#76: Oh hey again
We've been a bit quiet recently so we're making an early New Years Resolution to be better.

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We show, you show: Meesho
We partnered with Meesho in 2016 and – in this short time – the company has rapidly emerged as one of India's most exciting ecommerce companies. They most recently raised $50mn from DST, Sequoia, SAIF and others.

📺 Here is their behind-the-scenes story:
The video highlights many learnings about underserved markets hidden in plain sight.

One of the common themes we have noticed is convoluted delivery networks and their presence across informal trade in India.

Arjun deconstructs how these work below:
Articles are great for displaying secondary content. They are attention grabbers but not to the extent of Billboards or Tabloids. Articles are commonly used to show a list of items.
💯Foreign maal ki quality
Miniso has built an empire of 2,600(!) stores in 5 years pretending to be a Japanese brand. Turns out, they're Chinese to the core. Some even believe the Japanese "design co-founder" is a hired actor.

 👨 🏾‍💻Your Job as a CEO
- Make sure there’s $ in the bank
- Define the company’s mission
- Hire the senior team;
- MAYBE do 1 thing you enjoy

Execution is Everything
In the last quarter, we have implemented OKRs and helped 3 partner companies blindly follow.

📖 if you missed it, OKRs were popularised by legendary investor John Doerr in Measure What Matters.

🛫The Madness of Frequent Flyers
"The costliest manifestations of frequent fliers are are unnecessary year-end trips called mileage runs – my friend flew three round trips in one day without ever leaving town. The planes were filled with others doing the same."🛬

🤷🏾‍♂️The Inspection Paradox is Everywhere!🤷🏽‍♀️
Does it seem like you can never get an Ola when you need one? When there is a surplus of taxis, only a few customers enjoy it. When there is a shortage, many people feel the pain.

🍿 The Magic of Animation
A mesmerising look at how Disney's classics are built on 12 simple principles of animation developed decades ago.
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