The Holy Spirit, the Church, and the Gospel - A Privileged Prisoner
The Holy Spirit, the Church,
and the Gospel

~ A Privileged Prisoner ~
~ Paul's arrest and time in Rome ~

Chapters 17 and on

Well. We are going to jump around a bit to finish our way through the remainder of Acts. First, I feel like we need to take a look at Corinth a bit. Paul spends a good amount of time in Corinth and writes a couple letters to them in his absence. So lets take a look.
Read Acts 18:1-16
Work hard, pray hard, preach hard.
This is actually takes place at the end of Paul’s second missionary journey. Paul settles down in Corinth for at least 18 months. He seems to pretty well make it his home for the time being. He is tentmaker, working with Aquila and Priscilla. This seemed pretty typical of Paul. He would spend time working as a tentmaker, and then in his spare time and on the Sabbath, he would teach and preach.
A few of the Jews believed what Paul said, but most of them seemed to reject his teachings. Eventually, the Jews united against Paul and brought him before the tribunal. The charge that the Jews bring against Paul, is that he is inciting people to worship God in illegal ways.
The Roman officials didn’t care to intrude in the matters amongst Jews, if they didn’t have to. Gallio didn’t see any Roman laws being broken. The proconsul, Gallio, dismissed their charges, saying it is a matter of Jewish law and teachings. This is a huge win for Paul. In essence, for the time being anyways, Christians were given the same consideration as Jews. Jews, however, say this as a threat.
The Plot Thickens
We are now fast-forwarding a bit. Paul has just returned from his third and last missionary journey. The Jews continue their attack against Paul. They see him as a threat and refuse to back down. Why do you suppose they see him as a threat?
Read Acts 23:12-22
Keep the peace
The Roman officials typically had one goal in mind, and that is to keep the peace. They had no interest in Jews taking justice into their own hands. The Romans would never let the Jews over power them. So they keep Paul in custody and well protected, and send him off to the Felix, the governor.
Read Acts 24:24-27
Cruel and unusual punishment
Felix was a governor of the region. He seems to be corrupt and shrewd. He leaves Paul in prison for two years and hopes that Paul will pay him off. Seems a bit cruel and unusual.
Pass the buck
Through all of this, Jews continue to make accusations. In return Paul defends himself, and the Roman officials refuse to take action against Paul. This doesn’t make the Jews all to happy. The Roman officials continue to pass the buck on to the next guy. But none of this really matter anyways, because Paul eventually appeals to Caesar.
Read Acts 28:11-16
Pretty nice accommodations for a prisoner
Paul does finally make it to Rome. Paul seems to have it pretty well. Paul is allowed to live by himself, with a soldier guarding him. Seems like an alright life to me. It is during this time of house arrest that Paul is believed to write many of his letters, such as to the Philippians, Colossians, Ephesians, and Philemon.
Read Acts 28:17-31

He fulfills his call to the gentiles
Paul resides there for two years. As far as it seems, he continues to be considered a prisoner of sorts, but with great freedom. Some Jews convert, many do not. In the end, Paul fulfills his primary call, and that is to bring the message of Jesus to the gentiles.
Paul comes to an end
The Bible never says how Paul died. However, extra-biblical writings say that Paul was beheaded by Emperor Nero between 64-68 A.D. There are many legends and stories that surround Paul. For example, there are writings mentioning his visit to Spain, but is never mentioned in the book of Acts. Whatever the case, Paul is arguable the most influential apostle of the early church. His writings and missionary journeys gave birth much of the early church.

Door from Basilica of St. Paul in Rome
depicting his beheading
And we are done!!!
Well. We come to an end of the Acts of the Apostles. There are several chapters that we skipped or skimmed over. If you'd like to read more, I'd invite you to take a look. I hope that you enjoyed meandering through Acts. If there is anything you would like study in the future. Let me know!

Pr. Jeremy

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