as we UNIFY fully inside.

This is a RETURNING to/through Purity, which goes so far beyond "words". This is a LIVING FROM OUR PUREST PLACE/SPACE inside as our entire physical body/cells fill with PURE LOVE..... Pure Divine Essence, Pure SOURCE Light.... and re-write our DNA/Genetic Make-Up and our StarBeing/LightBEing DNA "takes over" our bodies, which sounds bizarre and scares the human ego aspect, because it doesn't relinquish "control" without a "fight", yet this PURE SOURCE LIGHT (Love) is who we all are at our Core..... and it's coming to live from this place/space (Zero Point) with every breath, in every exchange, with every conscious act and with all that we are and do here.... for all of HUmaNITY, OURSELVES, EACH OTHER, ALL HERE.  This is a process of FULL SURRENDER to our own highest selves and recognizing when WE close our hearts (and minds) and "slip back" into old stories, programs and unconscious illusions/"real"ities within ourselves.....  In addition to all we are capable of, these cosmic frequencies flooding constantly are awakening each's bodies to release all of those old hurts, pains, beliefs, mentalities, stories (akashes) and energy suppressed on a cellular level before. Your entire body's grid/template is rewritten/upgraded constantly, which is a part of multi-dimensionality and the organic "death and rebirth" cycles that accelerate the higher we go. 
Every word is conscious or unconscious and transmits vibrational energy that can be heard/read as mindsets, ego or love..... dis-empowered, judgment, fully in-tune or "out of tune" (distorted/not in harmonic alignment with purity and higher consciousness love). Every word is an energetic exchange, an agreement and creates realities/activates realities to start to occur/play... whether "thought", felt, held or "said", they are the same, as all is energetic communication (telepathic to the human aspect). As souls, we speak "Energy" and read energy and all that is encoded in everything.... especially that which is not visible. ♥

Your Inner Matrix that was held together by linear constructs, now being re-worked to move you to a non-linear (Quantum) Existence that is vibrationally and energetic, built on all new foundations --- constructed from PURE LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS and UNITY from within you (too).  Everything you BE-LIE-eve to be "real"ity will constantly and continually morph, shapeshift, deconstruct, reconstruct, shift and change.... This is how our multi-dimensional existence is... which is a huge transition process "out of the old" and "into the new".... The transition from a linear reality to a Quantum One means "learning EVERYTHING anew" (on a human level, yet it's us just REMEMBERING HOW all works by way of new parameters and applying "new Light Intelligence (information/technology)" to how we live our lives here.  Our ego has/had attachments, cords, need and stayed caught up in programming/story that "kept"/"held" each (from within) to an Unconscious Limited reality of "before". 

By opening our hearts fully, so that our ego (linear mind) can relax (take a back seat), "new" abilities, understandings, opportunities, possibilities and potentials open up, that our closed-fixed-minded human ego could not hear/feel/see. What we "do" next determines what we create to experience vibrationally here. Whether instantly or a "later moment" (a vibrational return).... remains to be seen and is relative to the density of our bodies, emotions, mindsets and the dimension we primarily occupy through our own consciousness/unconsciousness here. 
A karmic timeline is one that's not completely and vibrationally clear. We can clear these ourselves through full presence, full consciousness and by shifting all from ego programs to unity/love/new earth realities from within.
RE-WORKING ALL OF YOUR RELATIONSHIPS THROUGH FULL CONSCIOUSNESS (Identities refers to 3D/4D/Ego Aspect Levels of Consciousness, whereas Relationships is our 5D+ associations/understandings/connections)

This takes total presence and you being really real with yourself (and all others where this feels appropriate, while other times there's no purpose in this). Your own association with all... will come up for review, all along the way. How you see, how you treat, how you behave, what you allow, your distortions/perceptions and how you "show up" in your own reality and for all. Observing all through full consciousness/from our highest states, means seeing what we could not see before an vibrationally aligning all as LOVE. It means bringing all into full consciousness and shifting "where we function from" (separation/ego or unity/love). It means cutting the cords/tethers and dissolving all of that "need" and dependency on anything "outside of ourselves", as well as resolving all that we were "holding onto", in order to FREE ourselves and all. It means choosing a different/alternate reality, once that is highest aligned (pure unity/love/consciousness) and not playing out the old within ourselves, which means not continuing to play "that" out in our physical as well. 

Just "some" of these Relationships:
  • With your "self"/"selves: How you see/feel about and treat your selves (you (lower/higher selves/your body/all)
  • With each other: Your level of love, depth of your connection (without human distortions), level of respect, integrity/honor and how you treat each other ALL of the time (ego or pure)
  • With physical things: How you view these, the purposes they serve, how you share and where you only think of others/yourselves and are unable/able to maintain balance with all as love (Physical world abundance stems from this, your mindsets and ability to reciprocate, come from generosity and consider all others/yourself and learning to correlate all completely differently than before.
  • With our beloved planet, ship, earth, Gaia and how you treat and connect with her
  • Your connection with YOUR Universe (Universal Aspect of Your SELF) and ability to UNIFY completely as ONE
  • Your connection with the various multi-dimensional "grids" on an energetic level and when you disconnect/reconnect, and your ability to nurture, grow, maintain and sustain higher states of consciousness on your own
  • Your behavior.... which speaks your mindsets for you and shows how conscious/unconscious you are, in addition to "holding you" to a specific dimension(al) reality or allowing to you maintain a completely expanded state, no matter who or what enters your reality....
  • Partnerships is a biggie, as we all must go through various relationship "trials and tribulations" to clear out distortions, as well as call forth (vibrationally) much higher aligned relationships that are pure, sovereign and of harmony, balance and mutually beneficial, reciprocal, supportive, inspiring, sharing exchange.
  • "Lower emotions" represent karmic timelines and a clearing of each's akash on various levels that we all have to clear here. First our "human" existence, then Universally, Galactially and Cosmically.... each timeline must be completely cleared, which "flow over" into our Elemental, Atlantean, LeMUrian, Star, Holy, Egyptian and other existences......
  • Relationships to what you perceive as "work" will also constantly shift and change. Your "work" will become your Service to HUmanITY, your way to share and transmit LIGHT, your way to affect all as love and raise the consciousness of all, your way to make a difference as love, your way to contribute to the "whole" (bigger & much bigger pictures), your way to fulfill your SOUL's purposes/Galactic Missions/HUman Roles here. NEW Earth is contributory and reciprocal, as well as "how we earn our keep" here changes.... Yes we "work" in service, by fulfilling our highest everything, yes it supports us (in spite of all unconscious human ego judgments/limits/conditions/limits "out there") and yes, we do all because we deeply care, are deeply connected and LOVE all here. It's our JOY, it's exciting, fulfilling and allows us to actually "walk in our dreams" in the physical. The more we step up and forth to "do" this, the more we receive vibrationally and on a Quantum Level (a completely non-linear one).
  • Your relationship with "money" (energy in physical form), energetic commerce, and how you support yourself/each other completely changes too. ALL HAS TO BE FULLY ALIGNED, which is a massive process within itself. I've been re-educating for years on this, as well as sharing my own experiences. You can find articles and courses and more on this, and/or tune in energetically and hear/see/feel/observe yourself. There is a whole  new energetic system that replaces the old. Each becomes a part of this as their hearts open and each "shift"/transition over from Old Earth Realities to NEW Earth Realities from within.
  • Relationships word is changed to RelationSHIFTS all along the way, because of how all is constantly shifting to re-align to all new codes as we anchor/hold higher states of consciousness from within ourselves here. Relationships with "identities": This is a biggie, because our ego creates identities to all. All of these dissolve as we come into FULL UNION WITHIN OURSELVES... then we only use "descriptions" to assist others with understanding what we came here to be/do and which aspect we are "being" in any given moment, as we shift/share/evolve too!
As WE evolve, all of our relationships evolve, so these shift and change constantly, the higher we go, because we have to build/re-build all from a whole new foundation, as do we our entire/whole reality too.  Because everything is fully vibrational, energetic and aligned on a Soul Level, then if/when the vibration/energy changes/shifts, the entire reality/timeline does too. We are the ones that observe all and consciously, shift, tune and realign all, when we are the fully conscious ones here. As each come into "more" consciousness, more are able to unite and harmonize through higher harmonics, instead of the "old" unconscious was of before. 
Photo credit currently unknown. Will update credit if someone emails me or we find the amazing creator to pay homeage/love/respect to, with full credit once we know.

So many "seek" this "outside", with others... when in essence, this occurs WITHIN US.... many times along the vibrational way. Each UNION is more profound, sacred and "wordless", as it's an intimate and pure experience, that we don't need to taint with trying to explain to others... yet we do share, so other can open up fully to experience within themselves too. The pure JOY, the Pure LOVE, the Pure Power, the Pure Feeling.... nothing can compare. This deeply sacred experience can occur/happen at any time that one is alone, in silence and commUNIION from deep within. Clearing our fields of distortions is necessary, all along the way, so that "clearer" signals/clarity can come, without the "influence" of any external stimulai to inner-fear with REMEMBERING from this deep sacred level that does't involve others (which is a human thing). 


The human ego distorts this as well. This UNION is an energetic one, that is not sexual, yet some may experience the activation of this through sexual exchange. This sexual energy goes so far beyond a human one. This sexual energy is a part of activating each's Kundalini (Up the spine, through the heart, then the brain, then whole body neural synapses).... to send "light" through the body to awaken it more. Sexual energy is a whole new topic, where the ego wants to understand. In essence, this sexual energy will become an important part of what we call "immaculate conception" (which you will hear during your ascension process at some point), where your body "impregnates" itself (root chakra charge/Divine Masculine), activating the Divine Feminine/Christed & Mother energy (Sacral) and the Divine Child Energy (re-birth/new-birth) where your belly blows up with photonic light (air/gas) and dissipates as you integrate/sleep and begin to "birth" CREATION for all of your NEW EARTH REALities here. This begins the ignition of the Three-Fold Flame Energy that will continue to ignite and evolve (over years) as you continue to merge and elevate your own consciousness here. Full Union occurs in different ways and different stages as each "level" of karmic relationships is cleared fully from within. (There's wayyyyyy more on this, yet this is a short version to assist). 

With 3D and 4D realities (levels of consciousness matched by a physical reality) and even parts of "early" 5D.... we play out (and resolve) our Soul Contracts with each other, which basically is not conscious choice. These are the clearing of unconscious realities, all created vibrationally from all of our existences, as well as this "human" one thus far. When "entering" 5D Realities (NEW Earth opens up within), we are able to start shifting these Unconscious realities from contracts to agreements, which is a very different experience than we had when we were unconscious and living deep beneath the veils. Now, I have a HUGE article to write on this for all, so I'm not going to do that here. Basically, as each becomes conscious, we have the CHOICE TO CHOOSE, who we enter into any type of relationship with, any type of experience with, because all is vibrational and relative to "timelines" and a part of Quantum Existence, the more in-tune we are, the more we can "see" vibrational timelines "up front", the more we get to decide what we do desire to experience and what we don't. From Zero Point/Creation Point, we get to choose and either enter the relationship consciously or close the entire timeline out up front. We can see karmic energies, unconscious programs and the purposes/reasons for the exchange. We can see the patterns and what is being presented and depending on which aspect we are BEING (human/ego or higher self/soul), our DECISIONS are very different (usually the opposite), because of where we function from: Pure Love for ourselves/each other or lack/need/ego (a distorted program).... just by seeing it and clearing it ourselves, we can move the entire timeline out and open up all new ones, without the actual experience to clear the karmic stuff we once held (and which called it forth to start with). ♥ 

Soul Contracts clear karmic timelines/energies held. This is of all relative existences, as well as this one.... and the moment one becomes conscious (or needs to), the timeline will dissipate, dissolve, close out, end.

Soul Agreements are all as Conscious Light BEings entering into an agreement to create/contribute to & share a reality together from each's highest place/space inside. If one shifts out of this place/space and is no longer able to maintain/sustain/desires to be a conscious part-ner, then the entire timeline can be closed out and all move onto different paths, however appropriate, which opens up portals for all new higher consciousness/dimensional realities to come forth (once all energy is cleared and each has fully shifted all from within).

We have Soul Contracts/Agreements with all.... where we live (physical location and area), the jobs we hold/do, the things we receive, those in our lives, children, family, others and "things" and every experience too. Shifting our perspective from a human one to our own Soul, allows us to see all differently and from a much more expansive view, where nothing is personal here. 
Your Relationship with the entire physical reality changes/is shifted for you and by you

Your human aspect will not understand (or like) this part. Your entire physical reality, and physical body, must be re-aligned on a Soul Level... every aspect of your life, everything you have and are.... all. The "more human" (deep asleep) we were, the more "intense" this part is...

Even for those who "thought" they got this/understood/knew, everything goes out the window when Ascension/Physical Body Ascension and Multi-Dimensional/NEW Earth Transitions accelerate/kick in.  This is because the human ego aspect is linear and Soul/Source/Light/Consciousness is Quantum, which means they are "opposites" for awhile. There is a flipping and merging process that occurs (inner-pole-flips) and a re-balancing of magnetics (emotions/thoughts/body/field) and an entire "reality" overhaul/reconfiguration process that occurs over "the separation of time". As each moves up in vibration, their body template and grids clear the separation once held in every cell/body part, which is a massive physical body clearing process that occurs over years to bring each's physical body into full consciousness and online with the gridwork of our NEW Earth here.

As each comes to function from Zero Point Creation, "time" ceases to exist and instead becomes something you are energetically "in-tune with" as it speeds up/slows down and you "learn" to Master the Perception/Illusion of Linear Time" in all new ways here. Functioning from Zero Point/Choice Point/Source-Creation Point means that your Relationship with all linear everything (including time) changes too. How you maneuver/move and flow will all be in Divine Flow in all new ways. As you "let go" and dissolve all "other times", this occurs naturally for you. The more your ego holds on to the separation of time (past/future), and all that "occurred" or "what has not happened yet", the more "time collapses", which leads us into "timeline collapses and convergences and jumping and more! (Read my many articles, as well as courses on this).  For the human aspect, time will "speed up" and "slow down" in different ways than it does for us. The more linear, the harder this is. The more Quantum, the easier it is, because we don't "get out of tune" and we maintain full alignment and productive flow, regardless of linear time .... we actually learn how to maneuver all from still-point and easily.... yet our full presence and consciousness is necessary for this. ♥

As each becomes fully conscious, the physical becomes a vibrational response to what we are consciously transmitting out 24/7 and through our contributions/service to HUmaNITY. Our LightBodies are the most important thing, as if we are integrating fully every day, our DNA and the physical communicate simultaneously for us.... connected to every dimension/space/time and activating our highest vibrational/dimensional realities to materialize here in response to our dedication/commitment/service and for honoring our own highest purposes/missions/all as LOVE here. ♥

Everything is vibrational and energetic. The physical is energy in form and it represents where we each function from, as well as what's fully aligned/in what way it's aligned and the purposes all serves for all of us here too.

Relationships: Money, jobs, where we live, each other... all of it. 
Living on a Soul/Higher Self Level, as our highest everything, means we see our own human stuff and we resolve it our-self through love. It means Living every breath consciously, fully in-tune, kind, respectful, considerate of all and from a whole new foundation that emanates from purity, unity, love consciousness ... from within ourselves.... and we HOLD all of this in our realities, seeing what's not yet ready to/able to fully align, what's discordant, what's unconscious, what's not in harmonic alignment and we decide what the appropriate response is, relative to the ENERGY that presents...... We have the capacity to always come from love within, without any need or lack and we recognize the Divinity in all... yet we also understand we don't have to compromise and accept less than the highest everything anymore... because that whole thing was an unconscious program to start with. ♥

Observe your own energy/mindsets/emotions/beliefs

Observe your own attachment, expectations, cords, lack, entitlement energies, needs...

Observe your own level of connection with all

Observe your own levels of respect, consideration, kindness and what you allow to occur in your own reality

Observe those in your current life and how you set all up

Observe your exchanges and what is/is not pure/love and what's distorted too

Observed what you convinced yourself of

Observe the "stories" you tell/claim as real

Observe where you don't fully listen, are not fully open and you didn't fully "see" before
Observe/See where you have other options (alternate realities) and can make a difference decision/act from a deeper connected place/space inside

Observe/See "give/take", "push/pull" and other energetic things that have polarity within you and your own reality.... 

Observe/See that if you shift your perceptions, energy and choose a "different" thought/belief, how quickly all can shift to align for you too!

Get creative! Tis how we do this here!

Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

               ♥ Lisa
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