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NEW Earth Transitions Email Series: Week 7
Topic: WE Start to Awaken in the 4th Dimension, Not the 3rd or Even 5th
The 3rd and the 5th are visible from the 4th.
The 3rd and the 4th are Visible from the 5th.
All dimensions are visible from the highest...
Nothing is visible from the 3rd...  
We don't have the awareness yet to fully understand that there is even a 3rd Dimension, not in a way there truly is. We might use the words, yet we don't truly get it, often for a very long time. How it occurs for each one of us will be different (or similar). As the 5th Dimensional frequencies/energies start to awaken inside of us, it creates the polarity of the 3rd to become visible for us to actually decipher, experience, see....  Usually up until this time (vibration), we were living what we "thought" were happy lives, ones where we worked really hard, struggled to "get the things" that we thought were important: identities, certifications, jobs, relationships, money... doesn't really matter, as all of these things have nothing to do with who we truly are inside.... Yet most of us, we don't even know this... because we "think" they do...

We don't wake up "in" the 3rd Dimension, yet we do.
We don't wake up "in" the 5th Dimension, yet we do. 
We start to awaken more "in" the 4th Dimension by realizing that "things are off" ...
Our hearts are opening, yet we don't realize to the extent of "why"... 

Often, our fixed, nice, seemingly "perfect" realities have to get shaken up somehow. This is because our ego doesn't willingly shift away from Old Earth on it's own. We don't even know that there is more than one dimensional version of our Earth. We don't know we are living an unconscious life on Old Earth and we are often so attached to "others and things", to jobs, identities and safety/security/fear, that we are unable to accept "the weird REALity" of multi-dimensionality, because we can't "touch" or "prove it" to ourselves in a way that lets us "keep the old" and transition over to NEW Earth easily, simply and without disruption occurring in our own reality/world. 

The stronger our ego, the more separated we are inside. The more asleep we are, the more our world/reality has to get shaken up to wake us up.... The more open we are to "this", the easier all is... 

Awakening is a vast process of transitioning our intire lives/existence over to an entirely "new" one. This "new one" is our higher dimensional existence that we all agreed to come here and "anchor" from within us.... which is a vast DNA re-writing process and an awakening of our SOUL within our bodies, which awakens us to "distortions".... 

Our human ego aspect has fear.
Our Soul Aspect does not.
Our human ego aspect is the opposite of our Soul aspect, so the process of dissolving our own ego fully, takes years of dedicated "work" on our part.... 
This "work" changes all along the way.... 
At first we awaken to start to "work" on ourselves, do the deep inner work, to transcend all of the separation we hold/held, to come to exist/live from a place/space of Unity Consciousness fully, as PURE SOURCE LOVE, to then step fully into our highest dimensional roles (Soul Purposes/Galactic Missions) to fulfill as Universal/Higher Self/Remembered and Embodied Light BEings, here to make a difference, here to BE NEW EARTH.... 

The transition process can be as easy as we are wide open, or as harsh as we hold on to the old...  We can "do this entire process" intentionally and fully on-board or we can fight it (ego), resist it (ego) and go through the intensity of it occurring for us, with us kicking and screaming and being a victim.... It doesn't really matter "how we do it", as that is our own Soul's decision too. It's our ego that's the whole issue, so the more we are fighting/resistanting/holding back, the more it takes to break our ego constructs down. It is that simple, that we/our ego's are the ones that "create all harshness" that occurs. Because it's only perceived as harsh, when in essence it's the most loving thing for all of HUmaNITY... for us to wake up and become an integral, important, contributory part of NEW EARTH here too. ♥

When we first start to awaken it's to FEELING...
We start to want different things than we once did.... the old realities start to "lose their appeal" and not fulfill us anymore...  

We don't have all of the "answers" yet, we just "know", yet we often don't even know what we know...  We know we are "changing inside" and that "something is different", that certain things don't resonate anymore, that we are feeling things that are really uncomfortable, or that our realities are really challenging or that we are "just tired" of it all.... 

We start to experience moments of pure JOY or expansive bliss and happiness, which creates the polarity in our lives... (inside and outside). Maybe it's an experience with a relationship where we were sooooooo happy, then it's gone. Maybe it's achieving our perceived dreams to then find out "that's not it", or maybe it's this "perfect experience" where "time" ceases to exist, then we have to "enter the "real" world again", and we'd rather have "that other reality" instead. The moments are often fleeting moments or weekends or experiences that are magical, start to show us everything "that's not" bliss and magic. The experiences we start to realize truly make us happy "inside" are different than what we "thought" happiness was....We start to "dream" about "the feeling", trying to capture/recapture this.... sometimes to insanity or driving ourselves absolutely bonkers....  all of which is a necessary part of "shifting matrixes".

Not only does our heart-Soul aspect "need more", we eventually/at some point are often faced with how to support ourselves or live this amazingness, with freedom and expansion "all of the time", sometimes "instead of the reality we currently have"... which gets confusing for awhile. 

Entering our 4th Dimension Experience, means that we are awakening to the fact that there is even a 5th Dimension (NEW Earth), often called "something else" at first... It takes delving deeper into "letting go" before we start to "see" NEW EARTH as a possibility....  Sometimes a "thought" of "it's not real" will happen, or a dream to "shake us awake"... sometimes a massive relationship or a break up or a job loss, while the polarity of "magical moments" that bring pure peace, happiness and a "new happiness" that is different than we "thought".... Sometimes something that inspires us or awakens our desires inside... often "hidden" away, the feelings that were suppressed or we didn't want to acknowledge start to emerge.... dependent on how hard we "fight", this will dictate "how" we experience all. 

The deeper we were beneath the Veils of Amnesia we were inside of ourselves, the more confusing/challenging everything becomes, because we have more to awaken to/through and more to align/re-align vibrationally inside and out. We have no clue that our lives were unconscious, our relationships were unconscious, our money was unconscious and everything has to be brought into full consciousness, and that we are the ones that have to do this... ourselves.

Now "ourselves" is not "alone". Our SELVES is through deepening our own connection inside so that we have more than one "self". So that we can learn to "tell the difference" in which "self" we are being. This takes as long as it takes for us to understand and choose which "self" we are going to be. Our human ego aspect or our highest aspect/version. One is ignorant, selfish, self-serving, deep asleep, self-absorbed and clueless... the other is brilliant, understands all and lives/exists in the most amazing, magical, beautiful realities... One lives an old earth existence (vibrationally) and one lives a NEW Earth one.... and the one that isn't ready yet, has hesitation and fear, doesn't know which "aspect" to listen to/be... is our 4th Dimensional one. The one "holding a space" of "I'm not sure, I'm not ready, I'm not fully committed" to my/our NEW Earth Existence yet.... It's also where we start to shift our focus off of the outside world/dimensions/realities instead. It's where we become aware that we have programs, aware that things are "off", aware that we are the ones responsible vibrationally for what we transmit out/allow... the entire 4th Dimension is learning to CHOOSE which dimensional experience we are going to HAVE here. Our ego will transmit out the 3rd Dimension to experience. Our Higher Self will transmit out the 5th. Our "I'm not sure, I'm not ready... I really "want" something else, yet I'm holding back out of fear... the 4th Dimensional realities is where we remain until we are truly ready, until we actually continually choose and until we clear all of that program within our own bodies that we held.... so that our own SOUL can fully awaken and emerge within us... through our own Light activating our LightBody inside. ♥
THIS WEEK I focus/share on the 4th Dimension and then I will shift to the others to further explain/share. 
This entire dimension is a "reversal" and "clearing" dimension. One we awaken in/through, where DUALITY becomes visible for us to learn to resolve, dissolve, work through, transcend fully from within. This is where we clear our human experience akash/Karma, as we start to hold the/our own 5th Dimension Level of Consciousness and open up to UNITY as a new way of life.  This is where we learn to take our focus off of the physical and shift it to LOVE, Unity and becoming fully Conscious again. This is where every moment becomes a choice that creates various parallel realities and we learn to merge these all into ONE, instead of separating off into "other realities", we merge all as LOVE and ONE.

This is where all of our fears energy/programs surface, presenting in many forms. This is where we start to see our own Ego that we didn't even realize existed before. This is where we start to FEEL again, in every way. We feel the magic and we also feel the torment, the grief, the sadness, the disparity, the anger, the hate, the hurt that was deeply held within our cellular body, suppressed in many ways, that we didn't understand either. This is "our own separation" from our SELVES as PURE SOURCE LIGHT. AS PURE LOVE. All of this is "who we are no longer and not who we truly are. All of this is the old illusion, all of our "other" existences, the facade of what we once thought/believed and "fed" our bodies... all to be cleared/purified/purged/released from within us so that our most magnificent, brilliant, amazing, magical and exquisite DIVINE US can come through, emerge fully from within. This is where our higher selves become "audible" and where our SOUL awakens in our physical bodies through our own LIGHT (LightBodies). This is where everything starts to change.... and our human ego doesn't get to maintain control anymore. This scares the "hell out of our ego". It takes full presence, openness, surrender and listening to honor our highest aspects of ourselves fully and no longer desire to allow our own Ego to run the show anymore. That is what created our own "suffering", the struggle, the challenges, the "loss"... that is not longer our intelligent us.... It's actually quite the opposite. ♥

WE are LOVE 
Learning how to Live a Pure Existence, stand in our Power as LOVE and aligning everything on a Soul Level.... this is how we transition out of the 3rd/4th into the 5th, crossing that Rainbow Bridge from Old Earth to NEW. First within, which becomes our physical reality too. The 3rd and the 4th are Dimension Realms that emerge from within us, as we are ready to truly open up and see. We transcend these fully to live in the 5th Dimension/a NEW Earth Experience, where all other dimensions open up for us to anchor and live fully too! Everything is/was inside. Outside becomes our reflection, a vibrational return to MATCH what WE hold. This is why it's so important for all to HOLD THEMSELVES TO BEING THEIR HIGHEST ASPECTS/VERSIONS... so that the physical can take new shape/form easier/faster... for us all.
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Our Earthly Experience is "school" for awhile.
It's also called "The  Human Experience" or the "Human Experiment" (Galactic Term).

At first, for our whole human life, our Earthly experience was "our life". Then it's time to "wake up" and it becomes "school". It's where we "learn" everything.... it's what "teaches" us everything.... yet we have to "learn" to OBSERVE IT SO WE CAN UNDERSTAND..... other we are just walking around in a single, unconscious dimension without a clue that we are.

The 4th Dimension is where we start to awaken and we start to go to "Soul School" (or Star-BEing School) if you will. It's where we start to "learn" all new things by way of EXPANDING OUR CONSCIOUSNESS, that don't "fit into the old ways".... It's where we open up to LEARNING everything anew. It's where we start to desire "something more/else" and what we care about starts to change too. It's where there's immense confusion, because it's now about creating/forming a relationship with ourselves (our higher selves and understanding our Ego (Lower vibrational aspect) of ourselves too. It's where we work through things, process unconscious emotions out. And where we learn to "BE" our higher selves ... in our Lives... in our exchanges. It's also where we start to learn to step into our higher self/service roles, yet we don't quite know "all of the ways" of "how" yet. This is a "learning" (Remembering) process as well.  We awaken "to", while we awaken "through". As we gain new awareness, we start to understand and see. What we could not see before, what we could not understand, because we didn't have "the information" yet... so we were working with only a small "part of the picture"... the fractaled and limited one... the only one we could see before. As the/our higher dimensional realms open up for us to gain access to "more", all new information, all new realization, all new "challenges", as well as amazingness comes forth. All of a sudden (or slowly), a new "vastness" becomes available, while showing us where WE were ASLEEP, UNCONSCIOUS, HOLDING LIMITS AND CONDITIONS inside... which is what created all of this in our own reality/world. 

The 4th Dimension is not awesome, yet it is. It presents us with the possibility of more, while also presenting us with the greatest challenges too. Our ego and a realities not in harmonic alignment on a SOUL Level. All for us to Transcend, while building all new realities from deep deep deep within.

Duality and lack programs are ours as Universal Higher Selves to resolve/dissolve from inside, as all becomes visible... yet at first we still don't get this to the degree that all really is. We have entire Realities to align/realign on a SOUL Level.... and an ego matrix embedded in every part of our body that doesn't "like" one bit of this, because it "messes" with what we perceived reality to be, in addition we want what we want and we don't "like" that messed with either.... which is where the "harshness and suffering" come in. Inner alignment through reconnecting inside fully, resolves all of this.... and brings forth a deep Sacred LOVE that is so pure that we let go of our own inner fight and CHOOSE simple instead of complicating everything and convoluting all through our fears and insistence by way of "old programs/beliefs/parameters".... WE open up to "all new ones".  

Learning to do this through LOVE, instead of a battle/a struggle/a fight... this comes as EASILY as we ALLOW or as "hard"/harsh/rough as we "require", because our hearts/minds are closed and we are fighting a process that we chose to occur, that we (on a Soul Level) set forth within our DNA, long before ever incarnating/walking into a physical body/form here. 

What others "do", how they support, reciprocate and respect... this is "theirs". Ours is to fulfill our highest everything that WE AGREED TO and allow our own realities to be awesome, magnificent and beyond exquisite... as we are doing "the work" all day every day too. Just in a different way. As service to us all/HUmaNITY, because we truly love, care and respect... and we UNITE with those of vibrational MATCH to our vibration, who also are/do fully too and live this way through PURITY too. ♥  As the WAYSHOWERS, you/we are all here to show what's possible, what a pure existence of UNITY - LOVE - CONSCIOUSNESS is. We are not here to "tell others how to do their lives". We are here to show all "how WE do this" by Living it and BEing it in our every day lives.... and uniting as LOVE to BE NEW EARTHERS here. 

There are infinite versions of our Earth, infinite realities available, infinite options and possibilities that are only available and visible when our ego is in a surrendered state and our hearts, minds and whole energy body are wide open to this. 

Yes we have many versions of our selves too, gazillions of them, and all awaken through us, which challenges everything we once "thought" or believed as true....

Multi-dimensionality used to be a "concept", a "cool belief or thing to study or talk about", or even something we didn't understand at all. All of this changes when multiple dimensions/aspects/versions start to awaken within us and "appear" in our outside/energetic worlds.... "All of a sudden" it's very "real", yet not in the way we think... because at first, it challenges our every belief and what we "thought" we "knew" in every way. All of a sudden "multi-dimensionality" is OUR experiences... which evolves continually as we do.

Our mind can't comprehend multi-dimensionality or even physical body ascension. It's something we have to actually experience to even get a "small portion" of "what's really real", which changes in every nano-second for awhile, until we've fully anchored the Higher Dimensional Realms within us and are living Heaven on Earth in every moment here too. Our whole lives change, as we each step into Gatekeeper/Gridkeeper/WayShower/Frequency Holder/Light Keeper Roles... and our DNA completely keeps re-writing itself continually and we integrate our highest aspects within us too. ♥

Transcending the entire Matrix Program and Ascending to NEW EARTH, we then become the "teachers" Living from beyond the Veils of Amnesia, where there are no more distortions..... only those visible "out there" occurring for everyone else to resolve within themselves, to finally and fully come on-board to live this amazing and magical everything too.

The REASON we teach and share through Light Encoded work/exchanges and more, is so each has realizes that the have a CHOICE too. The human aspect will insist that they don't, and this is never true.

Our Light Encoded INFORMATION dissolves those veils "faster" and awakens each through PURITY, which accelerates the process for us all. Every person that we TOUCH through PURITY, every kind act, every-time WE SHOW HOW.... we make this "possible" faster/easier for all, which assists us all as PURE LOVE HERE.

We'd love for everyone to do this EASIER than the harsh/roughness we already went through. Yet the human ego will energetically say "no", I'm not ready yet.... which immediately activates a parallel reality (experience) to awaken through, that's often "not as easy", yet this is each's choice to.... because it's the actual experience necessary to break/dissolve ego-matrix programming held inside.... outside is just a reflection back.....  

Each can choose the immensity of these multi-dimensional processes with greater ease, grace, acceptance and MASTERY here. Not everyone is open to this information, the changes, the transitions. That's okay. Those who are, get it, and have made this their priority too, which means they decided how they desire to experience this transitioning from Old Earth to NEW... this is what humans call "free will". We don't use those words, because those are human ego words of "wanting it their way", which is still an ego program. 

Free-will means that each can choose to dissolve/resolve easier... free-will means that none of us impose on others, which is why we have to share the information like we do... to get through the "thick skull" of the human aspect that fights this with every ounce of energy they have, until all of that fight is gone. That was the "old way". The easy way is CHOOSING this fully and making it our highest priority and allowing everything to support this. This is called "reversal", which is how "polarity" works.

Challenges are only for the human ego aspect. On a Soul Level all is SIMPLE and easy. FREE WILL MEANS MAKING A CHOICE.... and then anchoring much much much higher dimensional everything here. We don't focus on those "who are not". We make it available for all to "choose", just like we had to and still do. We do go on... to LIVE NEW EARTH MAGIC AND MAGNIFICENCE now. Everyone else will "arrive" when they are ready and we all unite as each do. The KIND thing for us all is TO BE PURE LIGHT... and light the way as we are. ♥
WE all are the Proof. WE are the ONES. WE ARE NEW EARTH.



(Physical Body Ascension is Transcending the entire Earthly Experiences/Experiment as a Karmic Lesson/Ego Matrix Program. We "graduate" to living lives in Heaven.... literally. All from inside at first. Then outside/externally in our every moment lives).
This is where we live for awhile, as we work through Duality from within ourselves
(Dazed and confused state for awhile) As our LightBody awakens inside of our Physical Bodies and starts the process of "purging/clearing/cellular release"
Starting to awaken from a deep sleep state of amnesia, I held on to my human realities with everything that I had. Because I was still living in lower frequency bandwidths with my physical body, I could not actually see, still living deep beneath the Veils of Amnesia, within myself. 

I used to say "the more I try to figure out, the less I understand"... because I was trying to understand logically, with my head. This is done through our (Higher) hearts, where our understandings are very different.

I had unknowingly been living realities of pretense, judgment, caring about what others thought of me, how I looked, what I had, what I could control and while not caring to fit in, I tried way too hard to fit into the boxes and perceptions that my mind held in place, unaware that I was deep asleep. These were "just the way things were". Right? Only in "that dimension".
I used to say that I fell backwards and upside down into consciousness, because that's the way it looked and felt at that time. It was also because I didn't understand separation or duality or how deep our ego went. I also had no clue about ascension or any of "this stuff". I chose the epitome of a harsh, abrupt and extreme awakening, because I was so deep asleep beneath the veils with my body, so my consciousness could not expand, because of the amount of suppression and repression I had done... all in avoidance of waking up, because I could not control it and I feared change and not being able to control everything the way I wanted/saw my life "should be". 

After years of heavy duty everything, and working through my own separation/duality within, literally going to the depths of hell inside, I "found" my own Light. It had been buried, smoldering, almost burnt out, yet dwindling deep inside, often hanging on until literal almost last human breath. With the clearing of all of those deep emotions, all of that grief, suffering, pain and hopelessness, it ignited and started to grown stronger from inside of me. A new "fire" had been lit inside. A burning sensation, a yearning for more. This more was "me". My true, real, pure me. The next processes were me "re-learning" everything all over again, from scratch (consciousness) and how to live "this new life", a NEW Earth Live... and walk in multiple dimensions simultaneously, while full-filling my highest soul purposes/roles/missions here. I really had no clue. The "answers" were about to come forth from within "each moment" until I "learned" (embodied) to the point that I had rebuilt, re-birthed re-constructed all of my own realities according to the vibrations/energies of NEW EARTH from within me and move everything out that was no longer highest aligned to my current new inner reality, which was going to change in every nano-second too. I was embarking on a whole new adventure of Quantum Jumping, Quantum Existence, Quantum Everything... exciting and scary for awhile until I "got the hang of all of this" and all became natural, easy, organic and I REMEMBERED ALL FULLY FROM WITHIN ME.... which is not an "overnight" anything. This takes great patience, presence, openness willingness, commitment/dedication and a fully surrendered ego to live our new brilliant lives here. It also takes all of our inner-power, inner-courage and the ability to stop "worrying" or concerning ourselves with "what others think/say/do"... and the ability to "separate realities out" enough for a new unification process to occur. 
My 4th Dimension was kind of brutal, because we "work so hard" to clear all that (programming) stuff. "The Battle of the Dark and the Light" begins... for each one of us to fully transcend. As we realize the "dark" was our own matrix program inside, we also realize it wasn't "dark", it was just our own unconscious programming, our own Separation from our own (Pure Source) Light, it was our "give our power away", our judgment, our fixed mindsets/mentalities/limits (lack), our attachment to something, and everywhere we didn't hold LOVE for ourselves and each other fully yet. Everything changes, once we truly and fully open our hearts enough to actually see beyond the old illusions we held on so tightly too from within. 

Emotions coming out of everywhere, etheric realms opening up, the physical not matching our vibration (it appears) and soooo ready to leave the old, yet not fully READY to JUMP into our NEW, because we still hold hesitation, not quite sure, because we still do not trust fully ENOUGH to just walk into the UNKNOWN.... all our our NEW, which is actually "known", just not by our "ego aspect", yet totally "known" and visible by our highest multi-dimensional aspect us.

The 4th Dimension is where we start to challenge our own beliefs/systems, start to "sort it all out", where we start to come into our own power, where we resolve that duality inside, which shows up as duality in our own physical reality for us to "work through" anything we are unable to inside on our own, where we still "need"/utilize external experiences to SHOW UP to SHOW US what we were not ready to see/able to see/deal with before.

It's where we start to transition, where we pull away, where our "gifts" come forth, where our physical material world becomes "minimal", while we re-learn everything, where our Kundalini awakens in our body, where we start to channel, "heal" and care for our bodies/selves/each other.... It's where our old starts to fall away and our new is just on the "tip", withing grasping range, yet still.... just a little further away than just being able to grab it and go for it....

It's where we open our hearts, all our stuff starts coming up and our higher selves become visible too. In one way it rocks, because we have a new playground, yet we still have the "old stuff" too.

It's where we start to seek inner-happiness, instead of external happiness like before. It's where we learn how to transmute (Violet Flame) and transform all through love. It's where our hearts continue to open more, we become aware of Energy, Vibrations and Dimensions, yet not to the full capacity that we are truly capable of (5th Dimension/higher). It's where we start to weed through our relationships, start to see our own Ego and the ego of others,  and then "Ego Death" begins.... It's where we start to work with oracle cards, pendulums, crystals and other modalities that bring us further into the "metaphysical", taking courses and even teaching, with many moving "into spirituality", yet still often "in the closet", until our consciousness actually ascends. Then we not only don't care anymore, it's time to fully "walk the walk" and BE the LIGHT that we came to be, transcending that separation of Judgment, as physical body ascension occurs. It's also where we are still pretending, somewhat "fake", yet it's not necessarily intentional, we've just not come to a place to LIVE AS OUR SOUL FULLY and still have some pretension going on. We still put up a front, because we judge ourselves, "think" we should be doing "better" and "do our best" to make it look like we are, while inside... not quite yet. 

Here the spirit realm opens up.... and depending on the journey we chose and how much fear we hold inside, will determine if we go to fear, lack and "entities" or if we go straight into the Angelic Realm... usually there's much fear, yet it plays out differently for each one of us... just an FYI. Here many of us become "empaths, psychics, mediums, intuitives, healers and channels", where our gifts start to become important, because they help us/each other and are also a part of how we are going to support ourselves... we just often don't realize to the magnitude, because we still have ego-separation going on.

I moved from "Spiritual" (which almost becomes a "separated belief system", where we implement new "practices" while we wake up), to metaphysical, which brought me into a more Quantum State of Consciousness and allowed me to shift out of "practicing" to "living" it.... and instead of my "spirit" being "somewhere else", it was inside of me. I was my Spirit, I was my Soul... not an etheric thing "out there" floating around... now the process was to PURIFY fully to BECOME my purest me here. This was going to take years.... because of how our DNA evolution processes work. As I BECAME, everything changed...

This is where our Merkaba starts to build/construct itself, both on a cellular level and simultaneously in our FIELD. It's where our LightBody activates too, it's where we start to REMEMBER more than before, yet not everything, as our Christed Template still has to activate fully within us, and our body go through all new cleansings and purifications, once we've activated Gamma (Energizer Bunny on Crack, like being plugged into an electrical socket, where "Cosmic Orgasms" occur and our sexual stuff has to be worked through, as our Christed Aspects are feminine energy, and sex itself and all the manipulation and "need" that goes along with it, is a masculine/root chakra/Atlantean energy, which most have no clue, because there's so much stuff around sex.... and transcendence must occur before we actually get to "see" and fully understand, once our template has been restored to our "original template" (after physical body ascension and Purity Consciousness).

OOps, I got sidetracked... where was I? Oh yeah, let's go there now... 
Things can get a bit intense and overwhelming, because transitioning from linear realities to vibrational ones is not well understood to the magnitude that all is/occurs, and goes against our "natural" human life "realities", our "learned/believed norm". When/As our bodies need to/start to awaken, what worked before won't. The things we loved to do, like being around people or going out and having fun, our bodies become "sensitive" (re-writing our nervous system and neural (sub)networking systems too), yet as humans we don't truly understand what's going on. We look for "labels" that identify what's going on with us. In one way, for a period, these are "true", yet from a much higher dimensional perspective, there's so very much more that changes these perceptions substantially too and those truths are not entirely true. They are only a perception that created that reality. We shift the perception, which completely shifts the reality to an alternate/other dimensional one. 

Empathic means you are starting to FEEL with your whole body.... vibrationally and energetically... yet at first, we "think it's others", because this is one of the way that helps us wake up to a new world, without going completely inward at first. We start to pay attention to what "triggers" us and because we still live in duality consciousness, it's "outside" instead of realizing it's ALL INSIDE and "that out there is the vibrational match" to what we hold inside. The Quantum Way is to go inside and work through all. The human-ego-way is to stay focused on "them" and "what they are doing" "to us".... which is still a victim mentality, because we don't understand that they are an aspect of us, reflecting and vibrating at our own oscillatory rate, so that we can actually feel and tune into the vibrational frequency inside of us, for intentional and conscious clearing, which assists our bodies with evolving easier and faster too!

Sensitives is another word we use along the way, yet this word goes too, because we are no longer "sensitive", we are SENSORY LIGHT BEINGS... where we start to understand and communicate energetically and the word "sensitive" means that something "out there" is affecting us... usually in the not so awesome way. As our Light activates inside, at first we don't have the consciousness/ability to PROCESS this Light Data through our bodies, because our Crystals are just starting to activate, which is what processes Light Codes/Light Data/Packets easier... our human bodies are not equipped yet (tuned fully) to process at the SPEED OF LIGHT, so things become loud and overwhelming, because the frequencies activating can become overwhelming as we over-stimulate when there's "too much" for our "wiring"/nervous system that has to be completely re-wired. This is a process of our DNA activating and working on a cellular level over "time". Pulling away and honoring our bodies when they "speak/communicate" to us that they need alone time (clearing your field of outside disturbances/vibratory influences/distortions) is necessary for your LightBody to tune your human body to a higher frequency, without the interruption of external stimuli. This is why so many pull away, go inward, love cave time and alone time. This is where our Soul comes through. Yet our human does not "like being alone", they do the opposite, by filling their space/time with everything "external", because they don't want to go inward to feel/see... because they don't "like" what they feel/see and they can't control it... and it goes against what their ego-mind says "reality" is.... and there's judgment of how all works, which is the opposite of everything we once "thought", learned or were taught.
In the 4th Dimension:
  • I started "trying" to figure myself out
  • I started tuning INTO my feelings instead of trying to suppress, avoid, ignore, escape, pretend and hide from the discomfort of them I started to challenge myself to open up more, connect more and started to pay attention to my own "inner" beliefs that I didn't even know were there I pulled completely away from the outside world, so that I could focus on me, clear my field from all of the external distortions "affecting" me through my own field
  • I started to "seek" answers for what was going on "inside of me" and how to understand the "external" in a while new way
  • I went from "not believing any of this stuff" to opening up to the "supernatural", metaphysical, spiritual and "beyond"
  • I started going to local meetups with "others" seeking or "doing" the same things that now inspired/peaked my new interests, which "came out of nowhere" and were "the opposite" of my old me
  • I started holding local events, teaching/sharing with others/guiding, exploring "our new gifts". I started "learning how to communicate" with the "etheric realms", working through my own separation/fears at the same time. Resolving my own everything as I did
  • I started to care about others, beyond my little ego self. I started to care about our beLOVEd Gaia, getting out in nature, exploring and connecting in all new ways through PRESENCE.... 
  • I started to do kind things for no reason, helping others for no reason, just because it brought pure joy to bring kindness, love, compassion and consideration forth for others hearts that had previously been closed, not acknowledged, ignored... 
  • I started "seeking" my gifts, which meant practicing "doing" what "others" couldn't do. These make us feel special for awhile, which is a part of the process of cultivating our gifts (natural abilities) too. Eventually, we have to dissolve the identities and "being more special" than others (ego), yet part of us coming into our power, is using our "special gifts" to assist others and starting to "get paid", so that we can fulfill much higher purposes too.
  • The more my heart opened, the more gifts "I found". It was fun, exciting and "I stood out" for something "cool". lol
  • Highly "intuitive", psychic, abilities to communicate with "other beings/realms", psychometric, remote viewing, "healing" dis-eases and activating way cool stuff... all of a sudden the "old world" was boring! I went through a spontaneous Kundalini awakening that catapulted me into ridiculous amounts of knowledge, information and all new... a much higher vibration than I was, so fast, so much... just bombarding through until I could raise my vibration high enough for it to appear to slow down. "It" didn't slow down, I increased my own vibrational spin fast enough for integration to occur. Eventually I had to let go of these as identities, so I could "move on" to become more. These were also just a limited version of my self, yet at first, they made me special and important, until I no longer sought this as my ego aspect and became my highers selves/Universe. Then it was just a natural ability that was "on" 24/7 and a natural way to assist others to awaken, without the "parlor tricks" that human aspects seek, to feel special about themselves. This too is a necessary part of the process, to bring us into our POWER(s) and abilities and shift our perception of realities, so we can start to merge our higher self aspects inside of ourselves. Everything is a part of this process. When we understand it, we just put it into perspective and expand into a much higher dimension/space of awareness to open up to even more than we had access to before and all becomes about EMPOWERING, rather than "one being more special than another", as we all have these amazing "gifts" and "abilities" as a natural part of being fully conscious here. 
  • I started Channeling to open up to my own higher selves, gain purity within me and then merge these aspects to no longer be able to channel anymore. Embodiers are "this", without the separation of "aspects" anymore. Channeling is a very important part of most of our processes as well. Everything is. ♥
  • I had "sought" love and nothing measured up, because the love I was seeking was my own for me. I just didn't know this and I kept trying to "fill that space/whole inside", that deep abyss, with others/things "outside". I didn't know I was doing this, as it's just the way thing are when we don't fully understand yet. 
  • All my relationships ended, all distorted in some way. Usually I was the caretaker, the worker, the provider, the savior, the protector, strong one with all of the answers.... everything.... I found myself to be an absolute mess, knowing absolutely nothing... which is "where" my heart finally opened even more and my "new me" could come forth, as my old me died....  
  • I would research, relentlessly, absorbing everything I could find on "this".
  • I started to hear frequencies and my own higher selves. I had to "create a relationship" and learn to decipher all.... 
  • I started focusing on my own vibration, my energy, what made me truly happy, not what I "thought" happiness was. I got out in nature, even though my human ego grumped and complained. I started doing Energy Work, imperative to waking me up to the non-linear world of Energy, that would change everything....
  • I started playing "follow the leader", where my Higher Self/Universe led the way and "told" my human ego me what to do, in every moment... my "job" was to listen, not argue/do... until I had fully surrendered to a whole new way of "living and existing" that became a whole new life I didn't even know existed ... and I "fought" tooth and nail with my whole BEing when I was unconscious and didn't have a clue...
  • Acceleration processes began, which started to collapse the old "faster" so that I could reach Zero Point within myself, and my whole reality too... 
  • I Ascended my Consciousness to the 5th Dimension so my LightBody could activate and rewrite my DNA. I had to learn to "hold this" all of the time until my Merkaba could fully build itself, which took another 9 months to a year or so... The first 40 years of my life, was my Crystalline LightBody & Merkaba "trying" to build. Yet I was so deep asleep, it couldn't... so my body went haywire, my life went haywire (haywire is Quantum), so that my ego was not able to "control" (inner-fear) with this necessary process anymore. My "control" had to "be taken away", because I was so strong and unwilling to go inward on my own.... because I would not "choose this", those timelines collapsed where I had a choice and "forced my human ego me" to surrender and finally "choose this", so that all could be easier.... whew! jeesh! 
My new "job" was me, getting myself straight and on a completely different path... one that would lead me into "service", yet I didn't realize any of that yet. 

My Universe (higher dimensional me) brought me an actual physical relationship that served the purpose of "safe" while I woke up and went through my heavy duty stuff. He was an angel (in human form), still human with his own stuff. Not without "fault", we had to work through a lot. An intense relationship for a very long time, breaking up, back together, taking me to the depths of hell and happiness and everything in-between, I lost my power, gained my power, cried, went off the deep-end, softened and learned to trust someone other than myself, learning to care about someone else's happiness without losing my Soul Aspect/Self me. I was able to "learn" how to stop trying to control everything "first", as he held a complimentary "balance" of pure heart and subltle masculine inner strength, strong and caring enough for me to let go and learn to trust something outside of my survival me, which ultimately led to me learning to open up and trust my higher self aspects of myself. He was the catalyst for this, as I still needed an "external something" to assist me with doing this for myself fully. He stuck by my side, no matter "how awful" I was when I was going through my heavy-duty "dark night of my own ego death". He loved me and I loved him... and then it was time for that relationship/timeline to end, because we had fulfilled our Soul Contracts/agreements for serving certain purposes to move into each of our next phases, which took very different paths, which is how much of this journey works, until we can all converge on a much higher plane of existence, if at all... or never, because our new realities will be with "all new" amazingness instead.  :) 
The moment I deepened my inner connection, my external one with him was now to end. My human was devastated (and scared), as everything was finally "perfect", yet I knew, that I was meant for much "greater things" and inside of me was excited, my higher self me was in pure joy. Not one thing made logical sense, and everyone outside was judging and having "issues" with "my life", yet me, my "real me", could not have been at more peace and ready for the "next" to make itself known. First I had to resolve a ton of stuff, clear even more programming, get my physical body's vibration up and get certain things accomplished in the physical, which laid the path for the next phases... and prepare to physically ascend and walk into the "virtual unknown" to all new realities that looked nothing like my whole previous life had been thus far. 

I had "seen" that I was to "lead humanity" as Light (we will all see this), yet didn't know how, as I was just this "person".... with very little... yet it didn't matter. I saw, I knew... the next steps were to trust, listen, honor and "do".

It was "time" for me to prepare to leave. Where would I go? I had no clue. What would I do? How would I support myself... again. No clue. Trust is an understatement.... when it's time to leave the 3rd/4th Dimension and walk into the 5th Dimension fully.... 

The 4th Dimension was also where I started to clear my body template and re-set/repair my own DNA .... which meant full celibacy and leaving the relationship for physical body ascension to occur. I was okay with this, as I'd come to a place inside of me where "Soul Union" had occurred, recalling/reclaiming/merging all of my fractaled aspects, which meant that was no human relationship that could "match" the Divine Essence/Presence and Pure Peace/Magnificence that I was able to experience, fully merged with my own Soul Self inside. 

From within the 4th Dimension, over the years, I reversed the polarity of all within me, therefore in my own field too. I cleared my human Karma and re-experienced the "fall from consciousness", which was devastating to REMEMBER how all came to be, how we all came to be here and why we were all here. The barrage of emotions that emerged, brought through a powerful grieving process, that I could not even speak without breakdown down and crying for almost a solid month. Everything in our lives changes... once we REMEMBER. Nothing is ever the same again... We have new purpose and where we function from is completely pure. There is is new LOVE for humanity, as well as a disdain for human ego that we also have to clear. We start to realize and how we care completely changes. From the depths of our Souls and Core of our BEing, without the lack or need to keep recreating the old in our own reality anymore. Our lives become about fulfilling our highest purposes/missions/roles here. There is this UNIFIED EXISTENCE within us, where anything "not this" is loud and shows us distortions to clear/resolve/unify/Transcend ourselves. Everything is about Unity and Pure Love Consciousness... We are also "no longer from this place/this "time"... we are from "our future, from the Stars, from the Heavens, from Atlantis, LeMUria and all other existences and we live all of these simultaneously from inside.... we bring the knowledge forth, we share it and everything is "different" in every way. We have birthed NEW EARTH, a whole new existence a Quantum one from within us... and we live these new realities inside that transmit out all new realities as we walk in multiple dimensions simultaneously too.... 

"Hell" and "Purgatory" appeared in my reality, yet I didn't realize this for a very long time, because I'd gotten so "used" to unconsciousness that it was my "natural habitat". Until things "got uncomfortable" and "no longer desirable", I was unwilling to "do" anything to shift this myself. I would actually "accept less", because it was "easier" than the alternative (challenging myself through my wide open heart & mind). Our human will "accept" the old/unconscious realities as acceptable, because it doesn't like the alternative. Messy. Going against the "norm". No visible safety mechanisms. "Unfortunately" for our E-GO aspect, our Highest Selves/Soul US doesn't care what our little unconscious ego aspect wants.... 

I had no idea that all of the dimensions were inside of me and that I had to "weed through" them, process them/all from within me, through me and out of me. I had no idea, other than this URGING (Urgency to the Ego that "holds out" until there seem to be no "choices" left), to go further... like a new adventure, yet "fun" was not the dominant experience for awhile.... It was actually quite the opposite... it was my literal hell. I put on a "face" each day and I "pretended" I was strong, in control and okay. Some oblivious, some could tell, yet mostly... it was me lying to myself. I didn't want to admit that my "perfect life" was all "f'd up" and that I was a basket-case inside, constantly about to break, lose it, explode or erupt.

I had "entered" multiple dimensions within my body, visible in my outside world too.  I didn't consciously understand, that I had to BEcome my Higher Self, in order to actually see/match up, understand my own matrix/programs in order to open up portals to higher dimensions in order to anchor, live and experience "Heaven" all of the time... those "fleeting" moments of bliss, magic, pure happiness and FREEDOM... those "moments" or periods of Expansive Experiences... I wanted "those" all of the time... and that was it. I was "addicted" to the FEELING OF LIGHT, the feeling of BLISS and the Purity of LOVE. I just didn't know "how" to achieve this fully yet. It's all a process.... 

Confusing was an understatement, yet this new "ability" that I "stumbled into", to be able to intentionally expand and "float around" "up there" and "beyond my physical body" to observe, was way beyond "cool". All I had to do was close my eyes and go inside, deep within, in order to see, hear and feel, from a whole new place/space that was not accessible before when my ego had "control". I started to clear heavily, on a physical level, as my body had reached a point that it could not take anymore and was not going to be "controlled" by my attempts to avoid/suppress, so not only was I in excruciating physical pain, I had emotions surfacing ... yet this time was different than when I was going through the depths of my own "ego-death". This time I had the POWER to step back and observe myself, my re-actions, my "triggers", my own mindsets and I could tell the difference between EGO and Higher Self/Soul. I busted out laughing in pure joy and hilariousness at the "ignorance and dis-empowered states of our egos" and for the very first time... I realized that I held the POWER within me, not to go unconscious and succumb to ego programming ever again..... 

It still was a "long haul", as I still had tons of "feelings" and "distortions" inside of me... yet I pulled completely away to start to observe myself, learn and simultaneously "teach". Everything I learned, I shared, I taught.... because this "newfound" freedom... everyone "deserves this"... right? This is called "REMEMBERING" and it's what we DO as we open our heart and minds fully and make this our priority too. 

Forgo the next "leg of my journey", learning how to connect on a Soul Level, with each that I came into contact with. Learn how to assist them with resolving/dissolving/seeing/transcending too.... what a beautiful gift! I spent years working to assist others, while also learning the "hows", all of us focused on raising our vibration, opening up our minds and Unifying as Love from deep inside.

Then I started to see more.... I started to see each's individual journey of Awakening and how different they all were. How each one of us came here for certain experiences and how all of that changes when "it's time to fully wake up", yet how many, like myself in the beginning, had ego resistance simultaneously with Soul Desire.... and the "battle" for each would be... how long it took each one to finally choose... the ONE MOMENT that QUANTUM ACCELERATES ALL..... 

For many, that "one moment" becomes many moments, for this is how the "separation of time" works.... Not quite ready inside? Then it takes many moments (which become months & years), many experiences, many opportunities, many everything to dissolve that EGO energy until THAT FINAL VIBRATIONAL MOMENT occurs.... I can look at myself and see, how many "moments" it took... over years and years and years of unconsciousness, that it took me to work through all of MY OWN ego-separation-unconscious programming-energy that I had within myself.

That's when I realized, this was going to take awhile and to honor and respect each's journey, no matter what experiences occur, as each is to OPEN THEIR HEART FULLY TOO, so that their own SOUL can finally "emerge"... enough to be their own "dominant" aspect too.... The one that cares, shares and comes from UNITY too.... this is when I started "Quantum Acceleration" through realities (and people), because I finally got it and RESPECT for our own individual journeys came easier... realizing so much... and how individual universes work, how the multi-verse works and how it applies to all of us here, on a multi-dimensional level too!

At first, I was not fully conscious to the fact that I'd opened up "other dimensions".... I just "knew" that I "needed" to keep "learning".... beginning a massive "seeking rampage", becoming this massive SPONGE, absorbing every bit of "weird" supportive knowledge that brought me one more puzzle piece to try to figure out how to piece together.... The "old world" boring... could not bring me the excitement of "learning" and "knowing more". This new excitement for learning was how I was going to activate my own Remembering here. How I was going to awaken and shift my own everything from within..... This and getting out in nature, working with crystals and delving into the weird, bizarre and divination tools that helped me communicate with my own Universal/Higher Aspects of myself.... so that I could learn to "trust" fully.... and merge through Love easier... and learn to live from my heart, instead of my ego-head. 

Little did I know that I was journeying into the depths of the abyss/Universe/Cosmos/ME and about to travel through vortexes, wormholes and open PORTALS to entirely NEW REALITIES.... yet I had to "get my heart wide open" and intentionally, proactively grab my journey and shift my focus from survival/victim/duality to opening up to infinite possibilities, putting myself out there and listening to/honoring this subtle little voice that challenged my ego me and required that I fully surrender and play "follow the leader", where my little human didn't get to lead.... and how much ALONE TIME I would need for this.  

Feeling psychotic is an understatement, as "old distortions" of me started to surface and it appeared I was losing my ever-lovin' mind. Emotions out of nowhere, I could be laughing, crying and having angry outbursts all at the same time. Reality? What was that? 

My Sacred Vessel, my Suit that was going to carry me through to "the other side"... I had no idea how poorly I had treated it, how much I put it through, didn't respect it or listen to it and how much it was going to take for me to restore it to pure "health" again, for my LightBody to activate..... not one ounce of my journey at first was "conscious". Because I was so deep asleep/separated off inside, my body had started to die. Literally, as that's how physical death occurs. We cut shut out our LIGHT, stifle our LIGHT, hide our Light, not realizing our Light is our body's LIFE Support and what sustains our entire existence here. Our bodies require our HEART TO BE WIDE OPEN for our LIGHT to move through us and clear out all of the "debris", to clean this body/vessel for our body to LIGHT'en in order to "leave/exit" the 3D/4D Matrix and materialize fully in the 5th Dimension (and then much higher!). Our Light is what FEEDS our body LIFE, keeps it "alive", as well as re-codes it to work" efficiently and optimally, to awaken our higher consciousness DNA, so that we can move in and out of multiple dimensions with great ease.  I had to learn to love and respect my body, support my body and listen to my body... 24/7.

I didn't have a teacher who understood multi-dimensionality, especially to the degree of actual experience, as it was pre-2012, before the Gateways opened, and no one had ever "done this" before.... so I became one of the WayShower Pioneers... sharing my entire experience as I went through it....

At first, my Sirian Higher Self "told me" I had to... that I had to prove myself, through the Purity of my work and my own life, to show that I could "uphold my end of the deal/agreement" (without any ego coming into play), and that it was important for all of humanity... so I listened, stepped into the fear, the unknown and I did.... and it took me a year to "graduate" this initiatory process for full embodiment to occur. I did not know that I was working through my distortions/programming and that this is how each embodiment process works for us all.

I also dove deep into the rabbit hole.... of the weird and bizarre, which became my "new norm". Talking to my "invisible" higher self me, getting answers that no one else could hear, that guided me and taught me and eventually "move into me" (just perception, as I had activated enough Light inside to Embody and BEcome my Higher Self me). Different dimensions opening up holographically and physical matter starting to bend, move and breathe.... yep... what used to be REALity... went completely out the window, when my body started releasing DMT, then melatonin to knock me out to sleep to integrate and dissolve the heavy veils of amnesia I held within me. 

All of a sudden, there was no longer "one of me inside", there were 2 and then a whole party going on! I had the Thoth, the Lyrans, the Sirans, the Arcturians, the Angelic Realm, the Andromedans, each Arch-Angel, the entire Galactic High Council and tons more... yet when "Christ" emerged, that one really "tested/challenged" me, because it I had so many "prior distortions" to clear around all of this and from my own programmed human reality experience too. The Elohim, RA and then sooooo many more, my Mermaid (me since a child), then LeMUria "opened up" in my bedroom, a massive dimensional portal.... wow, nothing could top my experiences and "regular life" changed forever.... 
Learning to embrace my own Light and share my own Light was a journey within itself.  

Eventually, my CHOICE, MY DECISION, was to step fully into each one of these roles and dedicate myself to SERVICE.... because we can see multi-dimensionally, we can see alternate timelines, we can see parallels, we can see fully aligned, out of alignment and we care so much that we want everyone to experience the magnificence of these amazing NEW EARTH REALITIES NOW.... 

We learned to stop worrying about/concerning ourselves with others and what they were doing, because we came to finally understand/see, that was their own personal journey, their own Soul's choice and, and we don't have the "right" to impose or try to "save" others from their own SOUL awakening fully inside here. We came to truly understand that we all experience exactly what and how each one of us (un)consciously does our own journey, into the DEPTHS OF OUR OWN SOUL, expanding back into the INFINITE BEYOND, fully too. We pave a path, lead a way, share, guide, assist, while fully honoring our own journey and all others own journey/Soul awakening experiences here.

We do understand that there are ways to accelerate, see programs easier, dissolve old constructs easier and vibrationally tune and shift into all new timelines easier, much easier ways to transition and receive.... which is part of why we show up every day and do what we do... for all of us AS LOVE HERE. 

Recognizing we are all in different places, spaces, have different paths to take, is not a dualistic thing. Instead, it's from UNITY and LOVE inside... a recognition and respect for each of us... and what's important for each of us.... it's quite beautiful. Only the human aspect will turn this into a duality reality, compare, get caught up in the story of every thing.  
... and how Kindness, Caring, Respect, Consideration and Peaceful Happiness were infectious and I was EXCITED and INSPIRED to explore and share, teach (re-educating through Higher Consciousness), awaken and catalyze everyone ready to live this brilliance too! I dedicated my own entire life (and reSOURCEs) to assisting others with awakening, remembering and Living NEW Earth fully too. That's when everything got easier and started coming "to me", instead of me "seeking" anything ever again.... 

p.s. The 5th Dimension is "just the beginning". We can't even "imagine" what's available, yet it does come through our  own"imagination".... and when as we "let go" of all of the "old ways" that we perceived as "safe" before. 
Step back and observe... how can you bring more stillness into your own life? What tools of awakening, ascension, "studying" and activating is available that you can implement more to accelerate your own expansion of Consciousness, Evolution of your own LightBody DNA/Template, Ascension processes and higher dimensional understandings easier for you (and all others you will teach/affect/connect with along the way too). What have you been resisting, what classes can you take? What can you EXPLORE MORE? What can you implement into your current life that will assist you with shifting easier, receiving easier, fulfilling more from within you and anchor your highest dimensional realities into your own physical vessel/body/form/reality here? Where can you slow down, where can you offer more, where can you touch the hearts of others through kindness, consideration and love. Where do you not love and respect yourself fully yet? Where do you compromise/not value your soul as a tangible/"real" thing fully? Where do you give your power away to anything outside of you? Where are you still "waiting" for "something else"? Where do you hold back? Where do you still pretend? Where do you still have conflicting priorities? Where do you still go unconscious/separate off within you and "why"? What can you actually DO to shift this yourself, to connect deeper inside and support your physical body's vibration more? Where are you still confused on anything? Where are you seeking your "answers from"? How can you "learn" to understand more? Where do you still make excuses, put "things" off and where do you still hold on to something that you know it's time to let go of, so that you can step into higher dimensional realities in your own life now? How do you (re)align your own realities yourself.... and where do you open up to MORE that supports the much bigger picture for us all? How are you uniting with others as LOVE? Where are you still playing the old Ego games yourself? These are just a "few" questions... you get creative and see what else assists you with bringing more consciousness into/through your own life, therefore the lives of all.... ♥
Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

               ♥ Lisa
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