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M*A*S*H TV series: Meet the stars who made the war comedy/drama show a huge hit (1972-1983)

Looking back at the classic TV show MASHM*A*S*H debuted on TV in 1972, and centered around a team of doctors during the Korean War in the early 50s. M*A*S*H was a huge success, lasting for 11 seasons, and broke records on its way out.


See how vintage drugstores 100 years ago sold lots of things you can’t (legally) buy anymore

See vintage drugstore products from more than 100 years agoHere are some things you could buy at vintage drugstores - including many dangerous and strange things that you won't find anywhere today, but were popular in markets during the Victorian and Edwardian eras.


See top 1970s stars on 17 vintage Tiger Beat magazine covers, and relive all the breathless hype

1970s vintage Tiger Beat magazine coversCheck out these vintage Tiger Beat magazine covers to see who teens were screaming about and obsessing over back in the 70s -- decades before there were K-Pop and reality TV stars.


Mood rings: The colorful new-age 70 trend – and what the colors meant

Vintage mood rings - what do the colors meanMood rings were incredibly popular pieces of jewelry in the mid-1970s - a colorful fad. So did the rings actually work? What do the mood ring colors mean? Find out here!

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