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Press Release
October 4th 2016

Biennale Interieur and Baroness O. present

Future Archive: an interactive display of new objects and reigning trends for 2017 in Kortrijk Xpo. A selection of the newest and most innovative furniture and accessories that every visitor should remember.  

The Future Archive is a depot, a museum and an archive all in one, presenting inspiring objects in straightforward rows which make the design easy to look at and figure out. The object is presented in its own strong and innovative form and stands out of the simplicity of the presentation. 


Creatives create unique settings

To show the possibilities of the trending objects in the archive, a group of creatives will be invited to create a unique visual installation with the pieces on the Future Archive stand. Each day a stylist, photographer, designer, musician, foodie, ... is free to create his own vision, in his own field and interest, with all of the creatives having a different approach, highlighting different pieces from the selection. Photo and/or video and social media are key elements in each act. 
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Participating Brands

Anna Badur, Atelier Haussmann, Bord Bord, Britta Knüppel, Catherine Lovatt, David & Golitah, Design is Wolf, e15, etc etc, Founded, Fritz un Franken, Imke Höfker, Klaar Prims, Manutti, Marina Bautier, Naknak, Niruk, Nyta, Palau, Petite Friture, PJ Mares, Rombaut, Royal Botania, Ruckstuhl, Studio Lorier, Tersago Dedecker, Van den Weghe, Weltevree,... 
All pieces in Future Archive are released in 2016.

Confirmed line-up of creatives:

Check out their unique settings at stand 436 in Hall 4 of Kortrijk Xpo.
15.10.2016: Disco Naivete
Jarri from music blog Disco Naïveté will set up a music installation in which 10 visitors can intimately plunge into innovatory songs and musicians, selected by Jarri.

16.10.2016: Studio Dessuant Bone
Paris based creative studio Dessuant Bone will be shooting the archive through different cut out shapes in order to give the pieces a new dimension and angle. 

18.10.2016: Faked Candid
The two visual artists behind Singapore-based studio Faked Candid will make time tangible through their performance with melting wax. 

21.10.2016: The Fresh Light
Dorothee's simple yet evocative photographic style captures the beauty of ordinary things. With a background in architecture, space, light and design will come together with the surprising element of food in a series of inspiring captures. 


22.10.2016: Evenbeeld x Kroma
Focusing on photography and styling, Evenbeeld and Kroma will create a series of pastel-perfect settings, flatlays and compositions. 



23.10.2016: Hardwearing
Hardwearing will release their recognizable sense of aesthetics on the selection of objects. Using simple-yet-striking scenography, Joeri and Pieter will create a dreamlike world, highlighting the elements of their choice on set, in pictures and video. 

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