Today's subject line was said by Eric Schmidt to Sergey Brin – link in the last link of this newsletter.

In 2015, CB Insights did a Maslow's hierarchy of startups:
Wouldn't it be great if we did one for Indian tech startups?!

😼Well I haven't done it but, if you send me one, maybe I'll include it next week.

For now, you get a story on flywheel business models. A flywheel is simply when good things lead to more good things just happening.

Here are some common examples:
Advantage Flywheels
Competitive advantage can be represented visually as 1 or more feedback loops. These create the advantage “flywheel” that maintain and grow a moat over time. Think of a big, heavy wheel…
😣An interesting talk by an evolutionary biologist, where he starts from the beginning of life itself, through to our current state of culture & ideas, to argue that we're evolving to become stupider. Highlighted excerpts here

H/t to @miten for the share.
Gamification is transforming work. It’s a game that workers can’t win.

"It gets to a point where the app sort of takes over your motor functions in a way. It becomes almost like a hypnotic experience. 
Within months of taking on this readily-available yet strangely precarious form of work, I was weirdly drawn in.
This article makes a really profound point: the incentives for your business to please investors and customers is often very different.

By virtue of not raising much money or being large, you're actually at a structural advantage.
Security researcher Joseph Tartaro thought NULL would make a fun license plate. He's never been more wrong.

He was ticketed $12,000 in fines where license plates from other offenders could not be found.
For 40 years, Costco has succeeded with a simple formula: reinvest merchandising profits into lower prices and better products; be a disciplined operator; and treat customers and employees well. 
Make your career great again
Here are a few open roles at well-known, vetted, and promising tech companies:
  • Principal Engineer @ a Series B funded, fintech focused startup
  • BD Lead @ a seed-funded, SaaS-focused, design technology platform
Slide into my DMs if you could be interested.
Other tidbits
"The Stone Age did not end for lack of stone."

– Sheik Ahmed Zaki Yamani
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