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New Earth Transitions Email Series: Week 12
Transcending Lower Frequency Bandwidth Thoughts & Emotions (Judgment, etc.) from within
Blame, Shame, Fear, Guilt, Hiding, Procrastination, Obligation, Passive/Aggressive, Lack of Open Honest Respectful Kind Communication

Love , Kindness, Consideration, Deep Sacred Respect, Deep Sacred Inner-Connection, Sharing, Reciprocating, Generosity, Gratitude, Openness, Inner-Power

and soooooo very much more
This week's going to be a little bit different... it's to get you "involved" in researching and understanding more through your own exploration and "findings", which tends to make more of an impact than just "writing it out".... Part of higher consciousness is "figuring things out" and still applying the old mentalities that are extremely limited. It's about re-learning and re-associating everything to a vibrational and energetic understanding, instead of just going through "life" with the "same ole routine"..... 

Part of waking up is "going to Soul/StarSeed School"....  so this week, I'm going to touch on a few topics and then let you go research and find what resonates with you.... applies to you and brings you more awareness of what "the earth" is going through..... ♥

So, go do some research on the frequency of different emotions.... look up as many things as you can to bring new understanding through on what your body is holding, on what you are holding onto, on what you keep "claiming" as real and what you are transmitting out to return a vibrational reality too you too. 

Go look up different ways to tune to a higher frequency, how to raise your vibration... how to shift your own energy from one to another at-will....  Go look up higher consciousness, the Lightbody and NEW Earth and see what you find.... go expand expand expand your heart, energy and mind. ♥

Be a sponge, absorb and be ready to "learn". This is part of how we do this... we open up to "new" that we didn't "know" before.... It can actually be interesting and a lot of fun! ♥

All that is not Love is fear/separation... an unconscious program held deep within. It's a program, a belief held deeply within each's physical make-up, on a cellular level... Awakening is many things.

One is that it's a PURIFICATION of all lower vibrational everything.... and EVERYTHING THAT OCCURS is an important part of this process.... For your SOUL (PURE SOURCE CONSCIOUSNESS) TO FIT INTO YOUR BODY, the lower vibrational thoughts, feelings and beliefs "have to go".

We do this by way of Transcendence... in many ways... One way is unconscious, and let's face it... how we "did" our whole lives up until a certain point.... It isn't until "OUR LIGHT COMES ON" that we can truly SEE and UNDERSTAND... 

This is kind of how we "deal" with thoughts and emotions, if you will.... Some will contend that thoughts and beliefs create the emotions, while others believe that the emotions represent the thoughts/beliefs.....  Both are true and not...  Each E-Motion is a result of a belief.... Each belief is tied to an E-motion... they are both "equal", if you will. Without one you can't have the other.... So as you/we "clear" the emotion, the thoughts/beliefs dissolve... just like as we observe our thoughts/beliefs, we can transform, transmute and re-program our own belief systems.... We have to be fully conscious of ourselves and present in order to do this.... If we are not observing ourselves and all in our "real"ity... we don't have a "clue" and therefore, have no POWER to shift anything.... 
IT'S NOT ALL LOVE  at first....

at first, we awaken to the fact that everything is not perfect or as we "thought".... as we do this, we weave through the vastness of the abyss inside.... all of those beliefs, all of those emotions that ARE NOT LOVE and we work through resolving them, dissolving them and acting them out... for attention, for validation or just getting them out..... All of "that" has to be "triggered" to come up and go, all of "that" is our own SEPARATION from ourselves as PURE LOVE.... all of "that" is what we had no idea was there.

All of "that" is OUR INNER AND OUTER MATRIX PROGRAM.... it's ours to FEEL, it's ours to SEE, it's ours to understand and resolve (preferably through LOVE, otherwise it's a karmic program we will play out at some point again (and again and again)....  As our Higher Selves, we don't "judge" what we feel or see.... WE COME TO UNDERSTAND IT, by decoding matrixes/programs ourselves....

it's a part of HIGHER CONSCIOUSNESS.... which is not about judgment, it's about being FREE.....

FREE INSIDE...... completely. We do this by CHOOSING TO LET GO AND MOVE ON and to shift into a much higher state of consciousness/vibration with our whole body... thoughts, emotions.... all.  
LEARN TO IDENTIFY what you are feeling and DISCERN the vibration... so that you can transform/transcend all CONSCIOUSLY from within. Learn to OBSERVE YOURSELF and what "triggers" you and what "program" you have running.....

→ anger (compromise/gave your power away again)
→ anger (loss of control)
→ manipulation (your need to control)
→ passive, aggressive, passive/aggressive behavior (unresolved emotions)
→ sadness
→ grief
→ inner hurt/pain
→ blame (not taking responsibility/standing in your power)
→ victim mentality
→ power over another or "other's" perceived power over you
 → shame 
→ perception of betrayal

Observe yourself to see what "story" you have running still
Dissolve the mentality, shift your REALity... it is this easy....
Write a "new story", one from your SOUL's Level, rather than your human ego one.... one that brings peace, freedom and unity within you here.... 

If you observe the e-motion.... these are "tied" to "others/other times" as well as "self worth/worthiness" from a FEELING OF DISCONNECTEDNESS within.....

The heaviest/deepest/densest were our separation KEEPING US FROM BEING FULLY CONNECTED here... and it's through working through/resolving all of this, by way of "new tools" that assist us with SHIFTING EASIER back into a CONNECTED SPACE where these thoughts, beliefs, mentalities and energies no longer "control" our EXISTENCES here.....

All is a HUGE PURGE of the Energies of Separation from Self as Pure Source Light inside.....  That "occurred" when we all "fell from Consciousness" and entered the frequency bandwidths of living beneath the Veils of Amnesia... which dissolve as our hearts and minds open fully here.

Transcendence is our FREEDOM and RETURN to full consciousness existence here. 

CHOOSE TO to stop CREATING any "new" blame or judgment or guilt or participating in/playing out any passive/aggressive manipulation games, new emotional "blackmail" and/ore suppression energies that you'll have to turn around and clear all over again later..... recognize any inner-critic, inner-emotional narcissism inside and you'll stop calling forth this in your own life..... stop guilting and blaming and pointing the finger at anyone.... accept all as UNCONSCIOUSNESS and shift to your CONSCIOUS PLACE of LOVE inside and you won't care about the story anymore, unless you still have unresolved stuff inside still.... then you will.... until you don't anymore... It is this easy too. When ALL OF THAT ENERGY IS GONE.... your heart will open more, and more love will come through... this is how awakening through consciousness works.....

Clear the discordant energy (not in harmony) from your own body, so that you can be FREE inside...... so that you can harmonize and RETURN to peace and love again.... your natural state of BEING.... not all "that stuff" that was unconscious ... that's just programming....

Choose the illusion, the program, the play that's most aligned on a Soul Level and call that forth here.... then pay attention to what you allow and create to experience here..... 

Go look up different emotions and match them up to frequency bandwidths....

These frequency bandwidths represent DIMENSIONS.... When I started to match up different emotions to different frequencies, I started to understand how our bodies occupied these different frequency bandwidths until all of those E-MOTIONS were cleared. In order to LIVE IN THE 5TH DIMENSION (528HZ +) I had to get my overall vibration up and keep it up, which meant anytime something of a "lower vibrational frequency" (energy) presented/came up within me, then this was the whole point/purpose.... I stopped "blaming others" or getting angry or lashing out. I shifted to PURE GRATITUDE for all who showed up in my life on a SOUL LEVEL to honor their agreement to assist me with coming into more consciousness/waking up....

I started to understand that SOMETHING HAS TO OCCUR to help us open our hearts for awhile, because we had so many protection mechanisms "against"........ I started to "study" DUALITY and the "battle" inside.... mentalities and belief systems, which was BEYOND ENLIGHTENING..... 

My observations provided information that I could not otherwise see.... 

♥ Emotional Body
♥ Mental Body (Thoughts and Beliefs)
♥ Physical body (housed all those vibrations/energy)
♥Our Energy Body (Transitioning from human ego emotions to much higher consciousness ones emanating from LOVE instead of separation like before)

Our old human ego body was full of "Unconscious stories, emotions and beliefs"... all STORED in our cellular memory...

While our human ego "thinks" the experience is the "fault", it's actually quite the opposite... it's the POINT.  It's a clearing process..... to resolve all (eventually) back into LOVE.... yet for years and years and years, we held way to much programming, so every experience was a result of what we held.... every experience to show us our own programs held deep within ourselves.... 

Everything is actually ALL of our existences, not just the human one here... The human experience is how we "LEARN" ... it's a part of our Soul School, the "teaching ground", if you will.... 

As we raise our Overall vibrational frequency, our ENERGY starts to shift.... we are able to HOLD OUR LIGHT easier and let those programs clear. The more conscious we become, the easier it is to consciously and intentionally shift and choose to resolve all through LOVE every time....  The more we resolve, the more UNIFIED WE BECOME and this UNIFICATION PROCESS is how we return/transcend/ascend back to our Highest States of Consciousness again/here/now. 


Just a small part of this process. Our hearts open and our neural transmitters work differently.... opening up locked away information held in our once dormant DNA..... Cosmic Frequencies activating 24/7 now "targeting" every ounce of LIGHT IN OUR BODIES to awaken, stimulate and bring our bodies online with NEW EARTH by way of clearing out everything that kept our bodies anchored in the LOWER DIMENSIONAL REALMS of amnesia/unconsciousness before.

The DENSITY IS unconscious emotions, beliefs, thoughts....  it's the mentalities that we held that kept our bodies "held" there.... When it's "time" for us to physically ascend, our bodies start releasing all of that HEAVINESS (DENSITY) for each one of us to resolve/clear fully, so our bodies can LIGHT'en up... literally. 

THE DENSITY is our own unconsciousness....

Choosing to Consciously and Intentionally EXPAND OUR PERCEPTIONS
Choosing to Consciously and Intentionally SHIFT OUR OWN ENERGY ourselves
Choosing to remap our own neural pathways means opening completely up and using our Higher Hearts and Higher Mind Consciousness to DECIDE how we are going to ACT and Live our Lives here....

Photonic Light moving through our physical bodies and brains will do the rest..... ♥

"All we have to do" is fully surrender, allow and honor our Soul/LightBodies as they restructure our DNA for us.... as LOVE here. ♥

As all shift "over" from linear to Quantum, creativity takes over, inspiration takes over and happiness takes over.... while our "left brain" relaxes and "takes a back seat" for awhile. This part of the process allows for a firing off of neurons in "other ways", other than anger and blame and hurt and hate.... (the ego's way).....  As our heart opens our creativity returns... the KEY is to learn to utilize the left brain to support the right brain... and let the linear stuff go.... Our memories of the old actually start to dissolve, the "power" all of "that" had, starts to fall away as our inner peace and our inner happiness starts to take precedence over "the old".....  As we LEARN TO LIVE FROM OUR HEARTS, our left brain opens up..... and with is a balancing starts to occur, between the left and right hemispheres, between the frontal lobe and the rest of the areas of our brain..... Higher Mind Consciousness is an OPENING OF ALL OF THESE CENTERS so that we have access to our MUCH HIGHER LIGHT INTELLIGENCE/KNOWLEDGE, which overrides the "lower intellect" or our little ego self..... 

Quantum States of Consciousness give us the ability to APPLY a new "logic" to all, a new set of parameters, algorithms and Quantum Mechanics on "how all works", yet on a SOUL Level... instead of a linear logical one... all is Quantum... which is the "opposite" and very "different" than our entire old realities where..... This APPLICATION of HIGHER (ANCIENT) WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE is us utilizing HEART CONSCIOUSNESS and HIGHER MIND CONSCIOUSNESS to re-write "his-story" through REMEMBRANCE.... which is by way of PURITY.... instead of ego distortions like before..... 
I'm sharing this video as a small visual of HEART COHERENCE and how you/we are always transmitting out..... conscious or not...

When you synchronize your mind to your HEART and your whole BODY to your higher frequency of UNITY LOVE, Gratitude, Appreciation, Kindness, Respect and Purity.... you are able to transmit this out through your FIELD OF CONSCIOUSNESS intentionally....

When you are not able to do this, realize you are clearing an old unconscious program of separation and it's not only okay, it's important to pull away, honor or where appropriate, share through open honest communication.... Instead of unconsciously projecting out our "programming", we are opening up to transform and transcend all that we once held deep within.

Coming to understand that this is ALL EXISTENCES... not just "this one", means we have the capability to clear/cleanse and shift all through love, acceptance and "no longer needing that" in our reality anymore..... to open up to the most amazing and exquisite realities highest aligned on OUR SOUL LEVEL.... which is just a small part of feeling and bringing forth the MAGIC from inside... and anchoring HEAVEN on our Earth here..... Creating, inspiring and uniting as LOVE... this is how we all do this.... and by shifting HOW WE ACT and SHOW UP too. Honor your LIGHTBODY, your ENERGY BODY... your PHYSICAL BODY/YOU FULLY..... to shift easier and as love here. ♥ Let go of all judgement in order to do this... 
Here are two articles I wrote a few months ago on Judgment and Guilt.... to assist all finding themselves challenged with this. ♥ Just click on the photo to go to the article on my website. ♥

Go explore more on the vibrations of emotions... pay attention to the FEELING of the words you speak as you transmit out ... pay attention to the ENERGY of words and the fields of those you connect with and when you are transmitting enough LIGHT to not be affected by "others" and when you need to pull away to BUILD YOUR LIGHT(BODY) ENERGY..... how you re-act on an energetic level to all, when your body goes into resistance/protection/survival mode and when it's free, relaxed, happy, excited and in JOY......  then work more into your own reality that supports your UNIFIED STATE so that you can function easier as LOVE in every way! ♥

Get inner-active with your reality. This is a whole body/whole everything experience here. ♥ REMEMBER, WHEN YOUR EGO DISSOLVES, YOUR HEART WILL OPEN FULLY.... just as when you stop and open your heart all of the way, your ego will lose it's POWER and softness can come through and assist with shifting/expanding easier, so that your expanded state is your "new way" all of the time here. ♥

LOVE IS THE ANSWER for us all here. ♥
Magical blessings from our beLOVED LeMUria Kauai,

               ♥ Lisa
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