The Kings of Israel ~ A Chosen People!
The Kings of Israel
A Chosen People

~ An Intro ~
Hello Folks of Little Cedar and Marshall Lutheran Churches!

It is good to be back studying scripture with you. One of my favorite things to do with y'all is digging into scripture! So much we can learn together from scripture. So you may wonder, what can we learn from studying the Kings of Israel...

Beginning Thoughts
The Bible is filled with many kinds of writing. Letters, prophecy, poetry, parables, and history. So much of it is inspiring and uplifting. Reading through history can sometimes be a bit of a drag to wade through. May sometimes seem boring.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel once said, “History teaches us that man learns nothing from history.” This tongue and cheek quote, reminds us that there is much that we can learn from history. In particular, looking at the kings gives us picture of what it means to be a leader. And really, all of us are leaders. No matter your place in society, you have an influence on the people around you and can learn from these Kings of Israel.
So today we are just going to get an introduction to the time period of the Kingdom of Israel and how it came to be.

Some Basics
  • The accounts of the Kings of Israel can be found in the books of Samuel, 1st and 2nd Kings, and 1st and 2nd Chronicles. We really have quite a lot of information on the Kingdom of Israel. Some of the stories are duplicated between the books, and…. perhaps to no surprise, the accounts don’t always agree with each other.
  • The monarchy can be split up into a couple of time periods. Israel went through a time of United Kingdom. Then they went through a time of divided Kingdom, with the North and South having separate rulers. Each Kingdom has a long list of their own kings.
  • United Kingdom ruled by Saul, David, and Solomon for 40 years each.
  • Time Period
    • United Kingdom – 1050-930 BC
    • Northern Kingdom – 930-720 BC
    • Southern Kingdom – 931-586 BC

Israel Demands a King
So now that we have some basics out of the way, we can look at how it all started. The Israelites went through a period of Judges that lasted for 100 years. There wasn’t a lot of structure in their society. They were loosely organized as 12 separate tribes that were occasionally joined together by Judges to wage war against opposing nations. After a time of severe stress the Israelites demanded something different. They demanded a king.
Go ahead and take a read of 1 Samuel 8:1-9
In reading scripture, what does it say is the reason that they wanted a king?  Why was God upset with the Israelites?
Scripture says again and again that the Israelites wanted a king, “like other nations.” However, they weren’t like other nations. They were God’s chosen people. God was their ruler. Being a chosen people comes with different expectations and responsibilities. If they wanted to be God's chosen people, they didn't need to conform with the rest of the world, but instead needed to be an example of righteousness for the rest of the world. God and Samuel don't say no to a king, but it does come with a warning....
Now move on to read the next verses  1 Samuel 8:10-18
They tell the Israelites that having a king has some bad consequences. Why would it be bad to have a king? 

Alright. So What's Really Going On...
Now really, I’m not so sure that it was bad that they wanted a king. Any form of organization as a society comes with its own set of pitfalls.  At the heart of the problem was that they were rejecting God. They were turning towards a king to protect instead of putting all of their trust in God. A king is nothing but a imperfect human being. A king makes mistakes and is prone to greed just as any other human being.  It can lead to abuse of power and corruption.

Lastly, we can look at verses 1 Samuel 8:19-22
I Now Crown You As King
The people cry out, "We want a king to protect us!" So after heeding the people warnings, God and Samuel cave into the demands of the people. I can almost hear the deep sigh in God's voice. I have been rejected. Of course God doesn't give up on the Israelites. Instead God continues to remain with them, and gives guidance to the kings of Israel.

To Be Continued...
And so this leads us in the the appointing of Saul, the first king of the united Kingdom. Next week we will take a look at Saul and his leadership. What kind of a king do you suppose he will be...?

Have a great rest of your day!
Pr. Jeremy

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