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Sweet Success!

We’re delighted to announce the new line of Trim Healthy Mama sweeteners!

With so many of the stevia extracts changing formula last year…and not for the better, we decided to take matters into our own hands and go find the BEST tasting organic, minimally processed stevia on the planet. 
Even those who dislike the taste of stevia have fallen in love with our extract!

Even our husbands love its sugar like simple sweetness without that bitter aftertaste that stevia is often known for.

We’re also offering a GMO free erythritol, and our exclusive Sweet Blend… the new favorite of the menfolk around here. Sweet Blend is perfect for baking.

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THM Exclusive Recipe:
Pearl’s Slimming Chocolate Milk [FP]

Sometimes only a tall glass of chocolate milk will do. We don’t make you give up chocolate on THM, we sure aren’t going to tell you to give up chocolate milk. Make it the smart, slimming way!

Regular chocolate milk is fat in a glass. It might be labeled as fat free – nope, not when it hits your blood stream. It causes a sugar spike, which causes an insulin surge which causes more fat storage on your body.

Here’s how to make a quick, delicious big ol’ glass of chocolate milk and actually do your body good! Purists can use homemade Almond Milk for this. (Serves: 1)

  • 1Tbs. Cocoa powder
  • 1 c. unsweetened almond milk (or flax, or low fat coconut milk in cartons)
  • Small pinch of high mineral salt like Celtic Sea Salt
  • 2-3 tsp. of THM Sweet blend or 2-3 doonks THM Pure Stevia Extract Powder (or you can use another on plan sweetener like Truvia, Swerve or xylitol)
  • Optional ½ scoop whey protein powder
  • Optional 1 tsp. heavy cream, or add 2 Tbs. of heavy cream to make it an S (but it tastes creamy even without this addition)

1. Add cocoa powder, protein powder, salt, and sweetener to a mug or blender.
2. Add almond milk, and optional cream.
3. Blend or use a frother to mix up thoroughly.

This recipe can be converted to hot cocoa easily.

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