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Don't miss anything — come see the latest vintage & retro articles and photos waiting for you right now at Click AmericanaHere's a quick look at some nostalgic favorites and other memories of yesteryear.

10 ways to serve canned cranberry sauce with old-fashioned charm

Retro ways to serve canned cranberry sauceServing canned cranberry sauce this year? Don't be shy about getting out the jellied stuff, because it turns out you can do lots of cute and creative things with it, from making little turkey cutouts to eye-catching Christmas trees.


Turkey cooking times: Charts & tips to help you roast the perfect bird

Old-fashioned turkey roasting tips and timesHow long do you need to cook your turkey? While making a roasted turkey for Thanksgiving is about as vintage American as it gets, our turkey cooking times and tips offered here are based on the most up-to-date standards.


Revisit “A Christmas Story” – the cozy 80s movie that became a legendary holiday classic

A Christmas Story movie (1983)To get in the proper holiday spirit, Americana-style, let's revisit some of the most iconic moments from the timeless TV classic, "A Christmas Story" - plus find out where to watch the sequel!


The Bionic Woman: In the 70s, Lindsay Wagner’s Jaime Sommers was America’s bionic sweetheart

The Bionic Woman TV show from the 1970sCapitalizing on the success of The Six Million Dollar Man, The Bionic Woman was a spin-off that ran for three seasons from 1976 to 1978. The show starred Lindsay Wagner as the physically augmented Jaime Sommers.


Chocolate mayonnaise cake: The classic recipe is sensational (1985)

Chocolate mayonnaise cake vintage recipeWhat is the secret of this rich, moist, delicious cake? Here's a hint: It's known as chocolate mayonnaise cake. Get this surprisingly tasty recipe from 1985!


How to create a classy retro hairstyle with pin curls like they did in the 1940s & 50s

Old fashioned pin curls for retro 1940s and 1950s hairstylesAlong with some great vintage hairstyle photos below, you will also get real-life beauty advice from newspapers published in the 40s and 50s, which offered readers tips on how to get perfect pin curls every time.


Woman’s Day magazine covers from 1950 show the trends of the era

Vintage Woman's Day magazine covers from 1950Take a look back at 12 monthly Woman's Day magazine covers from 1950, and marvel at how much daily life - not to mention magazine marketing and graphic design - have changed since then!


See amazing pictures of elegant old Pasadena, California, from the days before cars

Old Pasadena - Elegant scenes from before cars at Click AmericanaWhen you scroll through these wonderful pictures of old Pasadena from around the turn of the century, you can practically imagine strolling these elegant tree-lined streets, and seeing Victorian mansions, schools and libraries up close.


Double chocolate cream pie: The classic recipe from Jell-O pudding

Double chocolate cream pie with whipped creamThis easy and delicious recipe for a cool, rich and creamy double chocolate cream pie comes to you direct from 1982, and has that amazing old-fashioned flavor you might remember.


The Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab kit was actually a thing for kids in the 50s

Vintage Gilbert nuclear physics atomic energy lab - 1950s box frontIn the early 1950s, an atomic energy lab kit for kids hit the toy store shelves. The thing was *actually radioactive*. The set had real uranium ore, and children could conduct real scientific experiments. Here's what they were like!


Caramel apple oat squares dessert recipe

Vintage 90s Caramel apple oat squares dessert recipeThese wonderfully rich and indulgent caramel apple oat squares don't take long to make, and these dessert bars are doubly delicious when served with ice cream on top.

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